Rift vs. WoW - A WoW Player's Perspective

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Rift vs WoW

As a World of Warcraft player I have personally seen many games come and go in my time. I've even felt a few flutters of panic as I've watched as my friends have one by one jumped ship for the newest game on the block, only to have the panic fade as they wandered one by one back again. It's no secret that it's every game creator's waking wet dream to be the one to create a game that has a shot at dethroning World of Warcraft from it's number one spot. So it was also no surprise when Rift made it's appearance. Usually I just shake my head and let nature take its course, never trying the game for myself. I mean, why spend good money on a game that will likely be more useful as a Frisbee in a few months?

Rift is the newest contender on the MMO scene and of course because it is fresh, new, and exciting the name is on nearly every gamer's tongue. Because of its initial popularity players everywhere can't help but wonder if this game is actually something to get excited about. Will Rift finally be the one that will draw (and maintain) enough of a player base to - at the very least - hold its own against the titan force that is World of Warcraft?

As with most newly introduced games, I chose to simply try to ignore Rift, despite the hype. I was confident that Rift - like all the thoroughly hyped MMO releases before it - would fade into the horizon before going to that big game graveyard in the sky. This time though, thanks to a little prodding and an offer from a friend I couldn't refuse (seriously who would say no to a chance at a free trial?) I found myself sucked smack dab into the middle of the craze that currently surrounds the game.

Even so, my infatuation with WoW is still strong, and I can't help but feel more than slightly annoyed when dealing with the long, seemingly endless line of wanna-be games out there. I will admit that as the Rift client downloaded I did feel the slightest tease of delightful anticipation that always comes with the promise of something new and exciting. So I typed in my account information, picked a Shard and began to play.

Oh sure, at first I had a good time as I quested, gained levels, and even participated in the defeat of a few minor rifts. In fact I spent the whole weekend fully immersed in the world of Telara, going so far as to create several characters and eventually looking up talent builds for each. I had such a good time in fact that I considered working the purchase of the game into the next week's budget (only with the explicit consent of my wife of course).


An open rift in the skies of Telara.

However, after I had logged off the game and was later explaining to a friend what I liked about it I had a startling revelation. A eureka moment if you will. The reason I and many other WoW players can get into Rift is because there is almost nothing unique, new, or overly daring about the game. In fact it almost feels as if you could slap World of Warcraft in front of the name Rift and slam-bam you have yourself another WoW expansion pack.

Rift offers no new class options, sticking with the same old archetypes anyone familiar with MMOs has seen a hundred times before; Cleric, Warrior, Rogue, and Mage /yawn. There is also no creative storyline to make things interesting. I mean, "big bad guy wants to destroy the world..." like we haven't seen that one before. The interface literally reeks of WoW with no new controls and a questing system that may as well have been pulled from the How to Quest in WoW instruction manual. Even the rifts themselves - the things that have given the game its name - are nothing more than revamped versions of outdoor bosses. So much for not being in Azeroth anymore.

The fact of the matter is - at least in this writer's opinion - the deeper you delve into the world of Telara the more you realize that the game is nothing more than a copy of WoW in a new dress. Which is precisely why I feel that so many WoW players have taken a liking to the game (including one of our own WoW writers right here at Ten Ton Hammer). Not because of any real new innovation but because Rift is safe, comfortable, and as close to playing WoW as you can get without actually playing it.

Don't light the torches and break out your pitch forks just yet Rift lovers, I'm certainly no ogre. I'm willing to admit that Rift is an enjoyable game, and does have some cool features, such as much more customizable characters, and thanks to its fledgling status a more personal feel.

However, we can't ignore the fact that Rift has ripped off a large portion of WoW, and doesn't even offer any significant generational leaps forward outside of graphical prowess. As the famous saying goes, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. While it may be true that the WoW we all know and love was heavily influenced by the original EverQuest and other first generation titles, at least Blizzard did make that all important generational leap forward for its first MMO by taking complex social and gameplay mechanics and making them highly accessible to the masses. This simply isn't true of Trion and Rift.

As you can imagine I won't be buying Rift anytime in the near future. It just doesn't have the sparkle that WoW does for me. Not to mention I currently already pay for three WoW subscriptions, I cannot fathom paying for a forth. For those of you finding enjoyment in the world of Telara, I hope your adventures there are filled with enjoyment. However I can't help but think you'll be back because - in playing Rift - you've never really left Azeroth behind regardless of what advertising campaigns would like you to believe.

