Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Overview

Learn more about Challenge Modes, an exciting new feature that will take the thrill of Mists of Pandaria dungeons to the next level.

If you were one of the elite few who completed the Culling of Stratholme timed run (before it was easy) or who later took on the challenge of Zul’Aman and earned themselves the privilege of riding their very own Armani War Bear, you may have found yourself hankering for a new challenge ever since. The rush of pulling mob after mob in a mad dash to the end of the instance, all the while knowing that at any time your group could fail and all would be lost is something that many of us long to replace. The newest World of Warcraft expansion; Mists of Pandaria, has the potential to provide just what we are looking for.

Challenge Modes are where it is at in Mists of Pandaria and they have the potential to fulfill our urge for greater challenges in instances and offer up some great rewards as well. Want more details on Challenge Modes in WoW? Read onward to get all the details on these exciting new challenges set to debut in Mists of Pandaria and decide for yourself if they will fulfill your need for additional glory.

Guide to Challenge Mode Basics in Mists of Pandaria

Challenge Mode Basics
Players may view their best scores in various Challenge Modes in the Challenges tab.

If you are tired of running instances over and over again in Mists of Pandaria and are looking for a little extra excitement Challenge Modes are just what you are looking for. Designed to reward those players who go the extra mile and make completing dungeons something of an art, the idea behind this new feature is simple; you and your group must race against the clock to complete a dungeon as quickly as possible. The faster you can complete the dungeon, the better your reward will be.

Challenge Mode can be selected before entering a dungeon using the Challenge Mode tab which has been added to the Dungeon Finder tool. Challenge Modes will be enabled for all 9 of the anticipated Mists of Pandaria dungeons. Once Challenge Mode has been selected for a particular dungeon, players need only to enter to start the timer and begin the challenge. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals, as well as other more interesting rewards, will be given out based on the amount of time taken to complete the dungeon.

If you are wondering if eventually Challenge Modes will become to easy, the answer is a resounding no. To ensure that all players are put to the test gear levels will be normalized by reducing the overall item level to a set level so that all players are basically equal. This means that there is literally no way to ever out gear or overpower a challenge. If gear normalization wasn’t enough players will also find that every time they complete a dungeon and receive a gold medal they will incur a stacking debuff on all future attempts. This stacking debuff begins at 5% and increases each time you complete the dungeon and earn a gold medal.

Love what you have heard thus far about Challenge modes? Then it will be music to your ears to learn that it has been rumored that Challenge Modes may also be added to raid instances sometime in the future. If Challenge Modes are implemented in raid instances will likely depend on the success or failure of this new feature.

Challenge Mode Leaderboard
A group earning a gold medal at the end of a Challenge Mode dungeon. (Photo Source)

If personal glory from Challenge Modes in Mist of Pandaria isn’t enough for you, the leader board should help to remedy your longing for world renown. Those who participate in Challenge Modes can compare their performance, ranks, times, and medals using the leader board feature. The leader board can be accessed inside the Challenge Mode panel and will allow players to easily see what kind of competition they face on their journey to becoming the best on their realm.

Challenge Mode Rewards

At the end of every complete challenge, rewards will be given out to the triumphant group based on the type of medal they have managed to achieve. While little is known for sure about what exactly these rewards will ultimately be, it has been said that things like armor, titles, mounts, and even pets are some of the spoils players who participate in Challenge Modes have to look forward to. The better the medal (with gold being the best), the better the reward.

Will you be taking part in the exciting new Challenge Modes in Mists of Pandaria? Do you think players will ultimately find a way to “overpower” them? Share you thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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