World of Warcraft Lovely Charm Farming Guide

Posted Sun, Feb 05, 2012 by Xerin

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Lovely Charms are the admiration of all World of Warcraft players when Love is in the Air hits the game during this Valentine season. They’re dropped from any enemy (including players) that grants experience. That means if an enemy is green, yellow, or red you’re good to go for gaining your Lovely Charm. You’ll need a lot of them to complete this achievement and we’ve got the top 4 ways to secure you a hoard of these valuable little charms.

There are some rules. The first is that the enemies need to drop loot in order for them to count and you cannot be in a vehicle. So any encounter with tons of low health enemies that don’t drop loot or places that require you to be in a vehicle won’t give you a single Lovely Charm. The rules get a bit shaky from there, but you’re supposed to have a chance to create a Lovely Charm should anyone in your party or raid make a kill, but some players report that the one who gets the killing blow will receive it.

There are various reports of players who are and are not capable of farming Grisly Trophies (Darkmoon Faire) and Lovely Charms at the same time. Do not depend on the ability to farm both, but you can always try it before you start.

You will need the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit to begin farming Lovely Charms, which is available from the A Gift for [faction leader] quests related to this holiday.

Enemies have to be at or near your level (green and above) to grant the Lovely Charm. Certain enemies are excluded, as determined by Blizzard, if you try to farm a spot and are not getting a drop then move on to another. They are not guaranteed drops, so don’t panic if you don’t get one on the first or second kill.

Lovely Charms stack to 40 in your inventory and 10 are required to make a Lovely Charm Bracelet, which is currency for Love is in the Air.

Below you’ll find our top four locations for Lovely Charm farming. This guide assumes you are level 85, although many of the techniques work for lower level players (dungeons, battlegrounds, etc.).


Ah, the Lich King’s territory and the absolute best in Lovely Charm farming. You will not find a better location because all of the enemies are level eighty and, in addition, take about two or three hits to kill. You can pretty much kill almost anything in the zone and it’ll not only respawn fast but grant you the Lovely Charms you so desire.

Popular farming spots include the area around Aldur’thak and Mord’rether, so those are two great locations to start. Another popular farming location is The Conflagration with the Converted Heroes. This is a player favorite because there are large packs of weak level 80 enemies. Your mileage may vary, of course, and if that doesn’t work for you try the Fleshworks.

Dungeons & Battlegrounds

Dungeons and Battlegrounds offer a passive way to gain Lovely Charms while doing activities that you normally do. You may or may not get a Lovely Charm depending on if you get the killing blow, but you should get plenty from each consecutive dungeon run / battleground. So give each a try, count how many you’ve gathered, and see if it’s a viable farming solution for you.

Mount Hyjal Starting Zone

If farming the easy mobs isn’t your thing or the area is too crowded then you can try the first area of Mount Hyjal where the elementals are storming the world tree. These respawn constantly and are rather easy to kill and, as an addition, give some valuable elemental related items when they are slain.

Molten Front & Tol Barad

While not the best location to go, the Molten Front serves as a viable farming location due to the high respawn rate and the fact that you’ll get a ton of charms by going through the daily quests. Tol Barad is another place to go because you can do your daily quests and get your Lovely Charms together. Both locations give you the advantage of farming Lovely Charms and getting your daily quests out of the way.

By now you should be the ultimate hunter of Lovely Charms. What do you think about this holiday? Was it better when you had to farm town guards or is taking a trip out to Icecrown better? Leave your comments below.

Go to Halls of Stone normal, go to where the Slags (lvl 79-80) are, they only have 15k hp and respawn within 10-15 secs, within 1 minute you surely have atleast 10 charms. :)

The slag's in Halls of Lightening Normal are the easiest place to farm Lovely Charms.

They have about 13k HP and I, as a blue geared 85 Boomkin, can take on the whole lot and then wait for them to respawn.