Rift offers no new class options

Where is the Bard in WoW? I could go on and on about the class, but you have to play past level 13 to see them

However, we can't ignore the fact that Rift has ripped off a large portion of WoW, and doesn't even offer any significant generational leaps forward outside of graphical prowess.

Where can I find dynamic world events that happen spontaneously and can dominate the landscape if not acted on by the players? Where warring factions have to band together to vanquish before they turn their blades on each other?

Rift launched with 10x more end game content that WoW did and its system that allows developers to create new content within a matter of weeks is the generational leap forward.

My cleric is a tank, a ranged DPS and a healer. My mage is a ranged DPS, a healer and a crowd control master. My warrior is a ranged/melee hybrid with an amazing pet and a tank.

Rift doesn't need WoW like numbers to survive and thrive, in fact its probably got a few too many WoW players in it now as we are starting to see some of the barrens chat types rear the ignorant heads. But when the game has led the PC sales charts for every week it has been out you will get a cross-section. Unlike WoW though, Rift requires you make friends and group up, so most of the offensive players will become ostracized eventually.

The real strength of Rift lies in its community, player led events and strong relationships abound in Telara and it makes for a very enjoyable experience.

I still enjoy WoW, but I have a strong guild that is pushing heroic mode content and a core group of friends to play with - otherwise I think I would be like many of my other friends, bored to tears.

Blizzard needs to do something quick, releasing Cataclysm too soon would be easier to forgive if they would push some new content - but waiting 5 months for 4.1 (which has zero new raid content) is getting a bit ridiculous. I think they put too many people on the Titan team and WoW is suffering.

Despite my diatribe, I think its very easy to enjoy both games for both their striking similarities and their marked differences.

I have to agree with Medawky. Rift has far cooler classes than anything WoW has ever had. Sure they are similar but WoW feels so old now I can't bring myself to even touch it anymore. At least Rift feels up to date with the times. And the biggest thing is the community. WoW has turned into a cesspool of irritating 4 year olds that I just couldn't stomach anymore. And I'm glad they haven't found out about Rift yet, I'm sure they will in time, but by then I plan to be in SWTOR or GW2.

I can agree with this as well, the community is friendly and people are ALWAYS looking to help. The best part is seeing 50-100+ people working together on an invasion for a hell of a rush!

I can agree with this as well, the community is friendly and people are ALWAYS looking to help. The best part is seeing 50-100+ people working together on an invasion for a hell of a rush!

There is no bard in WoW, but there was in EQ. Likewise the Beastlord.

I tried Rift, it was clean and easy to play, but there was no hook. The pros of being able to play three "souls" at once are obviously evident, but where it the reward in knowing that you play a class? There isn't one, because every single player in Rift that choose your calling can also play that class (soul). For me, it cheapens the experience.

Short and sweet, Rift is the best thing to come out since EQ2. There is a lot to like, but for me at least, who has played nearly everything of consequence it lacks the hook that makes it so different from WoW that I want to make the change.

Your mileage may vary, consult a doctor before starting any MMO program.

where it the reward in knowing that you play a class? There isn't one, because every single player in Rift that choose your calling can also play that class (soul). For me, it cheapens the experience.

In the same sense that every mage in WoW can be a fire mage? Or every priest can be a shadow priest? I guess I don't really understand your point when WoW has the same 'flaw'...
Sure Rift has fewer callings, but it has more souls to build from, whereas WoW has more classes, but each class has only 3 skill trees to work with. The way I see it is there are more unique builds you can create with Rift, and with so many options there's fewer cookie cutter builds that everyone has and therefore your character is more like your own.

To sum up:
Rift = fewer base classes, more skill tree combinations
WoW = more base classes, fewer skill trees

Not saying either was is better than the other overall, well I suppose I am from my perspective but thats all it is I guess, just a matter of preference in the end...

But every fire mage in WoW has the EXACT SAME point distribution as every other one. I have yet to find a justicar/druid/shaman with the exact same spec. Maybe that will change in a few months, but I don't think it will ever devolve to the one spec only or you can't raid samefest that WoW is now.

