2012 World Championship Overview

BlizzCon 2012 is cancelled and the World Championship has stepped up to take its place. Find out what we know so far about this exciting event.

Most likely if you are here reading this you are a fan of World of Warcraft at least in some sense of the word. Thus is stands to reason that you have, by now, heard of the stunning bomb that Blizzard recently dropped regarding BlizzCon 2012. That’s right ladies and gentleman BlizzCon 2012 has taken a huge hit with the nerf stick. So huge is this nerf stick, that BlizzCon 2012 has altogether been axed from the schedule this year. Sadly, Blizzard fans everywhere will have to wait till the year 2013 to get their annual BlizzCon fix once again.

Why No BlizzCon 2012?

BilzzCon 2012 has been cancelled.

If you are like me, the first question that probably crossed your mind is why will there be no BlizzCon to sustain us this year? Blizzard claims that the primary reason for making this decision was to focus heavily on Diablo III, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm in order to get them all into player’s hands as soon as possible. While this is probably mostly true, and it did calm my nerd rage to some extent, I still feel the explanation here was lacking. However, if the above mentioned games do make their debut earlier than expected, all will be mostly forgiven.

Despite the let down of no BlizzCon 2012 there is a consolation prize of sorts that may serve to appease at least some of the masses, the World Championship. So what is this peace offering that Blizzard has deemed to offer us in place of BlizzCon 2012? Continue reading onward for a brief overview of the convention based on the few and far between details that have been released. World Championship Overview


The World Championship is the event Blizzard is putting focus on this year in lieu of BlizzCon 2012. Here fans will be asked to gather from around the world to compete in prestigious competition in some of Blizzard’s most loved games. By hosting this competition, Blizzard hopes to draw in some of the words most pro-gamers to show off their mad skillz for the world to see. During this event both the Starcraft II and World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournaments will take place until a World Champion is decided.

Based on a four tier system, with each tier feeding directly into the one above it, with the World Championships at the top with each player having to take the same course to get to the top as the next the World Championships are happily moving away from the invitational’s seen in 2011. The overall structure of the system will look much like this:

Tier 4 - World Championships At the World Championship  32 players will have advanced to be allowed to compete for the title of World Champion.
Tier 3 - Five Conteinental Championships At the continental level five distinctive regions will compete including; North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the “rest” of the world. Each match will have its own live audience to provide the appropriate audience noises throughout the competition.
Tier 2 - 15-16 National Championships During the national championships a champion for each country represented will be crowned in the hopes of creating local heroes and grow local markets. Currently 15 to 16 countries are being considered for participation based off the current Starcraft population.
Tier 1 - Grassroots National Qualifiers The first tier of this competition will not be run directly by Blizzard but instead in conjunction with existing eSports organizations. Held exclusively on the Wings of Liberty expansion pack Blizzard hopes to expand the sport by making as many people interested in participating in the event.

As you can see, this World Championship won’t be BlizzCon (sorry guys, put away your Murloc caps and Blood Elf ears for next year), the World Championship will still hopefully manage to bring gaming fans together for a fun and competitive time. So where is this epic competition taking place?


Thinking that you will simply replace BlizzCon 2012 by traveling with your guild to the World Championship? You may want to think again. Unless you are already living in the vicinity of the Asian continent, the World Championship may be a tad bit out of most player’s reaches. Taking place somewhere in Asia, this locale will certainly make many US fans used to having BlizzCon inside the country very sad pandas.


Sadly no official date has been released for the World Championship. However, Blizzard in their recent press statement has made the claim that it will take place sometime at the end of 2012. If this date holds up throughout the year remains to be seen and any official date will likely take place more towards the middle of the year as planning for this event progresses and more information is available.


While the World Championship will be a PvP gamer’s paradise, it will likely hold little appeal for those fans who enjoy the casual and multifaceted atmosphere of BlizzCon. However, despite this, the World Championship should still give many fans something to look forward to this year. As for the rest of us, we will hold out hope that the lack of BlizzCon this year will mean an even bigger and better event next year.

How do you feel about BlizzCon 2012 being axed and will you considering attending the World Championship? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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