Is Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft's Next Expansion?

Updated Wed, Aug 03, 2011 by Xerin

The trademark registration for Mists of Pandaria

It seems that Blizzard has registered a trademark called “Mists of Pandaria” which may be World of Warcraft’s next expansion. Could it possibly be a panda themed expansion? Could we really be traveling into panda land in order to do daily quests and farm gold? No. Come on people; those rumors are as silly as anything else out there.

Give me a break, we’re not going to see a major retail release include an expansion into Pandaria. We’re more likely to see a /panera command to order Panera Bread to-go. If we see anything come from this, other than an epic April Fool’s joke next year is the possibility that we’re going to get mini-expansions.

What are mini-expansions? We’ll, you know how some patches have huge amounts of content like 4.2 and Firelands? Well, we could see these mini-expansions as Blizzard’s way to hold us over until a formal expansion comes. No level cap increases, but we could see it as a new quest zone with some raid content and a few new gimmicks added to the game. This way we’d have more content than during a normal patch run but less content than a whole expansion.

Think about it. Blizzard has Diablo 3 coming out soon and that’s going to take up a ton of the playerbase’s interests, so much so that lots of Blizzard fans aren’t going to be looking around for the latest expansion while Blizzard’s PR media blitz focuses heavily on D3. So why announce the next expansion this year when they can announce a filler expansion (or more likely, just an upcoming major patch) and focus on the fight with Deathwing?

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The next WoW expansion? Probably not.

Makes perfect sense to me and a lot more sense than a retail expansion being about Pandaria. The trademark is apparently filed under video games, which doesn’t necessarily even mean it has anything to do with WoW. It could be a mobile game for the iPad that is Blizzard’s version of the Angry Birds (throw kegs of bear at unsuspecting goblins who have stolen the taps).

For those ultra paranoid types out there, this could be project Titan. I’m sure Blizzard would almost bust a gut laughing as everyone who has been eagerly awaiting the news of their upcoming game dies as they realize it’s all for naught and Blizzard is delving into the mobile market.

Whatever it is, it isn’t major and this huge hype about it that is storming every website out there and how Pandarens are finally coming as a playable race. Well, if that happens, then I know exactly what this will be and that is a DLC expansion pack. World of Warcraft’s first DLC expansion pack ever, where you download the ability to unlock Pandarens and explore their island.

Yes, we've seen Cataclysm as a trademark before it was announced, but come on. If Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion I’ll eat my mount - horns, wings, and all. There is no way Blizzard would focus the next WoW expansion on the Pandarens.

What do you think? Has Blizzard lost its marbles and is going into a panda frenzy or is this going to be their upcoming mobile app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I can't wait to see you eat your mount.

What mount do you have?

If your wrong i will buy you a plushy version to eat :P

I would LOVE to see this as the next expansion! whats with all the pandaria hate? I would rather be a huge kung-fu panda than a cow... next hero class pandarian brewmaster here we come!

My guess is they will flesh out Pandaria thoroughly as they did Northrend. Speaking of mini-expansions, with everyone's issue about Cata being "half an expansion" perhaps this will be the other half to get us to 90.

Whether or not Pandaren become a playable race, whether or not Brewmaster is a new class, and whether or not the focus is on the Old Gods - they can make it into something interesting.

I dont understand the pandaran hate and this article in general. We all know the Pandarans are much wanted, and that Blizzard said they are thinking new continent. Pandarans would be more welcome than the furry worgen

Mists of Pandaria was registered under the same international code as all other WoW expansions have been registered, so it has very much to do with WoW.

I'd say, it really is the new expansion.

If this is the xpac i see a new class based on Pandaria. Think about it, TBC gave us BE's and Drae-nae? nei?nai? WotLK gave us a new class, DK's. Cat gave us two new races again, Goblins and Worgen. My guess is a new playable class based off of the teachings and/or Archaeology *wink* of the Pandarians. Such as a Monk of some sort. I don't think we'll be getting Pandas to play.

Yes, in Diablo 3 they have added a monk character why not add one to WoW. They could have an emphasis on nature and all race types would start off in Pandaria. They would not have to add pandas just a class :D

Great work man.

i tell you if this becomes an expansion only girls will buy it.
i wont troll if this will be a patch but if this is an whole expansion and a class i am f***ing quiting wow.
It is boring for most people alredy becouse there is no new content if they do that milions of girls will start playing this and wow will be a game in wich u get a girl :p.

that's the most foolish thing ive ever heard.

omg pandas in wow??

if this will be called an expansion by blizz, i alrdy have me and 5 irl friends quitting :)

I agree 100%; in no way should Blizzard make this the next big expansion. First of all if they make pandarens a race, they are going to lose a ton of their original fan base. Secondly, my only question will be> Jack Black did you have a hand in this madness?

Here are some of my thoughts with how Blizzard should deal with this...

1.) Turn this into an Isle of Quel' Danas sorta thing.... Bunch of dailies that lead up to some big shot boss, possibly Queen Azshara?

2.) Didn't Blizzard promise us a hero class each expansion, when they rolled out WOTLK? Last time I check cata didnt give us one.... Maybe they'll make good on that now. For example: We travel to Pandaria and the pandarens teach us how to become Monks...

3.) Combine 1 and 2. Hey why not?

Who says That mists of pandaria should include pandas. Maybe THE plot will be that the pandarens are All killed by Some evil source and we have to kill that evil source

Well, Blizz did release Cata based on one dragon tearing things up and a long overdue clean-up of the zones. I'd imagine an entire island based on feudal Japan, along with an obvious race and class to add more than enough for a full xpack.

So what. WOW is no longer the game where "you can make progress on your lunch hour", it's a game for investing all your free time, plus more. Yeah, my account with quite a few lvl 85's is still active, but I've not logged in for months, save for a few minutes at 10pm last night. Server had maybe 15 people in all of Org. Really! People have MUCH MORE to do now than just play the same content at slightly higher levels over and over, the internet is no longer just email and news. Making it harder will just cut the player base more, and make the hardcore even snottier to newbs, which will kill off the idea of new players starting up after a new release, they'll raise level, get insulted in a few POGs, then quit. The last three years could be made into a book titled "How to kill the most successful MMORPG in history by ignoring everything going on in the world around it, while encouraging players to act like jerks!".

seriously I use to love to play this game but I have lost all interest in this game and it makes me sad to feel towards a game that I use to love. I try to play, but i just cant do it. :(

Time to buy a lot of hotsauce for that mount of yours. Just announced this morning ;D

i for one am stoked as hell

Looks like all of derps that swore up and down that this wasn't going to be an expansion are in for a rude awakening.

Pandas gon panda.

I just wonder if the author is a little embarrassed about the comments he made here. Looks like you better get a bib and start munching on that mount. Not so farfetched anymore huh?

Hope you are hungry... Because you better start eating!!

when is it coming out

I think the term is "gg"

Dude this is so childish...well I am officially gonna quit when that bullcrap comes out......oh well i need to focus on the little things in life anyways TY blizz for giving me finally a good reason to quit!

:) cant wait for expansion

Well you could always play guild wars 2 :). I quit wow a couple months after cata simply because I can't justify the 15 bucks a month for a game that is life consuming. But I did enjoy vanilla wow! I very much miss it.

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