Just a few snippets from an old guy. I started playing WOW almost 2 years ago as something to do late after my two little girls were in bed. My main need for this type of thing is "decompression" from stress that accompanies the real world of being a good responsible parent and the main guy in a multi-million dollar group of import car dealerships. Enough of that. For an old timer with some minor brain damage from years of playing rugby, the last thing in the world I want to do when I do get those precious slivers of time is to have some gremlin troll trashing me because on that night I fell into his dungeon finder and this guy thinks he's Obi-Wan Kenobi. I've seen these cave dwellers come into our dealerships with their parents. All white and sick lookin' yawning at 3pm. Their parents talking about how they stay up all night playing on the computer. LOL, these are the guys I get at 10pm who hate a guy like me who is good but not good enough to be on HIS game that he's lived on for all of his teen-age life. Besides that, I love cool graphics. WOW graphics are antique compared to RIFT. Give me the same girl with a different dress a new hair style, match that up with a $3 round steak and a box of Ore-Ida shrimp and I'm king for a day. All kidding aside and in summary, WOW looks pretty old all of the sudden and it sure is nice to leave all those...."you &*@##?? idiot how dare you not put your soulstone on your healer!" guys in the rear-view mirror if only for a little while.

Reading this made me glad i decided to kill my rift account after 3 months.

What is the point of an article like this? People have been making this comparison for months now. Obviously, since they are all in the same genre and inspired by the same game (Everquest), there are going to be a ton of similarities.

It's not a big surprise or revelation. You can see the same thing in other game genres, especially popular ones like FPS's, action/adventure (i.e. God of War) and sports. Triple-A titles are too expensive to make for devs to stray too far from player expectations.

FPS's are a great example where you can draw a lot of similarities. Every year, there are multiple huge triple-A releases. Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, etc. At the core, they are all the same game. Similar weapons, interface, combat, multiplayer, etc. A lot of new games try to innovate and add new features, but the core gameplay still remains the same. In addition, there are a lot of oldies like Counterstrike that still have a huge player base.

I'm 100% sure that when SWTOR comes out, there is going to be a torrent of articles that say that SWTOR is basically WoW in space. In fact, people are already saying that right now. Does that automatically mean that SWTOR isn't going to be worth playing since the market already has WoW, Rift, etc?

Rift and WoW are both fantasy themepark MMO's. That already describes a huge percentage of what these games offer. It's the differences that matter.

I just have to say the publishing standards on this website must be pretty low. To publish an article that states "Rift offers no new class options" is blatantly false. Mages (Chloromancer) and Rogues (Bard) that can heal by doing damage, and Clerics (Justicar) and Rogues (Riftstalker) that can tank are just a few examples of NEW CLASS OPTIONS. All told there are 36 different souls (talent trees) that you can mix and match. I could debate the other points of the article, but why bother since the writer obviously played a different game than Rift. I don't mind opinion; but please don't publish untruths about a game. It's not good journalism.

"Rift offers no new class options, sticking with the same old archetypes anyone familiar with MMOs has seen a hundred times before; Cleric, Warrior, Rogue, and Mage"

This isn't a false statement, as much as you want to slam him for slamming rift. All of these classes have been seen in OTHER mmo's. He's not stating they've been seen in wow, he states OTHER mmo's. look up everquest, it has most of these classes in it already, im sure age of conan can cover the rest. good day.

I don't think you get it Thailassis.

Yes the 4 main are there in any game. Just like every MMORPG. But what you don't see him stating is the fact you can make a Warrior the way you want rather than a justified Arch-type. Lets use Rogue since he is the most diverse: You can play Tank, Range DPS, Melee DPS, Caster (Saboteur), Healer (Bard), and Support. On top of that with the abilities to Use and Respec. It prevents being trapped in a Class that just had it DPS, Healing, Armor, Attacks, etc..... being Nerfed. Just change Souls to make a different style. This means you can always customize your character. Also you can buy 5 slots for saved Creations. If you don't like one respec for some coin and walla. Change it to a different.

WoW like other MMORPG do not have this capability. Please note this is not an attack on WoW this is the truth. Yes the game is similar to WoW. WoW is similar to DAoC. DAoC is similar to EQ. Yes EQ was the first to use this format.

Finally to all you New MMORPGs (those that only played WoW) this is not a Clone of WoW! It is a Clone of DAoC. Please look at old footage of DAoC and characters. 3 trees, Persistent world no zoning except for Dungeons, Warfront zones, and Major baddies that you need a groups to fight. The only thing I miss is the Castle Sieges.

ummm sure your saying rogues can do all of that well sounds like the druid on wow cause you can do it all on him to just saying and look on a druid you can heal while doing damage holy shit nothing new...

