Blizzard Issues Account Security Warning to WoW Players

Posted Tue, Jun 25, 2013 by Martuk

Blizzard has issued a general account security warning to World of Warcraft (WoW) players this week following an increase in unauthorized login attempts to player accounts. As part of their security precaution, Blizzard has temporarily disabled mobile access to the WoW auction house and is currently notifying affected players that have no authenticator tied to their account of unauthorized login attempts from “unusual IP addresses.” Blizzard is also suggesting that players take some time to read through their security tips to help better secure their accounts from unauthorized access.

The full message from Blizzard is available below for your convenience.

Source: WoW Account Security Warning

"There’s been a recent increase in unauthorized World of Warcraft account-logins via our website and the World of Warcraft mobile armory app.

We’re in the process of notifying any account holders who were not using an authenticator and whose account showed signs of unauthorized access (e.g., logging in from an unusual IP address). If you are among this group, you will receive an email describing how to reset your account.

As a result of these activities, access to the World of Warcraft auction house via the mobile app has been taken off-line temporarily. Upon request, our customer support team will restore in-game items and gold for any accounts impacted.

While no means of account security is guaranteed, every precaution you take to secure your computer and your account—including changing your password periodically—adds another defensive barrier. We strongly encourage everyone to take a few moments to read through the security tips available on our support website and follow the suggestions posted there."

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