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Day of the Dead skulls

The Day of the Dead holiday in World of Warcraft is dedicated to celebrating the real life version of this event, most commonly associated with Mexico. The Day of the Dead is a yearly holiday that takes place over the course of three days (not just one) between Novemeber 1st and 3rd. Starting on the final day of Hallow's Eve, it is very easy to forget about this super short, but super fun, holiday.

Activities During the Day of the Dead Celebration

To take part in the festivities of this particular event, players will need to seek out an NPC named Catrina. Catrina is an undead female who is a direct reference to La Calavera Catrina, a famous zinc etching by Jose Guadalupe Posada depicting a female skeleton dressed only in a hat. Catrina can be found near the graveyard of any capital city, so choose your favorite one and head there.

Chapman and Carina

Once found, Catrina will give you some interesting information about the Day of the Dead holiday. Players daring enough to /dance with Catrina will also be rewarded with the only achievement available during this holiday. Those that dance with Catrina will also gain the buff Honor the Dead which provides the player with lovely (and realistic) skeleton costume that lasts for a full 12 hours. This costume can be reapplied for the duration of the holiday by simply /dancing with Catrina again.

Day of the Dead Achievements

As mentioned briefly above, the Day of the Dead holiday in World of Warcraft only has a single achievement. If you missed that information, the achievement can be earned by seeking out the NPC named Catrina who can be located in any capital city graveyard. Once found, you will need to party down with Catrina by /dance with her. This will earn you the achievement Dead Man's Party as well as a super cool costume.

Dead Man's Party

Day of the Dead Quests

The Day of the Dead offers us up only one solitary quest and if you aren't aware of it, you could easily miss it. The quest is called The Grateful Dead and it can only be completed once during the holiday. The quest is only available at your race's home city, unless your character can access Shattrath or Dalaran where the quest can be completed by any race or faction.

In order to obtain the quest The Grateful Dead, you will first need to purchase some flowers. Specifically [Orange Marigold] or [Bouquet of Orange Marigolds. These can be bought from a rather unusual vendor named Chapman. Chapman can be found at your city graveyard, standing very close to Catrina, who is is female counterpart. It does not matter if you purchase the single Marigold or the Bouquet. The only difference between the two is one is single-use and will only last the duration of the event while the other is a re-useable permanent offhand, though it will only function during the Day of the Dead event.

Bouquet of Marigolds

After purchasing your flower choice, use the flower at any graveyard to allow your character to view the spirit that is hanging out there. The spirit will offer up the quest and requests which requests that you bring the spirit and food offering of some Bread of the Dead a.ka. Pan de Meurto. The Bread of the Dead recipe can be purchased from Chapman and only requires 1 Cooking skill level to learn and make. Reagents for Bread of the Dead are easy, just some Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk. This bread requires you to cook it over the ghostly fire found close to Chapman and Catrina.

Bread of the Dead

Whip up the bread and present it to the spirit. Completing the quest will reward you with the Macabre Marionette. This pet is a pretty cool little skeleton that wears a sombrero and wields some bad-ass maracas. This pet was once temporary, but as of 2013 this companion is now a permanent battle pet! Part of the Undead category, this pet comes with the following abilities: Macabre Maraca, Death and Decay, Dead Man's Party, Bone Bite, Siphon Life, and Bone Barrage. You will find this pet is especially useful against those of the Dragonkin type.

Macabre Marionette

Day of the Dead Special Items

Wondering what other cool items are to be had on this holiday? While there are a few, they are, unfortunately, not permanent. However, they are still pretty cool to use for the extent of the holiday. In addition to the [Orange Marigold] and [Bouquet of Marigolds] vendor Chapman also sells the following items:

Candy Skill 25 Copper Seasonal Candy
Spirit Candle 30 Copper This candle, when placed on the ground, offers a 4 Spirit buff to anyone in the area around it.
Whimsical Skull Mask 5 Copper Copper Mask that resembles a traditional Day of the Dead skull.

Day of the Dead Graveyard Locations

If you are like me, you probably have no idea where any city's graveyard is actually located. Never fear! Some basic directions to the graveyards in each city can be found below:

  • Dalaran – Next to the Violet Citadel, in the grass next to the Underbelly entrance.
  • Shattrath – Just outside the East Gate, near the small pool of water close to the Cenarion Thicket.

  • Ironforge – To the south (east) of the main entrance up a smallish hill.
  • Stormwind – Inside Stormwind, beside Stormwind Lake, behind the Cathedral.
  • Darnassus – Behind the Guild Master house in the Warrior's Terrace.
  • Exodar – Just south of Azure Watch.


  • Silvermoon City – Leave Silvermoon and go west past the Dead Scar, just before Falcon Square.
  • Thunder Bluff – Next to the north lift of the Middle Rise.
  • Orgrimmar – South on the road leading out of the city, near Jaggedswine Farm.
  • Undercity – Inside the courtyard of the city, directly across from the Orb of Translocation.

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