Yeah.Thats kinda the point. WoW Classes have two, maybe three options, max. And even then, very restricted. Rift classes get 8 soul options each. And 5 'roles' that contain some combination of those8 'souls'. I quit WoW shortly after Burning Crusade was released, and joined Rift 4-5 Months ago. Rift is in most ways WoW with a different world. BUT. You can't deny that it has far more options as far as making your character your own. Like mentioned above, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.
Druid, you're example, sure, is capable of DPS, Tank, Support, and Heals... But it takes constant respecs, which cost money. Rift allows you to switch between those four roles, at will, for free, once you have purchased the souls and spells. All of the four classes have these options. Obviously some better than others during certain situations but WoW can't compete with Rift's pure customization. And I'm the biggest Blizzard fan in the world.

This sounds like the point of view of someone expecting a WoW clone, and hence went in looking for every little similar feature instead of, as others have said, embracing that which makes Rift it's own game and not just another WoW.

Personally I play both, but for me Rift provides a stronger sense of versatility in play styles and a much more mature player base for starters.

Just another WoW players perspective...

While I agree with you about the similarities between the two games I think the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Yes, the class/talent system is oddly familiar to WoW players (although I would agree with other posters that there are definitely some new twists on "standard" WoW classes as well as some new class ideas) but the ability to mix and match classes brings a level of variety to gameplay that cannot be experienced in WoW. Yes, the questing system is a certified replica of WoW's questing system (minus the annoying vehicle-combat mechanics that Blizzard has become so fond of forcing down our throats) but they are integrated with the game fairly well and perform their function within the game admirably. It's also easy to pan the lack of a "creative storyline" but Trion didn't have 20 years of canon to build off of and many players will maintain that the lore in Rift is far superior to what can be found in WoW (which itself was also blatantly ripped off from Games Workshop all those years ago).

I agree that there are a plethora of parallels not only to WoW but to almost every MMO that has been on the market in the last 5 years (Rifts = WAR's Public Quest system, Collections came from EQ2, etc) it only becomes apparent as you spend time in the game that all of the individual parts add up to give Rift it's own identity.....they allow Rift to stand on it's own merit as a quality (and fun) MMO that, thus far, is seeing a better retention rate than anything (sans WoW) that has come before it. We're still only a little over a month into the game's life, so anything can happen, but for now I'm perfectly content to remain in Telara and enjoy the fact that I'm not in Azeroth anymore. :)

However, after I had logged off the game and was later explaining to a friend what I liked about it I had a startling revelation. A eureka moment if you will. The reason I and many other WoW players can get into Rift is because there is almost nothing unique, new, or overly daring about the game. In fact it almost feels as if you could slap World of Warcraft in front of the name Rift and slam-bam you have yourself another WoW expansion pack.

Duh. That's the point. Think about it, if none of the previous contenders could topple WoW by changing things... well, I'm sure you've heard the cliche: "If you can't beat 'em, join em." Trion designed Rift this way on purpose.

The fact of the matter is - at least in this writer's opinion - the deeper you delve into the world of Telara the more you realize that the game is nothing more than a copy of WoW in a new dress. Which is precisely why I feel that so many WoW players have taken a liking to the game (including one of our own WoW writers right here at Ten Ton Hammer). Not because of any real new innovation but because Rift is safe, comfortable, and as close to playing WoW as you can get without actually playing it.

Oh... so you DO get it then.

Here's a question for you... if your wife puts on a hot new dress that she just picked up from the store, do you not want to tear into that "dress", so to speak, immediately? Keep in mind, it's the same old wife, just in a new dress.

Here's a question for you... if your wife puts on a hot new dress that she just picked up from the store, do you not want to tear into that "dress", so to speak, immediately? Keep in mind, it's the same old wife, just in a new dress.

.....mmmmmm......wife in hot new dress......nice.......

Wait, what were we talking about???

When Rift first came out I wanted to try it, but I didn't want to pay for the game before I had any idea whether I'd like it or not. So I watched a few video reviews of it on Youtube and saw that, yes, it's gorgeous, and it plays enough like WoW that I could slip right into it without having to relearn everything.

