Monk Beginner Leveling – Blissfully Simplistic or Utterly Boring?

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Being the newest class to be introduced to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Monks are without a doubt the hot new item in the game. Everyone and their brother seems to want to delve into the world of their inner Kung Fu and roll a Monk. However, while most players seem to ultimately love their high level Monks, at lower levels the Monk class in Mists of Pandaria could be said to be little less than exciting.

I'll be the first to say when I finally got to create my own Monk I was, like many other players, as happy as a kid in a candy store. I begin to level at a rather fast pace with high hopes, however, while I enjoyed the new setting (I chose to roll a Pandaren Monk), I could not help but feel like something was missing along the way.

Leveling Abilities? What Leveling Abilities?

The first glaring hole players will likely notice during the early levels of Monk leveling is the lack of abilities. At first all seems pretty standard as far as new characters go in World of Warcraft. As per usual with any new toon, Monks start out with one basic ability at level one; Jab. Jab builds Chi and can easily lay out any enemies you meet at this point.

Then at level 3 your Monk will gain the Tiger Palm ability. Tiger palm allows you to use the Chi you gain from Jab and also gives you a little variety in the mix. Things continue to look up at level 5 as you , one of the most epic abilities in game, Roll.

Monk Roll

After Roll (which is a pretty hard act to follow), comes Blackout Kick. After this the Monk abilities that you end up using in your normal damage rotation pretty much dry up. Kaput. Done.

Even after you choose your talent spec at level 10, there is a distinct lack of major game changing abilities for the Monk. Basically, you will be stuck using the same basic abilities over and over again until you hit at least level 20. This of course can easily make many players very sad pandas pretty quickly.

Panda Crying

However, there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel. The Monk class redeems itself entirely at higher levels, the question is, will most players make it that far?

Moving On Up

Around level 20 things significantly improve for the Monk, no matter which spec you have chosen things just get more exciting. More abilities become available to add to your rotation and as you progress further up the leveling tree. Overall the whole Monk experience gets more exciting, and we can look forward to cool new abilities like Touch of Death and Spinning Crane Kick.

Spinning Crane Kick

The problem here is that most players aren't willing to stick with the class, or the game, long enough to see the awesomeness that the Monk class has in store for them. While I am willing to work past the initial slowness of the first few levels, many players are not. In fact according to Blizzard reports, most new players give up on a character or the game in general well before level 10.

The Monk has a ton of potential, however, the lack of abilities available at lower-levels can be a big turn off for players who are looking for a class with a little more excitement. None of us expect ability after ability to be thrown at us as we level up, that would just end up being downright confusing. However, I do think in order to appeal to more players, especially those new to the game, the Monk could stand to have a few more abilities thrown into the mix during lower levels.

While my leveling experience wasn't totally bad, and I plan on continuing to level and play my Monk, I still can't decide how I feel about my early leveling experience. Have you leveled a Monk? What are your thoughts on the early leveling experience? Should there be more abilities available at lower levels? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below!

Apparently, that's how some classes roll (with the new set-up.) After patch 5.0, I decided to roll a Shadow Priest for the first time since Burning Crusade. What a disappointment... It wasn't until level 40, when it started to rock-n'-roll. The main problem? Mind Flay, a mediocre channel attack, and Shadow Word: Pain were the only two abilities. Not to mention, SWP isn't that great until later anyways. Imagine utilizing the dungeon finder, where Mind Flay is really your only attack? Seriously, taking time to apply SWP is actually a dip in your dps until later levels (group situations.) Effectually, Shadow Priests make better healers instead of dps until level 30 (in a pinch.) With the new mana-pool system, Shadow Priests are great fake Discipline Healers. So, when the group is deep and the healer is down... You still have a healer that can save the group, in any situation.

About the panda... Pandarians choose their faction around level 12-13. This is a long, treacherous, road. With guild perks alone, fast leveling will net you level 20 in a few hours. This few hours can be irritating; once level 10-15 hits, que for pvp and random instance groups. That will break the hum-drum and even get you some better gear. I rolled a elemental shaman, as my panda. Even with her two and a half attacks... Yes, only a few. The heavy, story-line driven, starter zone took quite awhile. Seemingly, this zone is more time consuming than most.

Rofl,the starter area is easy and can be done in about 3 hours,no heirlooms,and no guild perks but easy.Not so much when it was released but now the frantic headache has subsided.I don't know about leveling from 0 on another race.But I can say that when you get off the island and choose a faction the fun get's even more fun.Panda's racial move is really nice when you don't have many moves and fight multiple enemies.I rolled a Mistweaver from 0-90 in about a week.When you can get in DF as healer or tank ques are fast and leveling is faster.Spriest before 30 really were never that good,mana was a pain.Most groups I ran with went through classic dgs so fast SWP seemed like the only spell they can cast.Now as far as monks go at level 20 they get a quest to do on the Peak of Serenity which in fact becomes a daily that rewards you a 50% xp buff.With that on top of heirlooms 0-90 is easy.Now the fun I have (had) to express is the fact that Mistweaver's have eminence which allows you to proc heals from your basic attacks.So being 1st or 2nd dps and keeping everyone up is a blast.At 45-58 is when you have to be a little more careful but in all honesty leveling my Mistweaver was the most fun I've had since I started playing in BC.Infact I am leveling another one on the opposite faction (Alliance) and my guildies are having trouble keeping up with the levels.Mistweaver rocks and I am very impressed with the raw power and potential of this healing class.Haha put my 85 priest to shame in heals so he's shadow now.Disc in PvP but still he doesn't compare to the heals my MW puts out in PvP and PvE.So keep that daily xp buff up when you hit 20,it lasts 2 hours so don't stop queing when it's up and you'll be 90 before you know it.=)

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