Mem's 2013 Gaming Predictions

Updated Wed, Jan 02, 2013 by Mem

Looking into the future, Mem shares his predictions for the world of gaming in 2013.

A lot can happen in a year in the world of gaming and guessing exactly what it has in store for us is difficult at best. What new games will come forth and which will crumble into dust? With a brand new year staring us in the face, now is the most prudent time to look forward and imagine. What will the gaming world have in store for us in 2013?

Last year I had the pleasure of sharing my personal gaming predictions for 2012 with you. Some were close to the mark, while others were wildly wrong. At the beginning of this new year I would like to once again share my speculations concerning the gaming world in 2013. Will I be right or wrong? We will not know for sure until we ring in 2014.

Please note: I am no soothsayer. The predictions below are merely my best guesses and should not be taken as fact.

Half Life

The much anticipated Half Life 3 will be announced. However, first glimpses will leave fans struggling to become enamored with the next installment in this franchise. Problems in development will push the launch of this game well into 2014.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto will be released and will have record sales. However, players will find that V simply just isn’t as good as IV. Due to this, Grand Theft Auto will be the final “classic” GTA game.

Console Games

In an attempt to keep up with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will both preview their new consoles in the first few months of 2013. Both consoles will spark much fanfare. However, I predict that only Microsoft will manage to get their new machine out on the market before the end of the year. Sony will release their new console shortly after the beginning of 2014.

Fallout 4

Following the announcements of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles, Bethesda will finally unveil Fallout 4. Using the same creation engine used in Skyrim, Bethesda will use Fallout 4 to showcase the tech in these new consoles and be wildly successful.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

While this may not be much of a prediction, considering that the Call of Duty franchise is usually as reliable with announcing new games each year as the sun, I am going to say it nonetheless. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 will be announced and be released either late 2013 or early 2014. As per usual, players will inwardly groan and rage at the announcement, but will secretly sneak out to the nearest midnight release. The game will be successful, as they typically are, but not as much as anticipated. As a result the next Call of Duty game will deviate from the “modern” world and take us back to battles of old. Vietnam anyone?

The Elder Scrolls Online

Unfortunately, Bethesda’s year won’t be all peaches and cream. While the Elder Scrolls online will be pretty to look at and will finally offer a multiplayer Elder Scroll experience, this game will sink before it can even swim. Like most recent games who insist on a subscription fee, Elder Scrolls will find many players less than excited about the idea, opting for free to play options instead. To top this off the multiplayer experience will leave much to be desired and will force Elder Scrolls to go free to play before the end of the year.

Mobile Gaming

Already popular, mobile gaming will take off and smart phones will become more and more like small computers. While we will not be seeing Zelda or Mario on our phones this year, the idea won’t seem so outrageous by the end of this year.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft continues on solidly for another year. Subscriptions remain steady and Blizzard continues to release content patches to feed the hunger of the masses. While no new expansions or other changes are announced this year, players will remain relatively content with the game. Oh, and since I’ve been such a good little gamer, my Christmas wish will come true and we will be blessed with new character models. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

Project Titan

The lack of a World of Warcraft expansion announcement will be forgotten, as Blizzard will give us the first glimpse of this top-secret project. Of course, we will be left feeling frustrated, as Blizzard will not give us any type of release date. Up to this point Blizzard has been very closed-lipped about the project they have dubbed Titan. I cannot even begin to predict what it may be, however, I will predict that it will astonish us all.

That completes my list of personal gaming predictions for 2013. What are some of your gaming predictions for 2013? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!


Half Life
Right on the money

Grand Theft Auto V
Possibly, but this fanchise has a way of not dying the death that it so desperately needs :p

CoD: MW4
Right on the money, but i doubt Vietnam will be in it's future.

The Elder Scrolls Online
I agree this is gonna be a huge fail, but not because on the subscription model (you're obviously pro ftp). You are however imo right on the money with your multplayer let down prediction. My money is on it being another SWTOR with prettier graphics and shallow content. Players will eat through it in 3-6 months tops.