But there's one thing that's keeping me from downloading the trial now that it exists: Every playable race is more-or-less human. There is nothing comparable to the Forsaken, the Tauren, the Worgen or the Draenei. Sure, there are elves and dwarfs and giant looking people; but they're all very, very close to human. To me, there's no point in playing the even the best, most immersive fantasy game out there if you don't get to play as a fantasy creature. I'm a human being every day of my real life. I want the option to be something else in my games.

Many folks have already refuted the biases in your article and how much they lack creativity, but I'm in sales and always have to provide reasons for people to make a change. New options to fill the same need get considered, but people usually shy away from change, even if it's for the better. I try to show them why my product is superior by asking them a simple question.

If you were a long time Rift player (assuming it had WoW's tenure) why would you switch to WoW? The only answer I can come up with is better race diversity. And that is a complaint Trion can answer down the road. Who's to say their next 6 races won't be more off the beaten, well rutted fantasy path of Dwarf, Elf, Human? How much balancing should they be forced to do in the release of their new "clone"? They already have 36 different class bases. And in the end, since every warrior tank in WoW looks the same in TierX except for a hunch, a pair of horns or mere size differences, is that really something that matters? Yes, I would prefer more than: Human, skinny human, fat human. But that is where the lack ends, in my opinion.

And because "owning" your character is such a big deal, I think the Soul System of Rift is leaps and bounds above what WoW offers. Sure, WoW has 10 classes, but what's the difference between and Elemental Shaman and a Balance Druid? Green lasers and Blue lasers. Oversimplification aside, the only thing that sets one class/tree combination apart from a number of others is the graphic behind the spell. (A complaint of mine for a long time which has been exacerbated by making Thunderclap spread rends, essentially making it Pestilence. Mortal Strike is no longer unique to Warriors...I could go on and on about the homogeneity of WoW...)

And it's not that Rift invented any new classes. Who said that was their claim? The fact that you can create a single character with tons of options behind it is HUGE! Every class can fill any role. Start out as a Champion (Arms Warrior, for you cynics) and add a pet. Start out as a Mage and add healing. Start out as a Ranger and throw frickin' bombs on people! Come on now, you can't say WoW offers anything like that. A paladin can tank one way, dps one way and heal (basically) one way. Not so with Rift. And what about all the WoW Warlocks/Mages/Rogues/Hunters out there that are in dps mode forever?

Rift does MMORPG better. That is why I switched and that is why I'll stay. If they let it go to the crapper I'll go back to any of the dime a dozen F2Ps that allows be to "be in Azeroth" without paying $180 a year. WoW offers nothing that you can't find somewhere else for free, other than maybe friends...who are just as stubborn as you about being in Azeroth "by any other name".


P.S. For some more TL;DR comments about the outdoor events Rift offers, the PvP driven world play (even enhances PvE experiences for people who don't want to have their guard up 24/7), the quicker release of new content (already have new stuff coming out for Rift!) and the better graphics, I say just do the trial. If you don't like it, go back to your "6 years of /played and a bank mule". No harm, no foul. There will be plenty in both worlds for both of long as you're willing to wait for Blizzards time table on your end.


the difference between a Balance Druid and Elemental Shaman is lava, fire, totems, and not being an ugly bird. (I play Ele Shaman)

Not sure if Rift can topple WoW, but any competition is a good thing! Variety is the spice of life!

Having played the Rift demo to the level Cap, I may buy it this week. I feel it has two substantive advantages over WOW.

1. The character class customization. I like mages, and the fact that I acn ignore their advice about classes that work well together and build an off-beat, unique class that's distinctive to my play style is a great hook.

2. I like the fact that instances and raids are not dependent on traveling so far in real time the way WOW's are. I don't have to wait for my guild, or people I've been messaging for forty minutes. I just have to walk towards the nearest hole in the sky and click "Join Public Group".

I played WOW a long time, but after maxing a toon or two, having hit on the best class for my play style right away, I'd have to say WOW has way more downtime sitting and drinking mana/etc. The charge bar for me was awesome, now I can fight, use my mana for battle, use my health for mana then use my charge for health. It's the difference between 7 or 9 min downtime drinking potions in WOW and 15 seconds eating my charge bar in Rift.

i agree on point 1 but as to point 2, there is nothing like WoW's dungeon finder in Rift, and as for waiting on people to raid, you should probably consider joining a guild that's more organized or a server that's more full.

regarding your last point on recharging in WoW taking 7-9 min of downtime... ur doin it rong

There is a dungeon finder in Rift.

