Connected WoW Realms – Problems and Blizzard's Intentions

A look at Blizzard's intentions behind connected realms and the big problems player's have experienced thus far.
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Connected Realms are the way of the future for World of Warcraft. One after another realms have been connected to each other and with pretty good results. Players on forums are clamoring for not only more connections, but faster ones. With so much success out there, it is not surprising that players want more of a good thing. However, as has been proven time and time again, faster is not always better and sometimes (but not always) Blizzard's intentions do not always match up with our own.

This was proven as some nasty problems popped up while completing the recent connections of a few realms and a blue post emerged detailing Blizzard's real intentions concerning these mergers. Read on to learn more:

Connecting Realms = Vanishing Characters

After the successful merger of so many realms, many players are wondering why exactly the process is still so slow. They know their realm is on the list and can't wait to get a piece of the magic that goes along with connecting another realm to theirs. So is Blizzard just being lazy? Are they simply going slow to torment us? The answer to these questions is a resounding no.

Blizzard has a very good reason for taking their good old time when it comes to realm mergers. The fact of the matter is, despite so many successful mergers, the process is far from perfect. This was proven many times over when a recent World of Warcraft realm connection went horribly wrong.

After maintenance took place on US realms, players on the recently connected realms Nesignwary and Vek'nilash logged in to some very disturbing issues. It seems that a fair number of these players logged in to find that their characters were totally gone. Vanished. Player's who were lucky enough to still have characters in tact found that they could only access a few of them.

The madness doesn’t end here. Other players on these realms reported not being able to access guild banks with guild bank logs showing up years out of date. Things only got stranger as the problems progressed. Players started having random characters flagged for renaming, and duplicates of characters that had long been deleted appearing randomly.

Connected Realm Problems

Blizzard posted Vrakthris has been doing his best to weigh in and help where he can, but these problems are pretty major and may still be evolving, even today. However, with the updates in the forum thread we can take comfort in knowing that something is being done to fix these problems, but we can never tell just how long it will take. Not to mention, what the consequences will be for any accidentally deleted characters that will eventually be restored. Be sure to check out the forum post “ Nesingwary and Vek'nilash having major issues” for full details of the problems experienced by these two realms.

Without a doubt this story makes me glad that Blizzard is taking their time with the realm mergers. Sure, it may be a one time thing, but I don't think I am alone in saying that I would be more than willing to wait a little longer to be sure nothing like this happens on my server. Talk about a cautionary tale!

Still wondering why your server hasn't made the list of realms to be merged yet? Perhaps your realm does not fit into Blizzard's ideal fit for potential merge realms. Learn more about Blizzard's intentions for realm connections in the next section:

Blizzard's Good Intentions

While you may be placated with the slowness of the realm mergers, you may still be wondering why your realm has not been listed as ready for a merger. With all the benefits that go along with connected realms, it is no wonder that people are chomping at the bit to get in on the action. To clear things up a bit, Blizzard poster Vaneras took some time out to explain of what the current intentions are behind the use of connected realms.

Vaneras explains right off the bat that Blizzard does not intend to use connected realms to clear up problems on high-population realms. This is quite a blow for players on high-population realms with a huge faction imbalance that were looking to realm connections to fix the problem. Instead, connected realms are specifically geared towards improving servers with low-populations and if you are on a small server you know exactly what he is talking about. Low-population realms face a bevy of problems including few guild options, a stagnant economy, high prices, and difficulty in doing anything that requires a group. All of which can be (hopefully) cured by the merger of realms.

High Population Realms

With that being said, Vaneras explains that they are aware that some high-population realms have problems too. However, Blizzard feels this situation is harder to resolve, especially with connected realms, because of how close the population is to capacity there. There are still some technological limitations on populations and right now Blizzard just can't get around them at this point in time, making is very difficult to address faction imbalances on high-population realms.

Vaneras ends by assuring us that the problem will not be forgotten and that just because a realm connection for these servers is not possible now, it may be in the future. A bit of waiting will be needed from these realms, but hopefully they too will see an answer to their problems in the near future. Check out Vaneras's post on this forum thread.

Closing Thoughts

After the problems seen on Nesingwary and Vek'nilash it is blatantly obvious why Blizzard is taking the slow and steady route in realm connections. No one wants to log in and find their characters are gone. That would ruin anyone's day.

As for Vaneras's comments on Blizzzard intentions for realm connections, I am also in agreement. While I think faction imbalances need to be addressed on high-population servers, I personally feel that stagnating low-population servers should be the priority. The long a server stagnates, the more players leave, making the problem worse than before. As part of a low-population server myself, I speak from experience.

Have you experienced any problems in realm connections? Do you agree with Blizzard's outline of their intentions for connected realms? Should high-population realms with faction imbalances be forced to wait for a solution to their problems? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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