World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 Overview

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World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 has been tried and tested on the Public Test Realms and will be making its debut on a live servers near you very, very soon. While it may be easy to write off Patch 4.3 as nothing special, especially in the wake of the announcement of Mists of Pandaria, reading over the patch notes it becomes clear that Patch 4.3 definitely deserves some notice. So what has changed in Patch 4.3? Read on to find out!

Patch 4.3 General

In Patch 4.3 players will see not only a ton of new instances, but also new in game features that have the possibly to make life in Azeroth just a bit more enjoyable:

    New Instances
  • As the reign of Ragnaros ends (for the time being at least), players will find themselves introduced to several new instance options, including; End Time, Hour of Twilight, Well of Eternity, and Dragon Soul. As well as a brand new boss inside Baradin Hold for your killing pleasure.
    Raid Finder
  • To help players get every opportunity possible to face off against Deathwing and the other bosses inside Azeroth, Blizzard will introduce the Raid Finder, much like the current in-game Dungeon Finder, except that this new addition can be used by players to find groups for raid instances. This new feature will hopefully ensure that raiding will become an option for more players than ever before!
  • Patch 4.3 will introduce the exciting Transmogrification feature which will allow players, for the first time ever, to customize the appearance of their gear. While there are some restrictions to the Transmogrification process, overall this process should help players satisfy their need to be unique.

Patch 4.3 Void Storage

Void Storage in Patch 4.3 will offer players more space to store their in-game possessions.

    Void Storage
  • In game hoarders everywhere rejoice; Blizzard has heard our pleas and finally, in Patch 4.3, we will have some extra space to store our junk besides the bank or our overly cluttered bags. This new storage will provide 80 extra slots and requires a small fee for each item placed in and drawn out. Because of this fee this is the perfect location to store items that you won’t be using much, such as armor you may be holding onto for Transmogrification. Learn more about this new storage system on Blizzard’s page dedicated to Void Storage in 4.3.
    Outland & Northrend Quest Flow
  • Think leveling through Outland and Northrend is easy now? Wait until you try it post-Patch 4.3 as the amount of experience needed to get from 71 to 80 has been reduced by 33%. Still not easy enough for you? Most group quests in these zones have been redone making them easily soloable by any player, making Outlands and Northrend in Patch 4.3 a perpetual leveling cakewalk.

Head over to page two to see the upcoming changes for classes in Patch 4.3.

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