Best 5 World of Warcraft Races

Posted Mon, Jul 18, 2011 by Messiah

We all know that each race in the World of Warcraft has it’s own unique set of racial abilities. Most of us even know that depending on the class you choose, the racial abilities can make a significant difference in your character's effectiveness.

Some races allow you to be better at PVE or PVP, some make you a better healer, some allow you to do more DPS than others.  So with all the variation, which races are the best in the game and why?  That’s what we look at here as we count down the Best Five World of Warcraft Races.

To decide on the list I first stated looking at all the races and tried to come up with some criteria on which to decide.  While thinking about all this I came up with the following list of things: History, Popularity, Voice, Looks, Starting Zones, Class Choices, and Racial Abilities.

While I considered all of those things, in the end, I had to base a whole lot of the decision on the Racial Abilities and their effect on the game. After all, the rest of the items are cool and important, but not nearly as important as the difference the abilities make in playing the character. This led to some interesting choices, even ones that surprised me in my ranking.  But anyway, on to the countdown of the Best 5 World of Warcraft Races.

#5 - Humans


Ok, you can't fault them too bad, after all we are them, but kind of boring for a fantasy setting.

In at the number five spot is the Human race.  Personally I have to give Humans negative points since playing as a Human to me in a fantasy game takes away part of the fantasy element of the game, for many they want to play a character that looks like themselves. However, as a race in the game, Humans have an awful lot going for them.

For starters Humans can play almost any class they want. The only exception being denied to them is playing as a Druid or Shaman. This makes sense game wise and even real life wise, as when was the last time Humans were ever really in touch with nature or the elements.

Humans also have some great racial abilities such as Diplomacy that allows them to get reputation faster than any other race and The Human Spirit which grants a 3% boost to spirit which is awesome for casters and mana regen. They also have Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization which grants expertise which means you can soft cap that stat as a melee class easier while using one of those weapon types saving points for other stats. All of these are great PVE abilities and are solid racial abilities that make selecting a Human a good idea.

The big one, however, is Every Man for Himself which can remove all movement impairing effects or loss of control effects on a 2 minute cooldown.  While only situationally useful in PVE content, it is amazing in PVP situations. The reason for this is that even though it shares a cooldown with the PVP trinkets, it still means you have a PVP trinket ability even when you don’t have a trinket equipped.  Meaning that you can keep a trinket equipped that helps you in other ways, for example better stats, or other secondary abilities.

Every Man for Himself really puts Humans above many other races in PVP situations so if you plan on high end PVP this really is a race to consider.  Humans also make very good Priests due to the extra spirit, and are great Paladin, Death Knight, or Warrior tank choices due to the weapon specializations and Every Man for Himself to get out of boss stuns.

You mention Command being best for Unholy DKs and Demonology Warlocks, but don't mention BM hunters which benefit much more than SV or MM hunters from this talent.

Hunters in general are marked right before DK's and locks. While I don't pick out BM hunters specifically, I mention the class in general as Orcs are the second best hunter class regardless of spec. The only race better are trolls.

For starters Humans can play almost any class they want. The only exception being denied to them is playing as a Druid or Shaman.

I mostly play Druids and Shaman, when I guess explains why I've never rolled a human. Plus they're Alliance scum and all... ;-)

umm yeah the fact that dwarfs aren't on the list makes this pretty much invalid. Stoneform is still one of the greatest and most underrated racial traits. The ability to instantly dispell all bleed and diesies effects as well as reduce all damage by 10% is amazing.

I just wanted to say, that trolls can play all classes except paladins. warlock was added in cata launch

"Once you got by the first parts they also had one of the best vanilla WoW starting zones."

You've got to be kidding me. Is it just me or did anyone else found the Tauren zones not very fun?

what about the night elves they do have shadowmeld which allows them to disappear at any moment even in combat

6. Goblin
7. Undead
8. Dwarf
9. Dranei
10. Gnome
11. Blood Elf
12. Night Elf
This is my opinion.

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