Mists of Pandaria: Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun Preview

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Mists of Pandaria: Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun

The Gate of the Setting Sun is a level 90 5-man instance located in the Dead Wastes of Pandaria. What makes this new instance particularly interesting is that it is only available for play in heroic mode, something that is almost unheard of in World of Warcraft. Wondering what the story behind this brand new instance? Here is what the dungeon journal has to say about the Gate of the Setting Sun:

For generations, a massive wall called the Serpent’s Spine has protected the denizens of Pandaria from periodic assaults by the rampaging, insect-like mantid. This brutal race’s cycle of aggression recently began earlier than expected, catching the wall’s defenders off guard. As the mightiest mantid warriors charge the battle-worn gates, Pandaria must hold back the most devastating army in the land’s recorded history.

The task of holding back this army is substantial and brave warriors, such as yourself will have to aid in the effort in order for the Pandaren to be victorious. However, there is no need to rush headlong into the fray totally unprepared. Read onward to find out everything there is to know about the Gate of the Setting Sun including, boss encounters, maps, quests, and achievements.

Gate of the Setting Sun Boss Encounters

Saboteur Kip’tilak

Saboteur Kip’tilak may look fearsome, but his voice….well you will just have to hear it for yourself. Going right along with his rather crazy voice are his equally crazy abilities. The first of Saboteur Kip’tilak’s abilities is Throw Explosives. The result of this ability is the appearance of honeycomb like boxes that will appear randomly on the floor of the room. These boxes are not ones you want to mess with.. These bombs will only explode via another bombs explosion, however, when they do explode they send out shock waves in all four directions, each of which can detonate other bombs. Constant vigilance is a must when it comes to these bombs.

The second of Saboteur Kin’tilak’s abilities is Sabotage. When cast, this ability will allow Kin’tilak to attach four explosives to the back of a random player. Thankfully, all group members will receive a flashing warning on their screen telling them who has been affected. When these bombs explode, they send out charges in all four directions. To avoid detonating a ton of bombs, and wiping out your group members, run as fast as you can into the adjoining room.

Saboteur Kip’tilak’s final ability is called World in Flames which is just as scary as it sounds and will add even more chaos into the mix. When Kip’tilak reaches 30 and 60 percent he will rapidly throw out five sets of Stable Munitions at random locations. After all five munitions have been thrown, Kip’tilak will detonate the charges all at once. This can get messy, especially with everything else that is going on. However, with good damage management, this fight can be easily completed, perhaps even with a new achievement under your belt.

Striker Ga’dok

Striker Ga’dok is the second boss in the instance and will be reached after a few trash pulls, a mini-boss, and a short elevator ride. Striker can be considered almost a two phase fight. The first being when Striker Ga’dok is on the ground, where he will cast Prey Time where he will randomly charge one of your group members and “devour them”. According to the tooltip this should cause huge amounts of damage, but in reality it causes very little damage. During this phase Ga’dok will also cast Impaling Strike, which impales his current target and causes damage.

When Striker reaches 70 and 30 percent Striker will fly into the air and thus begin what feels like “phase two” of the fight. Once in the air he will perform Strafing Run, twice. While casting Strafing Run Striker Ga’dok will strafe across the platform covering it in flames as he moves. These flames do a ton of damage and must be avoided at all costs. Striker will also spawn a few adds that need to be picked up and managed by the tank in order to successfully complete this phase. Staying together as a group in a corner and only moving slightly when need be is the key to victory in this fight.

Commander Ri’mok

Next on the list in the Gate of the Setting Sun is Commander Ri’mok, who is, despite his fierce appearance, a pretty easy opponent. Ri’mok only has three main abilities. The first of which is his ability to spawn eight to ten smaller add with one bigger add thrown in the mix. These adds will spawn every few seconds. On top of the adds spawning Commander Ri’mok will cast Viscous Fluid. This ability radiates an area of green fluid around the boss that increases his damage by 10% plus causes you to do less damage when standing in it. This means that the boss will need to be kited and kited again throughout the fight.

Commander Ri’mok’s third ability is Frenzied Assault wherein the Commander will launch a frenzied attack causing 50% of his normal damage in a 9 yard long and 90 degree wide cone every .25 seconds for 6 seconds. This ability will both harm and help your group. It will cause large amounts of damage to you, however, it also causes damage to those pesky adds that keep spawning. Overall this is an easy fight, and as long as your tank manages the situation and your group makes excellent use of the space available this boss should drop easily.


The fourth and final boss in the instance is Raigonn. This boss has two main stages, the first of which is Break the Siege. The easiest way to complete this stage is to have the DPS to use the cannons in the room to blast themselves up onto the boss’s head where they can attack the “Weak Spot”. On the ground during this stage mobs will be randomly spawning. It is the tanks job to pick these mobs up and manage them. Raigonn will randomly charge, knocking all players from his head. During this time the DPS should take down any mobs the tank is currently tanking, then once again use the cannons to launch themselves on to Raigonn’s head.

When the Weak Spot is defeated phase two of the fight will begin. This phase of the fight is much like the Supremus from Black Temple. Every 15 seconds Raigonn will fixate on a player. This player will need to kite the boss around the room until he chooses another player to chase after. Along with this, your group will need to manage Raigonn’s stomp ability that causes large amounts of damage along with allowing the boss to become more frenzied.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more crazy, adds will continue to spawn during this phase. These adds should be picked up and managed by the tank. On top of the adds, small whirlwinds will spin about the room. These whirlwinds should be avoided. To complete this fight the group will need to be a cohesive force that works methodically to manage everything that is going on during the fight. Good luck!

Gate of the Setting Sun Dungeon Map

Gate of the Setting Sun Quests
Name Level Description Rewards
Lighting the Way 90 Light the Signal Flame. 471000 Exp / 45G 80S
That's a Big Bug! 90 Kill Raigonn 471000 Exp / 45G 60S

Gate of the Setting Sun Achievements

Name Requirement
Trigger 15 explosions within 15 seconds during the Saboteur Kip’tilak encounter.
Gain three stacks of the Resin Residue by defeating Mantid Conscripts.
Mantid Swarm
Defeat Raigonn without killing any of the Mantid reinforcements.
Gate of the Setting Sun: Challenger
Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun Challenge Mode.
Gate of the Setting Sun: Bronze
Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun Challenge Mode with a rating of Bronze or better.
Gate of the Setting Sun: Silver
Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun Challenge Mode with a rating of Silver or better.
Gate of the Setting Sun: Gold
Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun Challenge Mode with a rating of Gold.
Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun
Defeat Raigonn in the Gate of the Setting Sun on Heroic Difficulty. 
Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun Guild Run
Defeat Raigonn in the Gate of the Setting Sun on Heroic Difficulty while in a guild group.
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