However, it doesn't go cross-server. Thus, nothing like WoW's.

It does go cross server.

rift sucks lol

i bet you havent played it.....

i bet you havent played it.....

This is because you have not even tried the game and just said that rift sucks. Try it for yourself before even making any comments.

I love the graphics in Rift... the world is so beautiful. WoW really needs to update its graphics capabilites. It's so difficult to go from Telara back to Azeroth where everything looks dated. I love both MMOs!

i kind of feel your pain on this, but i will say the new Cata skins and models are outstanding. i snapped a screenie of my DK in her new Zandalari gear, on her Drake of the West Wind and Sinister Squashling pet on top of one of the still-molten, broken towers in SW and it looks visually striking, if in a more comic book style and without all the complex shading and textures as Rift.

point being, they both look good these days, if in extremely polar opposite ways.

ah, another article from another MMO blogger who forgets that WoW too ripped off the MMOs that came before it.

Rift is cool. the art direction is unique and immersive. the UI is polished and fully customizable (with addons on the way). bummer it crushes my current vid card (one of the biggest reasons WoW is able to retain the throne... you can play it on just about any machine not collecting dust in a corder) because with its very public questing, makes for a nice complement to the rigidity of WoW raid progression and PvP snobbery. the classes, while built on the same archetypes as every MMORPG, are memorable. i especially like the warrior classes with their attack points mechanic. it definitely requires more mental calculation and flexibility in certain situations than with most of its counterparts (charge, attack power debuff, swing, swing, swing, finishing move).

yes, it's true, MMOs these days are all cut from similar molds and often claim game-changing mechanics while rarely delivering. i say pick your flavor (or flavors) and enjoy the meal until that next one really blows the genre open. i'll be playing WoW, raiding with my guild, and when my new overclocked GTX570 gets here next week, i'll be adding Rift back to that mix, waiting for something new along with everyone else.

WoW has had it's day, it beat out so many so called "WoW Killers" But, Rift has truly shown us that WoW can be beaten. So what, Every RPG copies it's all in how you tell the story. WoW is polluted Scammer, Hacker, Gold Seller and Annoying player we all need a change.

I loved WoW for years but they Nerf you in every update, they take away cool Items, Weapons and Gear, the Economy in the game is F#@ked up and you expect us to keep paying?? Rift has better graphic, easy to use and customize AI and is only getting started. So I say Goodbye to WoW been playing since 2004 and I can truly say I'm bored with is and so are many other judging by the 100+ copies of Cataclysm Collector Edition Sets still on the shelf at my local Best Buy and Micro Center.

I feel this article is way off topic and nowhere close to how the truth could be. Honestly I feel it has some realistic approaches to WOW; However the graphics are better and there is more of a forced co-op play style. I have played wow since its release and I too have seen many MMO titles rise and fall to the might WOW. However this is the first time I have seen a game rise and KEEP rising. Many people have found themselves jumping ship to the rift universe. I feel imo that rift is a far better game than WOW is. The graphics are more unique (especially with the new patch and new graphics system) quests are more interesting and it is easier to level up PLUS you are more likely to be questing with people along the way instead of the daily grind grind grind which gets very old. I still enjoy WOW but I feel WOW has had its day especially with their frantic release of Cataclysm which was a disaster. More and more people are invading the Rift shards and it is getting harder and harder to log on everyday due to the amount of people playing. WOW was very boring after awhile and it was the same daily sh%t of consumed by raids and gear hungry fiends. Rift is an overall better game and I am very interested to see the new additions to come.

Oh and BTW. The classes are not the same as EVERY other MMO...if you want to get into that topic wow has the cookie cutter builds. What makes Rift unique is the class customization where you choose your sub classes so you can BALANCE it to your play style and create your own unique character. Bards anyone? Healer tank class? Very unique indeed. Who's with me?

bards are not unique. The rift class-structure is unique (sort of... really just another version of talent trees found in games like SWG). Every single class in both World of Warcraft and Rift can be found in other games... often times with the exact same skills which all came long before either game.

So you're saying rift is hacker, scammer, gold seller, and annoying player-proof? No annoying people will play rift and nobody will attempt to hack it?

WOW could totally thrash RIFT LOL RIFT SUCKS!!!!

You are a fucking moron as is the writer of this article. Yes Rift may be LIKE WoW, but it isn't the same at all, please, DONT ever buy a subscription, stay in fagzeroth with the rest of the mongoloids.

