Tips for Power Leveling Professions in Mists of Pandaria

Try out these often overlooked tips to assist you in leveling your professions quickly and efficiently in Mists of Pandaria.

With the launch of every expansion pack there is of course much excitement. However, in the midst of the celebration and eager anticipation is also a collective internal groan throughout the World of Warcraft community. This collective grown spawns from the moment when players from all over the world realize that a new expansion means that once again they will be forced to take on the task of leveling their professions.

Let's face it. No one likes to level professions. Ever. Sure we all like to reap the rewards from having maxed out professions on our various toons, but not a single one of us will likely claim that we enjoyed the journey to get there. Despite this, we will all find ourselves struggling to power level our professions at some point during the Mists of Pandaria expansion to ensure that we can turn the best profit possible from them. This of course means hours upon hours of drudgery.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer cannot save you from the drudgery, but it is possible that we can help point you in a direction that will at the very least result in fewer headaches along the way. Below you will find some helpful general tips to power leveling your professions successfully. Enjoy!

Tips for Power Leveling Professions in Mists of Pandaria

  • Find a Guide
Finding a good guide can provide the direction you need to level your professions quickly and cost effectively. 

Leveling a profession is hard work, even for the most experienced World of Warcraft player. To ensure that you level your professions quickly in Mists of Pandaria be sure to seek out one of the many online guides. While it may seem like a silly step, especially to the seasoned World of Warcraft player, these guides will ensure you only make or farm the necessary items saving you time and money while leveling your professions.

To find these guides simply Google (or your search engine of choice) the profession you are looking to level and tons of guides will pop up at your fingertips. Browse through these guides at your leisure and pick one that suits you. Also be sure to ignore any guides that want you to pay, there are plenty of free sites out there offering the same information.

  • Hold Off on the Vendor

When we create or gather items and then move on to other items as we level it is our first instinct to sell those old items. This is a mistake. Before you go rushing off the nearest vendor, check to be sure you will not need these items for further leveling. Woe to the player who realizes to late that the Shiny Rock they have just sold could have earned them another profession skill point.

  • Sell, Sell, Sell

Leveling a profession in Mists of Pandaria is probably going to cost you a pretty penny, especially if you do it in a rush. While you probably won't make a profit while leveling your profession, you can at least work to offset the costs. Everything you create and/or gather can and should be sold if it is not useful to further leveling your profession. This money can then be placed back in your bank or be used to purchase more materials for leveling your profession. Either way selling the items you collect while leveling a profession is a good idea all around.

  • Level, Leveling

If you are a veteran World of Warcraft player than you may have heard this bit of advice a million times. However, it is pretty important so get ready for a million and one. The best way to level any profession is to do it while you level. This especially holds true for gathering professions but is equally valid for crafting. Getting a start while you are leveling not only allows you to collect materials along the way, but also seems to make the whole process seem less daunting along the way. I for one would rather take some baby steps than have the whole profession leveling process thrust upon me when I reach max level in Mists of Pandaria.

  • Farm Your Own Mats
Finding your own mats for leveling your profession takes time, but will help to prevent you from going bankrupt.  

Leveling a crafting profession can be an expensive process. Who am I kidding? Leveling a crafting profession IS an expensive process. Many players may even find that to earn the highest levels they will quite literally break the bank. The best way to offset the cost is to get out there and farm your own materials.

It doesn't matter if you do this with the secondary profession on your main toon with a series of alts, it all saves you cold hard cash. Sure, this process takes time away from your leveling of one profession and devotes it to another, but most players will agree that the money saved here is well worth it in the grand scheme of things.

  • Visit Your Trainer

One of the biggest mistakes I find myself constantly making, even after all this time, is forgetting to visit my Profession Trainer. I usually just head out into the world whistling a little tune and expect for all the blanks to be instantly filled in. Usually my bubble is burst when I realize that no matter how much ore or herbs I gather I can't seem to gain a single point towards that profession.

Visit your Profession Trainer and visit him/her often. Not only will this ensure you have learned the highest level of training available but will also allow you to learn any new recipes that the trainer may provide. Access to these recipes could potentially make leveling the profession a bit easier, and having the highest level of training will ensure that the player never finds themselves unable to earn levels.

  • Set a Route

When leveling a gathering profession or collecting materials for a crafting profession in Mists of Pandaria it may be appealing to just jump all over the map in your search. This not only wastes time but will also likely result in the player missing out on many of the materials found in a zone. When collecting materials the player should set a route based on the highest levels of collectable materials in a zone. This route should be followed over and over again. Doing this will ensure that you have the best chance to collect as many materials as possible from a zone. Deviating from the path a tiny bit is not a problem, but always return to the route in the end. Remember, time is money and every second you spend running helter skelter from one end of the zone to the next for a single node is money and time lost.

  • Say Goodbye to Green
Green skills do not reliably give skill points and should therefore be removed from the equation. 

While leveling your professions in World of Warcraft we all know that recipes go through a series of colors along the way. While these mostly get ignored, we simply cannot do that when attempting to power leveling a profession in Mists of Pandaria. When an item goes green it indicates to the player that they are no longer reliably receiving points for farming/creating it. This is kryptonite for those players trying to quickly level their professions.

When an item goes green that means in no uncertain terms that it is time to move on. While green items may be easier to make, in the long run they will cost the player extra time and money. Don't get sucked in by the ease of creating green items. If you have found a guide for leveling your professions (as mentioned above) you will notice that these guides reflect the practice of moving on from green items without a second glance.

  • Advertise Your Skills

Leveling a crafting profession in Mists of Pandaria, or any expansion for that matter, requires the player to...create things. Creating things costs materials, materials cost money, and so on and so forth. To potentially save yourself the cost of materials, advertise your crafting skills in Trade Chat in major cities. Players who see your advertisement may then message you and provide you with the materials to create something for them. This not only saves you money, but also the time you would have spent collecting these materials. While advertising may be a complete wash sometimes, it takes so little time and energy (a simple macro to spam will do) that is is ultimately worth it. Free profession points are free profession points. Period.

What are some methods you are using to quickly and efficiently power level your professions in Mists of Pandaria? Be sure to share them with the community by using the comments section found below!

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