World of Warcraft Patch 4.1 Overview

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Patch 4.1 is making World of Warcraft players go wild with enthusiasm as it hits the servers this week. There is a lot in this patch and a long list of patch notes beyond the hotfixes we’ve been dealing with. So you may be asking, what’s new in patch 4.1? Well, below you’ll find a summary and the patch notes for patch 4.1 including the important class changes.

What’s Changed in Patch 4.1

There is a lot that has changed or been added in patch 4.1. For starters, two dungeons (Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub) are being revamped for level 85s. There is a new looking for guild feature that’s being added to the game. You’ll be able to convert PvE and PvP currency from one to another. The dungeon finder will be revamped to reward an in-demand role (like tanking) and you can do a weeks’ worth of daily dungeons after reset. Let’s take a look at each of the major features.

Rise of the Zandalari

Several new mounts and pets will be available.

New mounts and pets will be available in this patch.

Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman will be making a return visit to World of Warcraft as 5 man heroic dungeons with higher ilvl requirements and higher rewards. Both dungeons will be available in the dungeon finder and are the highlight of this patch. They pushed the Firelands into patch 4.2, which should be coming “shortly” after 4.1, so go ahead and estimate about 2 to 3 months down the road.

Looking for Guild

Are you looking for a guild? Well, it’ll be easier to find one and easier to fill up your guild with the new Looking for Guild function. The Guild Finder will allow guilds looking to fill members to post recruitment ads that highlight what the guild is looking for, the type of content they do, availability, class roles, and even a spot to list a comment (such as where their guild site is located, details on recruitment needs, etc.). Guildless players can browse the recruitment ads and connect with guilds that fit their needs.

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The new guild finder tool will help guilds and the guildless get together.

Anyone looking to join the guild can “Request Membership” which appears in the guild’s request tab. From there a guild leader can take a look at the requests and see who is fit to join and who isn’t. This makes filling up those spots in a guild super easy and server transfers to be a whole lot less of a headache (or even leveling up a new char when you want that sweet guild xp bonus).

Old Ironforge

Not anything big for gameplayer, but Old Ironforge will be opening its doors to players to explore (and roleplay in). You used to have to exploit your way down there, but no anymore. There isn’t a lot of content happening, but it seems like a feature instance will probably find itself below Ironforge at some point or at least some new quests.

Dungeon Finder Changes

The two big changes is the additional reward for in-demand classes along with an easier way to do your daily dungeon. First, the “Call to Arms” gives a goodie bag to in-demand classes (that has more gold and a chance at gems, flasks, pets, and mounts). The other is the ability to do 7 daily dungeons a week at any time you want to do them. So after reset you can do all 7 dungeons back to back and forget about it for the rest of the week. That makes things easier on players who don’t want to login every day to do all of their dailies.

Other cool changes include the random dungeon tool trying to avoid putting the same armor type DPS into the same group. So no more three clothies complaining about loot the entire run.

Currency Exchange

You can now exchange various currencies. You can buy conquest points with valor points for a 1:1 exchange. You can exchange Honor and Justice Points at 375 points gets you 250 of the other one. A good exchange if you PvP a lot and want to get some decent starting gear at level 85.

Continue to page two for detailed class changes.

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