World of Warcraft
Subscriptions have been in decline, and will continue to do so through the year. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just about hit it's shelf life. Don't look toward them retooling any character models within the next couple years. It's just not gonna happen.

Project Titan
Right on the money. I also agree that this will be the year that Blizzard will begin to open up about this new MMO. Unfortunately "those in the know" are whispering that this game will be more casual friendly than WoW. Don't count on this being a FtP title either. Blizzard has done very well with their current subscription model, and i don't look for them to change it for a new game.

Ooopps, missed one (or two)

Consule Gaming
Both Microsoft and Sony should have their consules out by Dec 2013, but i agree that it would not be surprising if the PS4 is late.

Mobile Gaming
Right on the money!

About TESO or any sub based game would just like to add .... there is not F2P. None, does not exists. Sooner or later there is price to be payed. Despite F2P (in true sense what should mean, free to play) does not exists, is still worst plague ever hit gaming industry. Is kind'a free to watch movies and alike. Attracts cheap people like flyes are attracted to sh...

I will never ever (again) play game that is advertised as F2P. Have no problem if have sub option. Fact is if game is good and I like to play, have no problem with paying for quality. If it is not good will not play, sub or not sub.

Couple of other MMO titles people are watching.......

Should have a huge initial surge. If Trion knows how to do one thing, it's market a game! Add that to a TV series ala SyFi channel and you've got an amazing marketting blitz! I predict that it will do better than Rift as far as logevity, but ultimately settle into a nitch game by years end.

Neverwinetr Online
This is the sleeper. It amazes me that the gaming community isn't salivating over the overall concept of this game. This MMO will be launching with the ability for players to create extended content right off the bat. Know what that unltimately means? This means that for once, game developers can actually concentrate on fixing bugs and working on the next official expansion rather than continiually having to come up with new content inbetween. IMO it's a brillant idea! Players will litterally be extending the life of the game at little or no cost to the company. Group and solo players should (in theory) never run out of anything to do. Only issues i can see in the future is the lack of multi-group (raiding) content for end game, but that's more of my pereference than a make or break for a game :p

This will be a HUGE win for the MMO community, and may even be a "game changer" for years to come. I'll even go so far as to predict after the next two years, mmos launching with user created content will become the norm. Financially it just makes to much sense!

Wow. Your ESO comment reeks of ignorance and bias (this is the WoW section of TTH, after all). Let's address the worst offenders:

First off, Zenimax Online's making it. Not the Bethesda arm that made the single-player games. Second, they've said nothing about their payment model yet. P2P is likely, not a dead cert. It's interesting that you claim subs are a dying breed, and will kill ESO, yet you predict that WoW's subs will "hold steady". Have they been steady historically? Not likely. They've been losing ground consistently right up to the release of MoP. I doubt the expansion boost'll keep them going much into 2013.

Yes, we all know ToR crashed and burned. Let's not take the cop-out response of tarring ESO with the same brush. Association does not automatically imply causality, people. I, like many others, would run screaming if it went F2P. *that* would kill the franchise, not subs. Also, I'd love to know exactly how the multiplayer experience will "leave much to be desired"? There's a conspicuous lack of specifics there. And finally - FTP by the end of the year? Most people are predicting a Q3 release at best, as the beta's not even kicked off yet. That'd be one quick bubble burst.

I would just like to correct you about TOR. It did not crash or burn on its own, mainly because of hate community. Not even toward wow such hathred was generated in such short time. Many (know 4, 5) did not even start because of so much negativity from flamers. I'm just glad buy it and discovered best game ever. On top with wow, my 3rd is currently Gw2, Rift was once but does not appeal me any more, left after a week. Hoping for TESO and hoping this time sickos does not destroy game before is even released.

No probs, no correction there. I didn't say *why* ToR bombed, after all. I do disagree with your opinion though, for the record, but that's an entirely different discussion.

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