Jade Forest Walkthrough Guide

Posted Mon, Sep 03, 2012 by Messiah

Mists of Pandaria - Jade Forest Walkthrough

Jade Forest Map
The Jade Forest

Unlike the last two expansions that had choices of starting zones for players Mists of Pandaria only has one starting zone called the Jade Forest. Luckily it is a very large zone that should keep players busy for a while. Also luckily for those on PVP realms the opposing factions start at different ends of the zone with the Alliance at the south and the Horde at the north end of the zone.

This zone besides being huge, also contains the first instance that you are likely to explore in the expansion. The instance is the Temple of the Jade Serpent and can be found near the middle of the zone on the eastern edge.

This guide focuses on the Horde experience starting with the quest that leads you here from Orgrimmar

Quest Hub - Orgrimmar + The Airship

This part of the quest is just getting to Pandaria and starting your questing.

Into the Mists Paint it Red!
General Nazgrim
General Nazgrim
Hellscream's Fist

While not technically in Pandaria yet, this quest Into the Mists, and the preceding All Aboard are what leads you into Pandaria and start your whole experience so are worth including here.

In essence just talk to the General in Orgrimmar and then find his air ship outside above the bay. Jump on board and enjoy the cinematic and get ready to explore Pandaria.

You arrive in Pandaria only to have your engines shot out and drift close to the enemy. The general is furious and needs you to help defend the ship by taking out a bunch of the Thunder Hold troops shooting at you and their cannons.

Head down into the hull of the ship and jump into a gun turret to start killing off the enemy.

Touching Ground
Rivett Clutchpop
Hellscream's Fist

Now that some of the enemy fire has been suppressed it is time to take the action to them, and to set your first foot on Pandaria soil.

Simply repel down the rope to the ground below.

Quest Hub - Honeydew Glade

This impromptu camp is the touchdown point for the Horde in the Jade Forest. This is where you will really start questing in the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Finish Them! Fire is Always the Answer
General Nazgrim
Honeydew Glade
General Nazgrim
Honeydew Glade

Having cleared out some of the Alliance from the fortress, it is time to launch an assault. General Nazgrim wants you to wade in and finish off at least 15 Thunder Hold Troops.

The second part of clearing out the Alliance (done at the same time as Finish Them!) is to destroy their munitions. To do this get close to them and activate your flare gun to set of an explosion.

Destroy 10 stacks of munitions for the general.

Quest Hub - Thunder Hold

You are making progress and driving the Alliance out of their own base as you advance through Thunder Hold. This section also includes a few quests on your way to the next quest hub of Honeydew Village.

The Final Blow! You're Either With Us Or...
General Nazgrim
Thunder Hold
General Nazgrim
Thunder Hold

The general has advanced with you and is now seeking your aid in taking out the Captain of the Alliance forces.

Kill Captain Doren at the top of Thunder Hold. Before you can do that though you need to clear 4 different barriers and defeat the guards defending them on your way up.

Once there the Captain will fight for a while but then flee once he is almost defeated. General Nazgrim appears and will still allow you to turn in your quest though.

After the fight with the Alliance the General realizes that you will need assistance. He tasks you with talking to the Mayor of the nearby Honeydew Village and enlisting their aid.

Regroup! Face to Face with Consequence
General Nazgrim
Thunder Hold
Taran Zhu
Thunder Hold

The nearby airbase that the Alliance have setup has proved disastrous to your expedition. Many of the key members of your party are scattered around the area.

Find and rescue the four NPC's that Nazgrim needs and then meet him in the village of Honeydew to prepare a counter-attack on the airbase.

Taran Zhu shows up at the end of the fight with Captain Doren and helps save General Nazgrim from the Sha that affected him. Through a conversation he explains a little about the Sha and how actions have consequences here in Pandaria.

He then tasks you with cleaning up the consequences of the Horde's conflict with the Alliance here, by slaying 20 Sha Haunts and 7 Sha Harbingers. They are found in the hold, once you leave the hold they will be different forms of Sha that will not count towards the quest.

Prowler Problems Priorities!
Kai-Lin Honeydew
Honeydew Glade
Honeydew Glade

While looking for the survivors for the Regroup quest, you happen across two Pandaren who are in need of aid.

Kai-Lin explains that the animals nearby have gone mad due to the Sha released. She asks that you help out and slay some of the Sha-infested prowlers in the area before they get to the village.

This is one of the first quests that really starts to show some of the Pandaren personality. In the middle of battle all Gi-Oh can think of is the priority of the Pandaren people... Brew.

I knew I liked the Pandaren for a reason.

Find and collect 6 barrels of brew in the glade with Gi-Oh.

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