I've played wow since Burning Crusade release, and I've played Rift for about a month now.

There's nothing in WoW that isn't beaten in Rift, graphics, dungeons/raids, a thriving community (Although I have yet to see a jerk on the Rift channels, unlike WoW, but they will come, they always do), quests.

However, Rift does have things that I would say far exceed what WoW offers:
-Fully custom character builds. Blizz during blizzcon 10 said they were going to do a tree similar to what you see in Rift now but they bailed on it and now have the very un-creative cookie cutter forced builds on every class build. Rift offers true custom builds and this is probably going to be the driving force of the game that sends it above WoW. You could never roll a mage/warlock/chloro build in wow and spend your points in whichever tree at whichever time you wanted however you wanted to. WoW's talent trees lack luster and creativity to such a large extent from a RP prospective, it's pathetic.
-Graphics. The graphics truly are better then WoW's if you have to system to support it. Out with the childish toony graphics in with the realistic.
-Spell details. In wow, the majority of your abilities have the same visual effect as far as your character is concerned. Sometimes it feels like i'm back playing diablo 2 again where all the mage was ever seen doing was shooting her hands up in the air over and over and over again. Sure there are different collers and ground effects etc but the movements are very boring and repetative. Play Rift and roll up a mage or cleric class and use all your different abilities and it is pretty cool to see the effects.
-In game raids. Once upon a time WoW had this, to a very limited/controlled extent and once upon a time WoW got rid of them, mostly. The world raids in Rift are random, always changing and are always causing the grind of your questing experience to change.
-If 200 level 78 players went up against the lich king in wow, they'd probably get destroyed. In rift, there is much more of an open opportunity for lower level players to group up and take on higher leaders.
-Rift doesn't have Heirlooms to destroy the entire leveling process.
-Coin Lock is annoying but is a great working solution to a large problem.

World of Warcraft was a great cutting edge game of it's time but I do fully believe Blizzard has gotten lazy and brought the game down to such a simpleton level that it just isn't fun anymore, at least for me.

Rift has so many options per class compared to WoW.
Take my Cleric as instance, I can create a lot different tanking builds, healing builds, dps with weight on melee or ranged and even a mix of both.
Not to forget setting up pvp builds, since each soultree offers utility with points spent in it.
Plus adding more to one thing will lessen or remove another thing, so you don't have the same OP class issues like you see in WoW.
Some may claim different, but that is merely because they think way to much in the way they are used to from WoW, which means the stiff roles of dps, tank and healer.

I seriously don't find this article any useful at all.

It really depends on which type of features do you want in game? For me i preferred rift to wow as wow is 'cartoonish', and what i like about rift is the different types of roles and soul builds, and it offers great graphics, looks much better than wow (although you might need a good GPU for this), and it's young and have a bright future. Although wow has much more content to offer than rift, eventually rift will add more contents to add-on to the fun (remember that rift is still young). It really depends on which features would you like. And most importantly, don't get influenced by other people, go for whichever suits you best, and don't just think that 'wow's more original than rift, since rift copies wow', or hear people say that 'rift sucks, just sucks, go play wow' all those bullshit.

You're absolutely right!!! WoW is ALOT better then Rift!!! So all of you still playing WoW? Please stay right where you are. You're not missing any thing at all. All of the chat trolls, douchbag tanks and healers, as well as elitist jerks that are still on WoW should not for any reason, what so ever, leave WoW and come to Rift. There's nothing to see here.

WoW community need not read from here on.

########## Those of you who left WoW and have come to Rift ############
What are you guys NUTS!! Stop trying to get them to leave WoW and come to Rift. WE DONT WANT THEM HERE!! Sheesh do you really miss Barrens... ahem I mean Trade Chat at all? Sure go ahead and text your freinds on WoW and save them from the horror there but dont try and lure the trolls to Rift. Next thing you know Ghostcrawler will start working for Trion and we'll be totally screwed. " DERP... I'm Ghostcrawler. DERP.. I know lets buff Mages again.. HERP a DERP Dep derp derp!!" but sir... they're already twice the dps as everyone else!!
Seriously though, just tell you're freinds on WoW about Rift but in these places LIE your arse off and say it completely sucks okay? Yes I know it sounds mean but Karma's a biatch man. Most of them left there belong in a Zoo right?... well think of it as a virtual zoo. They're where they need to be!!!
Sheesh use your common sense guys.

