The Best and Worst of World of Warcraft Patch 4.3

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Who wasn’t excited about World of Warcraft Patch 4.3? I know I was. As the final major patch for Cataclysm, Hour of Twilight should be huge in scale in order to bring this expansion to an epic close as has been seen in most final patches of the past. From the vast amount of information we were able to garner beforehand about Patch 4.3 it truly looked like it would be just that. Transmogrification, Void Storage, new instances, and of course, the crowning jewel of Patch 4.3; the chance to take down the nefarious Deathwing all point to this a patch worth playing.

However, now that Patch 4.3 has gone to live servers, and we’ve all had a chance to spend some time playing it, does it really live up to our expectations? While I really wanted to love everything about Patch 4.3, there are some glaring problems that I just cannot ignore. Like most things in life, Patch 4.3 isn’t perfect, but that’s not to say there aren’t also good things to be found inside this patch. To highlight the good and the bad of Patch like most things in life, it has turned out to be a mix of good and bad all at the same time. Here are my personal best and worst of WoW Patch 4.3:

Best of Patch 4.3 - Transmogrification and Void Storage

Transmogrification and Void Storage play to the WoW hoarder in all of us.

Ah Transmogrification, a perpetual gold sink to some, but to me it is an utter validation of my hoarding tendencies and thus has made my list of the best of Patch 4.3. With this new feature I (and other players like me) can switch back to that epic set of gear we have saved for ages, wishing for one more chance to wear it. The possibilities of gear combinations with Transmogrification are nearly endless and there is something to please everyone, you just need to find it. Not to mention how refreshing it is that finally the monotony of seeing every raider or PvPer of a particular class wearing the same set of gear will be broken.

Going hand in hand with Transmogrification in Patch 4.3 is Void Storage. For WoW hoarders like myself, up until now there simply wasn’t enough space to save all the goodies I have come across in my WoW adventures. Sadly I’ve had to toss more than a few items that I wish I could have held on to, even more so now that Transmogrification is available. Thanks to Void Storage I can hoard to my hearts content and have a place to put it all, for a small fee of course. My only regret? That Void Storage wasn’t implemented in game sooner.

Worst of Patch 4.3 - Supply and Demand

AH prices are out of control in Patch 4.3.

While no changes were made to the Auction House in Patch 4.3, big changes have come to it as a direct result. As in all patches, players everywhere are crafting, raiding, and leveling up and of course in order to do all of these things they need things such as herbs, ore, flasks, cloth, gems, and other consumable materials. The problem is that while demand is high, the supply of these materials in Patch 4.3 is simply not there. Go ahead try to buy any of these items and I guarantee you will either find yourself coming back empty handed or if they are available finding the need to offer up your firstborn in order to pay for it.

As I mentioned above, the problem is not exclusive to Patch 4.3 and has been building for some time. However, the release of the patch has brought the supply and demand problem to a head and has left many players, including myself wondering exactly where the Auction House insanity will end.

Best of Patch 4.3 - Raid Finder

The Raid Finder is surprisingly easy and fun to use.

I’ll be honest and say when I first heard about the addition of the Raid Finder I was more than a little bit skeptical. Like most players, I have a healthy fear of PUGs and the very thought of an entire raid made up of such made me cringe. Add in the fact that the raids were going to be “dumbed down” and I was sure that the Raid Finder in Patch 4.3 was, much like the Hindenburg, going to be a mega disaster. Imagine my surprise when after Patch 4.3s release that not only did the Raid Finder seem to be successful, but the horror stories were far and few between. Finally mustering up the courage to try it out for myself I found the Raid Finder to be the exact opposite of what I expected and I was /gasp…actually having fun.

Sure the instance is easier, but it almost needs to be to assure that your group of varied players and skill levels can make it through without feeling the need to gouge your eyes out or bash your computer screen in. Not to mention it gives the option for more casual players to experience the raid, which I am 100% in favor of. So if you haven’t tried out the Raid Finder yet, I urge you to do so, you may just be surprised at what you find.

Worst of Patch 4.3 - Dragon Soul

The Dragon Soul raid, where players can face off against Deathwing, can be found in the Caverns of Time.

