Warlords of Draenor: Zone Overview

A look into the zones to be found on Draenor, the brand new continent coming in the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

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With the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, announced at BlizzCon 2013, we found out that we would be going back to Outland. Sort of. Draenor is the Outlands of the past, before the Burning Legion came along and things kind of went to hell. Hard to imagine right? Apparently, Blizzard thought so too, so they gave us our first glimpse of Draenor at BlizzCon 2013.


As mentioned above Draenor is Outlands, but in the past. This world is still whole and functional, nothing like the mess we see in Outlands today. Draenor is the homeland of the Orcs and the heart of the old Draenei civilization. Draenor is a beautiful land, but brutal and full of nasty giants and ferocious ogres.

Draenor will host a total of seven zones (at least to start). Take a look at the map of Draenor below:

Draenor Map

Even though Draenor is a far cry from Outlands, the continent still has the same feel. That is to say, even though Outlands was pretty wrecked, when Blizzard put it back together they tried to use the same puzzle pieces. See it for yourself:

Draenor and Outland

Draenor – Zones

Draenor is comprised of seven individual zones that all have their own distinct individual feel. According to the BlizzCon panel, each zone in Draenor will give you something to remember it by. After seeing them for ourselves, we fully agree.

Shadowmoon Valley

The Shadowmoon Valley of the past is nothing like the hellish landscape we know now. The sky is not green and no infernals rain down upon you. In fact this place is simply magnificent. Eternally shrouded in moonlight, Shadowmoon Valley houses Karabor, or as you may know it, the Black Temple. Except Illidan has not taken up residence here yet, instead Karabor is a Draenei holy temple and the major city hub for the Alliance in this world. Also residing here are the shamanistic Shadowmoon clan. This orc clan is lead by the nefarious Ner'zhul, who will one day become the very first Lich King.

Old Shadowmoon Valley


We didn't get to see Nagrand at the panel, but we were told that this zone is the least changed. That means that the Nagrand you know in Outland will pretty much look like the one you see in Draenor. The only major change mentioned is that the floating landmasses are gone. Nagrand is the home of the Warsong Clan. As you may know, this clan is lead by Grommash Hellscream, Garrosh's father. At the very least we can say that there is sure to be some crazy family dynamics going on here.


Gorgrond is located in northern Draenor and is close to where the Blade's Edge Mountains are in modern Outland. Filled with giant steam vents, Gorgrond appears to be mostly desert. The major Orc clan in Gorfrond is the Blackrock clan, lead by Blackhand. Blacksmiths at heart, this clan creates all the nasty killing machines for the Iron Horde and are currently trying to harness the power of the natural steam vents for likely nefarious purposes.


Spires of Arak

Another zone that we didn't get a peak at in the panel and probably one of the least talked about zones. However, we do know that the Spires of Arak are the home territory of the Arakkoa. Except these bird men are not cursed by evil yet, so we are not sure what we should expect from these intelligent bird-men. Also residing here is the Shattered Hand clan. Lead by the infamous Kargath Bladefist, the mark of this clan is to cut off one hand and replace it with a weapon or a tool. A nasty bunch indeed.


Talador stands in what will eventually become Terrokar Forest. Here players will find the home and heart of the Draenei civilization. The best part, this civilization is at it's height, therefore we will get a chance to see Draenei history, architecture, and much more as we never have before. Shattrath is of course still around, but it is much larger and sitting on the edge of a sea, which will eventually become part of Zangarmarsh. A teaming Draenei port city, Shattrath is nothing like the ruins we know now.

Also found here is Auchindoun. While still a dungeon in Warlords of Draenor, Auchindoun is not a cursed place. Instead, it is a Draenei holy temple that all Draenei hope to go to when they die.


Tanaan Peninsula

Tanaan Peninsula is the zone that will eventually evolve into the zone of Hellfire Peninsula that we see in Outlands today. While we didn't get to see this zone, we were told a bit about it and things here are very different in the past. Instead of a barren landscape, Tanaan is a lush, monstrous jungle. Residing here are the Bleeding Hallow Clan lead by none other than Kilrogg Deadeye.

Frostfire Ridge

The final zone that we were provided with information about at the BlizzCon panel was Frostfire Ridge. Frostfire Ridge hosts the Ogre empire, which was once the leading empire on Draenor, but is now on the decline. Also found here are the Frostwolf Clan, lead by Durotan (Thrall's father), who are at war with the Thunderlord Clan who are planning to join up with the Iron Horde.

This zone was the first zone in the expansion created and was originally a purple desert. After many people commenting on the purple “snow” and questions about why the Frostwolf Clan would live in a desert, Frostfire Ridge became snow-covered wastes with towering active volcanoes. This zone will play a major part of the Horde experience on Draenor as they will liberate the Bladespire Citadel, an Ogre stronghold, and use it as their major city hub.

Frostfire Ridge

That wraps up what we know about the Draenor and it's zones for now. Remember nothing is set in stone and any of this information may change as time goes on. Which of these zones is your favorite? How do you feel about Draenor being the next destination in World of Warcraft? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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