More Expensive Blizzard Store Mounts = More Prestige?

Some WoW players are demanding higher priced mounts in the hopes of garnering them in-game prestige. However, there are some things money can't buy. Shop

The Blizzard store has been in business for quite some time. Here you can buy real life gear, as well as in-game items. Mounts, pets, and more grace the pages of this online shop and thus far it has been pretty successful. Prices here have also been pretty reasonable. Usually well within the price range of the average player, these items are readily available to everyone. However, some players feel that this shouldn't be the case.

Warforged Nightmare

Bring this case to light was the release of a brand new mount in the Blizzard Store; the Warforged Nightmare. Previously, mounts bought in the store had been priced around 25 (US) dollars. The Warforged Nightmare broke this mold. Coming in at 30 (US) dollars, this mount is currently the most expensive in-game item available in the store.

While it is only a five dollar increase, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it was enough to set this discussion into motion. It seems that some players, who are obviously very well off in the money department, want even more expensive mounts to make an appearance. Mounts that are not just five dollars more, but 10, 15, 30, or even 50 dollars more. Thus, making them nearly impossible to obtain for most typical players.

Warforged Nightmare

More Money = More Prestige?

You may be wondering why players would wish for more expensive mounts. The answer might surprise you. It is not because they want better mounts, faster mounts, or cooler looking mounts. On the contrary, the players on this side of the debate wish for more expensive mounts for the sole purpose of making them more exclusive. Of making sure all but those who have enough funds can obtain them.

The idea is to make these mounts something of a status symbol. Much like the hard to obtain mounts already found in games, these super expensive mounts would show players you have money to burn. Riding around on these mounts would, in these players experience, give them a great level of prestige that other players could only hope to obtain.

Some Things Money Can't Buy

That is the idea of course, however, those on the other idea have pointed out one major flaw with this idea. You see, prestige cannot be bought for any sum of money. No matter how much money you drop on something, it only shows you indeed have money, nothing else.

Blizzard Store mounts bring less stares of envy than others because all the player did to get them was push a few buttons and provide their bank account information. Mounts that are earned, through hard work and effort, are the ones that turn other players heads. Take for example the Ashes of Al'ar. This mount is a very rare drop and can usually only be obtained after farming Al'ar over and over again.

Mounts like these require dedication and effort and this is to be applauded. Mounts that are bought with cash take no effort at all. Thus, they carry none of the prestige, one of the most vital reasons some players wish for more expensive mounts. It seems money cannot buy everything.

Blizzard Store Mounts

Keep Blizzard Store Mounts Cheap

Besides the fact that more expensive mounts would never provide the glory that some players wish for, there are other reasons Blizzard Store mounts should not become overly pricey. In this writer's humble opinion, Blizzard Store mounts should remain a fun little tidbit that players can choose or not choose to add to their game.

These mounts, that don't take any real work to obtain, should remain cheap enough to make them worthwhile for all players to consider buying. Just like raiding has been made available to almost every player in game, these mounts should be kept cheap enough to remain an option for every player. Not to mention that even players with limited time can eventually earn themselves one of the hard-to-get mounts inside the game. Why should Blizzard Store mounts be any different?

I say keep Blizzard Mounts cheap, keep them available for the masses. If you want to earn prestige, there are plenty of mounts in game you can earn with blood, sweat, and tears that will provide you with that. Asking for an expensive mount is simply trying to take the easy way out and probably won't give you the results you desire.

How do you feel about a super expensive mount? Would you be able to purchase it? Would you be impressed by it or are you more impressed by mounts that are earned not bought? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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