For the Love of the Raid Finder

Updated Tue, Dec 13, 2011 by Mem

The Raid Finder is one of the newest additions debuting in World of Warcraft Patch 4.3. Generating the most excitement before and after the patch, besides the chance to finally face off against Deathwing of course, the idea behind the Raid Finder is much like the Dungeon Finder already found in game. Players in Patch 4.3 can queue up for a WoW raid dungeon and be matched up with other random players to take on a tamer version of the bosses in the instance. While the thought of this gigantic PUG of doom is daunting, the actual experience is much, much different.

If you have read some of my more recent articles, you may already have an idea about how I feel about Patch 4.3’s Raid Finder, but in case you haven’t caught on yet, I love the WoW Raid Finder more than a fat kid loves cake and trust me when I say I’m quite familiar (thanks to my sit down job, too much tempting junk food, and my own general laziness) with how much fat kids love cake. However, where does my profound love of the WoW Raid Finder come from exactly? There are two big reasons for my love of this new feature; convenience and the fact that it directly encourages player participation in the game.

Patch 4.3 WoW Raid Finder Convenience

With just a few easy clicks you could be taking on bosses inside Dragon Soul.

The WoW Raid Finder is all about player convenience, and it fills this role to almost perfection and is why this new addition to Patch 4.3 works so well. If you are new to the raiding scene, you won’t notice anything odd, however, if you are a seasoned raider of any kind you will notice right away that your experience inside the WoW Raid Finder is like no other type of raid you’ve experienced before. In fact you may find yourself wondering how this bizarre raid environment works at all.

With the WoW Raid Finder gone are the days of lengthy strategy explanations, called raids, or even careful role assignments. Over the course of the bosses you will see inside Dragon Soul your raid group will change and rearrange itself more than a few times and nobody even bats and eye. Queue times are reasonable (I’ve never spent more than 15 minutes in a queue), even if you are taking on one of the more “common” roles and getting yourself into the queue is remarkably simple. With only a few button clicks you are well on your way to raiding. Plus, with almost infinite replacements at your disposal, raiding never really stops for anything. Where real raids are stringent, focused, and unforgiving the Raid Finder environment is the exact opposite yet it manages to pull together and work somehow, and despite my regular raid upbringing I have fallen totally and utterly in love with it.

I love the raid finder. I have been playing WOW for a about 8 months, and have leveled 2 characters to 85, both hunters. I now have a mage at level 69, and a warlock at level 26, and a death night at level 61.
I jump back and forth between them. I have just begun to get into dungions, and raids due to the finders. I am really having fun with both of them.
Thanks Ten Tun Hammer for the great articles about WOW, and other games.

The WoW Raid finder is there for the noobs and scrubs to raid with. Which is great now that they get to experience what seasoned players experience, even if it is nerfed into the ground. Thankfully (from a hardcore point-of-view) the loot you get from the LFR is inferior to regular 10/25 and heroic 10/25. So for those players that are hardcore, even though everyone now is doing the same bosses as you and your friends, you can rest assured that you still have the better loot and fought a boss encounter that was magnitudes more challenging.

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