WoW Raid Finder Tips and Tricks

Ready to dive into the WoW Raid Finder? Use these useful tips and tricks to help you along the way.

A true ode to the more casual World of Warcraft player, the Raid Finder, which allows players to seek out raids with other random players, was ushered in on the wings of Patch 4.3. Similar to the Dungeon Finder, the WoW Raid Finder allows players to queue up for random raid groups. Now if you are like me, the thought of anything similar to the Dungeon Finder and the string of failed groups it typically produces, can cause your blood to run a few degrees colder, however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now that I’ve had a chance to use the WoW Raid Finder a few times, one thing is very clear, using the tool to find a raid is a fairly easy task if you don’t mind the wait, its what you and the rest of the players in your group do after the raid is created that is important. Below you will find several tips and tricks to make you part of the solution, opposed to part of the problem, in creating a successful random raid environment:

WoW Raid Finder Tips and Tricks

Patience is a Virtue

Every time you lose your patience, a White Kitten dies.
If it does nothing else, the WoW Raid Finder will test your patience. From the sometimes long wait to put together a raid, then waiting again if players leave, and the sometimes slow progression due to learning you may find yourself (especially if you’re a seasoned raider) getting a bit antsy. Sure it would feel good to totally unleash as these things happen, letting it all hang out while yelling or typing things that would make even a sailor blush, but after your rant is over, what have you really accomplished?

The answer to that question is nothing except perhaps a one way ticket out of the raid and your very own avoid this player post on the realm forums. Yelling, screaming, or other douchebaggery will not, despite how good it may make you feel, solve anything. Nor will seeking out a new group, as it will likely produce the same results. So instead sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, even if it is a rather slow one. If you find yourself getting tense along the way, take some deep breaths, go grab a snack and remember, everyone is here to have a good time. If you are going to have a meltdown because of excessive waiting, slow progression, or general noobishness then the Raid Finder is probably not the place for you.

Mind your Manners
While it may seem silly to advise a bunch of presumably adult (or close to it) players to be polite while interacting with others, trust me when I say it is very necessary. While my few experiences using the WoW raid finder have been pretty positive, there have been a few players that have left a bad taste in my mouth. Remember, when dealing with other players it is always best to be polite. Make your mother proud by saying please, thank you, and if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, or at the very least find a nicer way to say it.

Food and Flasks Required

Yes, the bosses and trash mobs in the WoW Raid Finder are nerfed and far easier than their normal raid counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t come fully prepared. Every bit of extra power you can gain means you kill things that much faster, and killing things faster is definitely a good thing. Some WoW Raid Finder groups will provide you with these essentials, but don’t bank it, and keep your bags well stocked with the food and flasks appropriate to your class and spec. Oh, and don’t forget to actually use them.

Follow the Leader
One of the major problems I personally experienced while using the WoW Raid Finder was that there typically was no clear “leader” and even if a leader was established, the other players tended to ignore that person anyway and shout their own suggestions causing mass chaos. While most of the bosses in the new raid instances are considered fairly easy, when it comes right down to it, there still needs to be at least one person in charge to make the major decisions. Twenty-five different people shouting directions is never going to work out. Ever. This means that if you aren’t chosen as the leader, sit back, and wait for your instructions. After you have them, be sure to follow through.

Even if you think the instructions you are given are bogus, give them a chance, you might be surprised at the results. That is not to say that you should just follow instructions blindly though. If you have a suggestion be sure to share it with the leader via whispers to minimize confusion among the other raid members. With one competent (and please note the word competent here) raid leader firmly in place to make all the important calls, the raid will have the best chance of progressing along smoothly.

Boss Mods Please

Save yourself from Evil Spells by downloading boss mods.
I know some of you are as anti-mod as it comes, however, when in a raid (no matter how trivial you may think that raid is) boss mods of some sort are 100% necessary. Having a boss mod installed will help you and the rest of your WoW Raid Finder group stay alive and ultimately give you a greater chance of defeating bosses. Not that the bosses can’t be defeated without a boss mod, because that is simply not true, however, why not make things as easy as possible and take a few extra seconds before raid and download one of these beneficial mods. Not sure which boss mod to get? At the moment Deadly Boss Mods tends to be the go-to boss mod of choice, with BigWigs coming in a close second, both of which can be found for download on

Learn Strategies
As I have mentioned numerous times in this article, the bosses in the newest dungeons are generally considered to be pushovers. However, despite this, it still doesn’t hurt to have a general idea of what you are up against before you get there. Read a strategy, watch a video, or have a friend describe the boss fight to you, as long as when you walk into that instance you feel confident that you have a general idea of what is in store for you. Besides upping the chances of a boss kill, there is another benefit to learning strategies with the WoW Raid Finder. All players in the raid knowing the strategies instance will ensure less down time for explanations, which means more potential boss kills and more loot for everyone, not to mention less time spent twiddling your thumbs.

Cretins are Ineludible
It is true that most of my WoW Raid Finder experiences so far have been postive (knock on wood), however, there is always that one guy in every group. You know the one I’m talking about. The player who ignores the leader, screams “GOGOGOGO” over vent when the healers are getting mana, pulls before the tank, and who typically makes it his or her primary mission to annoy every single person in the raid. These players are unavoidable and chances are you will meet more than a few of them along the way. Don’t judge the WoW Raid Finder by these players as they are by far the minority, instead kick them from your group and continue merrily along your way without giving a second thought to these dregs of WoW society.

Ditching raids makes Mother Matterly and the rest of your raid sad pandas.

Don’t Ditch

Let’s face it…we all know shit happens. I have three children, several pets, a full time job, and more real life responsibilities than I can count. So from time to time, much to my deepest regret, I may have to abandoned a raid. While it may seem appealing to just log off without explanation, especially when you in a group with a bunch of people you don’t know, I would advise against it. Instead choose to follow my be polite rule above, and at the very least give the raid a heads up that you are leaving. Even if the raid can’t replace you, it will make you look like a better person and player for letting them know, instead of the alternative of just bailing on without a word. Please note that some situations do not apply to this rule, such as sudden zombie apocalypses where ditching is deemed a fully acceptable course of action.

The fact of the matter is, for the WoW raid finder to be totally successful, each and every player using it needs to treat the raids they are a part with as much seriousness as they would when attending a raid with friends or guild. By following the tips and tricks above, you will be a part of the solution to preventing those disastrous groups that all of us dread. Have some WoW Raid Finder tips and tricks of your own? Be sure to share them with us in the comment sections below!

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