Can Rage of the Firelands Revitalise WoW?

Updated Wed, Jun 22, 2011 by Saia

These are critical days for World of Warcraft. From the players' perspective Cataclysm wasn’t the overarching success Blizzard hoped it would be, with the constant hotfixing of boss encounters and the recycled content. Rage of the Firelands offers a lot of promise but can it make up for past mistakes and revitalise Blizzard’s flagship MMO?

The list of 4.2’s new features is impressive: the Firelands, the new daily content, the storylines revolving around Thrall and the Blue Dragonflight Then there’s the Encounter Journal and all the other little tweaks, including the personalised phasing which still allows you to play with friends while you restore Hyjal.

This is the point where Blizzard can get its players excited again. 4.2 is about to hit and offers plenty to do and seven new mammoth bosses to kill. The dailies themselves will take people a good few months to do, longer if you’ve not done the original Hyjal questline.

Right now, the raiding and new endgame content will lure players back into Azeroth. The dailies will keep them there for a time but Blizzard needs to make 4.3 even more spectacular to stand a chance against the new MMOs on the horizon.

While I maintain that 4.1, Rise of the Zandalari, was a slap-dash attempt at a patch, Rage of the Firelands did need extra time and added awesomeness. Rise of the Zandalari tried to plug the hole made by RIFT. Instead, the patch backfired and players were even more irritated by the fact that the promised raid - the Firelands - was moved back. To add insult to injury, rather than getting to fight Ragnaros, we found ourselves back in the accursed Zuls of the Amani and the Gurubashi.


Is this going to be enough to save the World of Warcraft?

As major content patches go, this one is not actually that big. Seven bosses might be the perfect number for the Blizzard devs but I’m concerned a lot of the hardcore raiders will do it within a week with the rest of us following a little way behind. Will it be enough to keep people occupied until 4.3 hits? If you don’t have a fully geared level 85 then it might inspire you to get there and if you do, it should keep you a busy. Even if you don’t raid, the dailies are the big draw, even if it’s just for the flying mount you get at the end.

There’s normally one big patch per quarter which means we’re looking at around three months before we see the next chapter in the Cataclysm storyline. Right now we don’t know anything about it and Blizzard hasn’t dropped any hints which is probably a good thing as they want our attention fully on Rage of the Firelands. Indeed, you only have to look at the recently released trailer to see that the production values have tripled and they really have pulled out all the stops.

These are rocky days for Azeroth, the Cataclysm has shattered more than just the world we knew and loved, it’s left us - the players - unsure of where the future lies. 4.2 has certainly had much more work put into it than 4.1 or the expansion itself; bosses have been tested, dailies have been played but it’s just a start and Blizzard do need to keep the momentum up or risk their subscription numbers dropping even further.

Regardless of what happens in the future, we can now say that Blizzard is actually trying. Whether it’s too late, well that’s something only time can tell us. The Firelands is opening, Twilight is coming and Deathwing is beginning his final descent. Whether we - and whether Azeroth - survives this turbulent period, remains to be seen.

Hamster wheel...

That's all 4.2 will be.

Same re-skinned content with a different name.

Take your negativity elsewhere "Anonymous". I'm happy for WOW to lose the subscriptions of players like yourself who do not (and seemingly cannot) appreciate the game for what it is, or the level of devotion by Blizzard to seeing it improve. Then we'll be left with those players (read, shareholders) who want to participate in measured, constructive dialogue and enjoy each time they get to login to Azeroth.

lool @ your "blizzard's level of devotion to seeing the game improve" - more like their efforts to make sure the money keeps coming in. The above article says it all - the expansion was not at all like was expected, hell even the major guilds had finished all of the first content within a few weeks. Whether 4.2 will reignite WoW for some people is a different question tho - and like the article also says - if it performs badly, then the game might not recover.

I stopped playing a month ago now. Cataclysm is big disappointment - in fact I think I can blame the lame expansion to me stopping. I'm not sure anything will get me back now, the game has run it's course, regurgitating old content is a sign that Blizzard has no new ideas (IMO).

I'm currently two months away from WoW although I pop on now and again to chat to friends and am very disappointed with Firelands - a bit of new raiding content, some new dailies.....

Any player geared from raids or from ZA/ZG is now over-geared for all other dungeons and that is not being addressed. The difference in JP for new raid bosses vs old ones is huge so those raids are effectively dead other than visiting them for nostalgia or gearing alts though with ZA/ZG why would you bother???

My subscription has a while to run but for me WoW is finished - it has been great fun and supplied me with a lot of enjoyment but it is now lacking in challenges and it's ability to hold me has gone.

Well now...I agree with Horgrin.

Only thing that ruins the game for me are immature kids who can't appreciate the game for what it is. Heck, I would be glad if the game was a lot harder, but since all kids go QQ if they can't down a boss in 1 minute, blizz keeps making it all easier. You have to blame the players for the "turbo content" of WoW these days, not Blizzard.
Another thing that I would like to see gone is the bloody raid achievment system. I can't get to any new raid unless I'm part of the "turbo content pew pew" guild that gets the raid done in a first day. Afterwards it's insanely hard to get to anywhere...

Form some motive only half of the site is usually being showed. Is this my browser working or is it the blog?

I really wish I had played WoW earlier when there were no expansions. 60 looked like fun. Watching my buddies run RFC and MC looked amazing and epic. I started when BC came out and it was just sooo far off of the beaten path of what Warcraft is that I didn't max out. The content was there but the lore was not. Then it was back to Azeroth with FLYING MOUNTS. I started again but was bored all over again thanks to "pew pew turbo content." Getting to 80 just wasn't worth the long and tedious grind. It was fun getting to know teh WoWz all over again but it all seemed like such a chore. It always seemed like a chore. Instead of expanding the WoW universe I think that a return to the simple life would be an interesting experience. My most cherished memories in WoW all lead back to the Barrens and SFK. The high level "magical" content doesn't interest me. Feeling like I've actually discovered something does. Not in the sense that Easter Egg Content does but exploring a dungeon with friends at a low level and actually struggling to finish it. A new experience with fresh players. Not the kids that have played out a half dozen Epicly geared chars and are in the process of leveling a new twink for kicks. Just my two cents.

I think it needs more than just Nerfing old content and making new. There are serious issues that Blizzard has failed to address in the game since it's conception. The Gold Hackers and scammers for one. Blizzard needs to develop a way to crack down on these people as well as those that can go out and bot 40,000 gold in the matter of a couple days and drives the economy crazy in the game. It screws up the game for every honest player out there who can't get a decent price for thier crafts and grinding.

There is a simple solution but Blizzard don't seem to care about that. The way to revitalize this game is not new content though I love it and want that to continue but here is what I suggest.

Get rid of Neutral Auction Houses and Horde Auction Houses and Alliance Auction Houses and have a single AH! Not only a single AH but a Singular AH that serves every realm not just the one your playing on.

This would bring gold over from servers with a good economy to ones with a poor economy also.... Make it possible to send mail to characters on the other realms. Prompting players on poor realms to quit deleting thier toons but to support them with other characters on realms they have gold and items on.
In the end. I want to see them concentrate on fixing current problems in the game moreso than focusing on new content.
Just my two coppers worth

Wow to Can Rage of the Firelands Revitalise.Its an awesome game that i had ever played.The graphics use din it is extraordinary.

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