I know what you are thinking. How did the new raid instance where players finally get to face the epitome of evil; Deathwing, made the worst list? With only 8 bosses, Dragon Soul in Patch 4.3 is short and sweet and perhaps overly so. With every boss available except for heroic modes, it feels like though the instance was just released, it is already over in a way and it is for many guilds who have already completed the instance. Now you might be saying “but those guilds are way hardcore”, and you might be right in that assessment but after my guild (who is on the very casual end of casual) has managed to basically plow their way through every boss we may want to start thinking that perhaps the instance is a little bit to easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for casual players, myself included, being able to take on an instance part of the thrill of the game is working hard to beat a difficult boss and so far, I haven’t had to work at all. I also hate the linear feel of Dragon Soul, you basically walk right through the place without any detours, leaving me missing winged instances such as Icecown Citadel and Naxx. Not to mention I can’t help but feel like Blizzard had no idea where to put the instance, so they shoved it into the Caverns of Time and slapped it on top of Wyrmrest Temple and called it a day. Overall, Dragon Soul falls short of the mark when it comes to end game instances and is not the crowning jewel it should be for Patch 4.3, but at least the 5 mans are pretty good!

Patch 4.3 - Conclusion

While Patch 4.3 isn’t a total mess up on Blizzard’s part, I feel it really falls short on what I envision a final patch to be. Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded, but the magic I found in Wrath of the Lich King while taking on Arthas at the top of Icecrown Citadel is missing somehow. However, the good elements in Patch 4.3 lead me to believe that in future patches I will be able to find the magic once again. How has your personal Patch experience been? Does Patch 4.3 live up to your expectations? Share your thoughts on Patch 4.3 in the comments section below!

In my late fifties with Alzheimer's screwing up my energy levels, alacrity becoming more of a memory than a function of my youth, I must praise Blizzard for allowing my mage to move forward. The breath of freshness seems almost like my first days with Ultima VII: Part II, The Serpent Isle: plain absolute joy! My dexterity has failed enough to turn my 90+wpm to less than 40 words per minute with seemingly equivalent wastage on my mouse-craft; yet I am finding joy in the 4.3 modes: just takes longer.

I like the new hc's because we can find much easier a few il 378 missin.
I dislike the raidfinder because after done 12 raids now my only loot was zero. Reason almost every time a half or full pvp geared player got the loot.
I still don't understand why blizz allow ppl do go into hc or raid with pvp gear. Ppl work hard to get the pve and to grow up to finally go into hc and raids. Using pvp gear is a way to cheat the system. Mostly they don't have decent dps or as healers they're always short of mana and causes wipes more than needed.
So the loot system shouldn't reward as a bonus pvp but go to the pve player that raided for 1 year and did thousands of hc's to finally get a decent helm or shoulder.

Thank you Blizzard for the new 5 mans! After running Zul dungeons for 6 months, I was ready to quit honestly. The huge amount of time the took with all the wipes and the large number of bosses was more than exhausting on my 2 characters every week. I had 3 but had to ignore one. It was just too much...I was beginning to not like this game.
The new dungeons are much more like the ones in Wrath, 30 minutes or so. They would be 20 minutes if we could cut out the extra NPC chit chat. I play WOW often, but I don't want to be married to it. Now I can work up even more characters before the next expansion.

I have used the raid finder, and really like it. I found poor leadership almost all the time: Tanks not marking kill order of mobs or themselves. But that didn't stop us from downing the bosses. I will agree with the above, it is difficult to get gear rolling against 10-15 other people. You can't stop people from rolling need on healing pieces when they are playing dps, which just adds to the people you are rolling against. So I wouldn't count on getting any gear for a few months unless your character has a high luck factor. At least I can learn the bosses, so that is important to me.

I am disappointed at the nerf to pally regen via judgement. I was already having trouble with mana in the Zul dungeons, and most of the new 5 man pieces have no spirit. (why Blizzard? Why?) But pally isn't my main healer so maybe I'm missing something. So mostly I've been tanking instead.

Your a shitty player and that is why you enjoy the new faceroll content which is 4.3.I wish you scrubs would just quit the game instead of having fun content nerfed for the rest of us.l2P nub

Agreed...though Transmog is sweet.AH prices have always been outta control on my server since 4.0.Raid finder a brilliant way to give everybody a coke and smile.And Dragon Soul is cool I think this will be another Sunwell anomaly,this can't be end content.MoP should be the tastiest treat yet.I don't have any complaints thus far.GREAT job Blizz!!!

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