The drop rate and respawn timer are both extremely high and I've been averaging about 200 charms an hour there with my pull everything & AOE approach.


The mobs at slags snare you making them a nightmare for any nondruid melee class.

My pally does just fine on these not a nightmare at all!

Did it on my rogue no problem.
Jpeir - Thaurissan.

Did this on an enhance shaman with no problems. Hour and a half netted me 430 charms. Most of the time I just had to stand in one place and they just kept spawning and coming right at me. Was easy, if a bit dull.

Best farming spot is absolutely without a doubt the Unstable Corruptions in Throne of Tides. They spawn in the hallway just before Ozumat. To enter this hallway you must clear the first and second bosses though so you may need some help to set up, but once you're in and kill the 2 Tainted Sentry's that guard the pool, you're ready to go. The Unstable Corruptions are lvl 80, spawn endlessly in large packs, and have only 3095 health. An easy kill for anyone, reguardless of class or spec.

You only have to kill the first boss, the second boss is optional, when you have the first cut scene movie, you see the huge squid go away, that is what you need to get to the water elemental farm spot

In this area I can pretty much let my demon stand there and kill them and still get the charms. Sometimes I AoE, sometimes I don't. It's a glitch that normally doesn't work because I normally can't loot anything he kills.

Throne of Tides and Halls of Lightning work best ~800 charms per hour.

Now this is a handy guide! Another nice place I've found has been to farm off the Slags at the Iron Crucible within the Halls of Lightning, in Storm Peaks. Almost instant respawn and very good for collecting hundreds of charms.

throne of the tides corrupted water elementals are easily the fastest way.

also the forge area in hall of lightning on the slags they repop about 10-15 seconds i got about 350+ of them within a hour

The best place that i found to farm the charms is inside throne of tides, in the corridor with the small water elementals, they have around 3-4k hps, and keep spawning if you dont kill the 2 big ones in the end of the corridor. Even though they dont drop loot, you can still get the charms, was in there yesterday and in about 20-25 mins me and a friend got around 160 each.

Way better then icecrown cuz you wont have anyone farming in the same spot as you :P

no way, best place is in Vash dungeon - where the small water mobs respawn almost instantly ;-)

no way, best place is in Vash dungeon - where the small water mobs respawn almost instantly ;-)

Best place ever, set Pit of Saron to heroic and farm the trash, oh and it drops a battered hilt thingy too (folks are still looking for the achievement for that).

Skinners, you will love The Pale Roost in Deepholm. The Stone Drakes fall from the sky at partial health. You get Lovely Charms, gold, Savage Leather and a good amount of Blackened Dragonscale. If you're a hunter, just make sure your tanking pet doesn't get the kill. :)

Best place actually is in Deepholm where theres bats and ravagers 100 charms in less than 15 minutes

Can confirm that you can make Lovely Charms without making the killing blow... got a charm yesterday in Well of Eternity as the healer! ermmm yer.....whole instance....1 charm....ok the drop rates not good but I got one!

Throne of tides shadow elementals after 1st boss trash leading to lasst rogue with the deep momentum talent and quickning i could never die i just sat there spamming fok with recup up cause the talent refreshes it..anyways about 850-950an hour

Best farming place is the Enguring the Heat Quest in Molten Front, if you stand on the rune it will bubble you so you only take 50-60 dmg per hit wait there till you get 5 or 6 mobs then hit the rune usally get 3-5 charms per rune then repeat at next rune when you get to last one abandon quest and re aquire 2 runs through there and I got 40+ Charms worked on hunter, DK, and real easy on priest

Best farming place is the Enguring the Heat Quest in Molten Front, if you stand on the rune it will bubble you so you only take 50-60 dmg per hit wait there till you get 5 or 6 mobs then hit the rune usally get 3-5 charms per rune then repeat at next rune when you get to last one abandon quest and re aquire 2 runs through there and I got 40+ Charms worked on hunter, DK, and real easy on priest

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