Are you a total meathead???....U havnt understood a single word of what was said in the article above. Wow was being compared to RIFT in terms of gameplay and what it has to offer, NOT the people who play it.And you are even more idiotic if you think RIFT will not develop trolls on its chat channels..sheesh I feel I am writing this to someone with an IQ level of 20 who probably wont even understand this message. WE ARE GLAD YOU SWITCHED TO RIFT PLEASE STAY THERE AND DONT COME BACK, OR WAIT WHY DONT YOU PLAY A SINGLEPLAYER ....SURELY THERE WONT BE ANY TROLLS THERE AND IT WILL MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

LOL you obviously have a great sense of humor. (every drop of sarcasm intended there) I disagree on one large point though. The community has a lot to do with any mmo and it's game play. I am not alone in that view point either. I have read that very point made in chat many many times while playing Rift. That one of the best qualities of game play in Rift is the very helpful and fun community. I was attempting to point this out in a comedic way but obviously you lack the capabilities to grasp that.

To quote you; "who probably wont even understand this message"
LOL You're right, I am having a very hard time understanding your message. Maybe because grammatically and as in context of the issue at hand it makes no sense.

Does "This world" mean your world?... or perhaps the online world? Honestly it just does not make any sense what so ever. But as far as the point of any game having trolls? Yes I fully realize that every game has it's fair share of trolls but as far as Rift compared to WoW? Rift's troll population is an endangered species in comparison to that of WoW. Will that change? I'm hoping it wont but chances are it will eventually. But as it stands right now it is truly a very nice part of the game play in Rift.
But if you want an opinion upon what "you" deem as "Game Play" comparison? Then okay here it goes. I played WoW ever since vanilla and stopped playing as of March 2011. So yes I have a great deal of experience in playing WoW. The fact that I played it for almost six years truly does speak volumes for the game. It kept me very entertained far longer then any game I played previously. So hats off to Blizzard for a great game. There eye for details was beyond comparison and they set a new industry standard for games.
But for many of us whom have been playing WoW ever since vanilla and even burning crusade generally (not always) agree on one thing. WoW during vanilla was a lot more fun then it is now. The term "the good old days" truly does apply in the case of WoW for many old time players of the game. Which is exactly why Rift is such a hook in the mouth when you start playing the game. It is like vanilla WoW only better. By "better" I am not referring to the graphics of each game. I found WoW's graphics different but not any worse. However "better" (1) in the sense of class building options and the ability to have so many builds on a single character. These builds are very different from each other as well. For instance on my character I have a tank, healer, melee dps as well as ranged dps builds that I can quickly switch between. All of the builds I have tailored to my playing style and thus are very enjoyable to play, for me. I now find WoW class builds to be very limited (cookie cutter) in comparison. (2) Better as far as the world itself. It has a much more dynamic "feel" to it. Yes I'm fully aware that the story line is as linear as WoW is. But the world itself feels more dynamic with the advent of Rifts and invasions. It very much adds a lot more spice to the game. (3) Not to get back to the community aspect but it does play into another game play point ( perhaps theory) about the game. During vanilla WoW I did not find upon hardly any chat trolls with the exception of the Barrens chat. I think that the main reasons for this was because of leveling not being so stream lined and end game content taking so very long to accomplish. Both as far as crafting and over all content. End game for characters during vanilla WoW was so incredibly hard to accomplish and quite frankly if you managed this even the most hardcore players would say " dude... do you sleep?" Rift tends to bring all of this back in to game play and thus people have better things to do in game then sit in trade chat and troll one another. My point being that the end game content of Rift is very time consuming and fun. Just like it was during vanilla WoW only funner.
I could keep going with this but this is starting to get a little long. In conclusion and summary; my opinion is Rift is vanilla WoW only funner in many aspects of the game play. To those of us whom enjoyed vanilla WoW and longed to play it that way again Rift was a fantastic answer. Not only does it give you that but it also gives you a more dynamic, graphically different, funner world and character to do it in. I've tried other mmo's while I was still playing WoW over the years. However Rift was the first to ever make me and my friends drop our subscriptions to WoW. Which speaks volumes for Rift.


He's right, vanilla was the best game I have ever played. If you didn't play vanilla you just wouldn't understand. AND they didn't have a group finder or world chat at times, no summoning stones, dual talents or easy gear.....just goes to show you that these things don't make the game what it is.

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