Human Female Character Model Reveal Shows Update Will Enhance Not Reinvent

A look at the new Human female character model shows that it won't change the way our characters look.

Human Character Female Update
At BlizzCon 2013, we got our first look at the new character models set to make their debut in Warlords of Draenor, the freshly announced World of Warcraft expansion. The updated character models are something WoW players have desperately wanted for a long time, and something the aging game vitally has needed. So the reveal was (understandably) met with more than a little bit of excitement. However, hopefully without sounding like a spoiled child, I couldn't help but wish we had gotten to see just a little more.

Fears of the Community

I wasn't the only one wishing for a little bit more than a glimpse of the new character models. With limited information, many players found themselves worried that their characters would be totally unrecognizable after the change. While Blizzard had assured us this wouldn't be the case, players were still fearful and with good reason.

Most of us have invested a lot of time in our characters, especially the way they look. While customization options are pretty limited in World of Warcraft, it is still possible to pour a lot of time into it. Not to mention the special emotional connection you make with that character after playing it for hours on end.

Sure, we can change our character's look with the Barber Shop or by paying a small fee, however, it is totally the player's choice. It makes sense that players wouldn't want that character to be changed without their direct consent. When players log in, they want to see that character that they have grown to know and love.

Human Female Model Compare

Enhancing Character Models, Not Reinventing

Now, after weeks of waiting and a bit of teasing from Blizzard, that little bit more is finally here. Chris Robinson, senior art director at World of Warcraft, has released the first set of blog posts in a series of articles dedicated solely to the character revamps happening in Warlords. To say the least, even after the long wait, we weren't disappointed and some of the fears of the community (hopefully) were put to rest.

The new Human female character model is everything we could have hoped for and more. In my opinion, compared to the old model, the new is first-rate. It also serves to show that Blizzard is taking a good thing and making it better, not reinventing it totally. In fact, after reading the blog, you really get the feeling that Blizzard has done their best to really keep the feel of the old models while giving them their updated look.

The model is the same size and the same general shape, it just feels less like you are no longer looking at the model with beer goggles on. The characters we will see in Warlords of Draenor will be more realistic and be much more pleasant to look at. With the beer goggles off, the shape of the models are smoother, more contoured, and better detailed than ever before. This is especially noticeable in the feet and hands of the characters who now have distinguishable fingers and toes!

Human Female Character Revamp

Looking at the face of the model, we can also see that it is simply a better looking version of what already was. The shape, size, and style of the original face are there, but the beer goggles are off and it looks great. Looking into the face of the new character model, it almost feels real.

The hair of the character is the same story. While the style is very obviously the same, it looks indisputably better. It appears more lustrous and you can even discern individual pieces of hair. Looking at this hair style, it makes us hope that Chris's hinting at new hairstyle options comes to fruit.

Human Female Revamp

If you want to check out all Chris has to offer about the process of creating the Human female character model for Warlords of Draenor, head on over to Artcraft – A First Look on the official Blizzard blog. It has some interesting insights and is definitely worth the read, even if you aren't into the art scene. Even though I wasn't very concerned, it cleared up any doubts I had about how my character would look after the model revamp in the next expansion. I am now more fully on board with the new models than ever and looking forward to seeing more of them showcased in future posts.

What do you think about the Human female character model? Are you still concerned about how the update will change your character's appearance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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