World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - Instance Revamp Overview

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Legions of World of Warcraft players have conquered and recomputed the various low level dungeons available in game. Found memories of battles won, friends made, and even those not so shining moments as your group wiped over and over again. In Mists of Pandaria players will get to see some of their favorite instances revamped and refreshed giving them a brand new lease on life. On this list of revamps are Ragefire Chasm, Scholomance, and Scarlet Monastery. Join us as we give you a preview of these instances and their fresh new faces!

Please note that the information found in this article was pulled from the beta which is ultimately just a glimpse of what may come in the expansion. As such all information may become invalid once Mists of Pandaria is actually released.

Mists of Pandaria - Ragefire Chasm

The Kobolds are no more, their tiny bodies littering the floor of the chasm, instead a new enemy lurks within the walls of Ragefire Chasm; the Dark Shaman. Based on the quest text found at the beginning of the instance the Dark Shaman are former members of the Horde who now work towards a dark purpose. Summing fearsome beasts and completing an unknown amount of dark rituals that are sure to serve no purpose of good. These Dark Shaman are referred to as the next “Twilight’s Hammer” of WoW.

Below is a brief overview of what is new in Ragefire Chasm:

  • New Trash Mobs
  • New Bosses
  • New Quests
  • More Streamlined Instance
  • Less Trash
Ragefire Chasm Bosses

Bosses Abilities
Dark Shaman Koranthal 
Lava Guard Gordoth
Flame Breath
Twisted Elements/Summon Shadow Storm
Lava Spit/Burrow
Seismic Slam/Ground Rupture

Ragefire Chasm Trash Mobs
  • Mature Flame Hounds
  • Adolescent Flame Hounds
  • Corrupted Houndmaster
  • Corrupted Reaver
  • Dark Shaman Acolyte
  • Corrupted Flamecaller
Ragefire Chasm Quests

The Dark Shaman

Quest Giver: Invoker Xorenth

The Dark Shaman have taken over Ragefire Chasm and are performing dark rituals and raising beats. These shaman are no friends of the Horde and you are instructed to fight your way through the Chasm and kill two of their leaders; Dark Shaman Korantal and Lava Guard Gordoth.

Animal Control

Quest Giver: Commander Bagran

The Chasm is overrun with flame hounds and lava worms who are feasting and thriving off the corpses of the Kobalds. You are charged with clearing a path through these beasts and take out the largest threats; Adjules and Magnaw.

No Orc Left Behind

Quest Giver: Commander Bagran

During a routine sweep of Ragefire Chasm, Commander Bagran discovered things are far from routine. A new menace has taken over Ragefire Chasm and a group of scouts has gone missing. You are to seek out five Kor’kron scouts currently missing inside the chasm and rescue them.

A New Enemy

Quest Giver: Invoker Xorenth

The power of the Dark Shaman has attracted many allies and are more than a small threat to the Horde. You must make an example of these cultists and kill any you come across and collect 5 of their Corrupted Insignias as proof of your kills.

Ragefire Chasm Screenshots

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Only with wotlk and dungeon finder I have been playing all my 10 alts even after leveling all of them to max for about half year more then I would be. Usually I have been playing all to max, then waiting next expansion. With Cata and (imo of course) terrible mistakes they did to WORKING formula of 5man endgame (because I'm not jobless person to afford staying in game for 6 hours in raid nor planning for 1 or 2 weeks ahead) Wotlk and listening to VOCAL MINORITIES ... I have lost completely from my sight any end game in wow. Guess this is permanent damage. Mainly also because before was only wow. And many filler up games from time to time that in best case scenario I had enough in 2 months. And no single alt maxed out, here 10 in any other game. Now I have Rift and Swtor to play in mean time. They give me so much fun just leveling and questing that I do not need to bother with end game to force me to stay in game I like.

Excellent analysis, I totally agree.

Rift is crap too, but SW:TOR is more fun and accessible than WoW... at least until Guild Wars 2 is released.

*notes to head to rogue to make another 200+ attempts to get that pattern before all the lock-boxes get reduced further*

It isn't until the final page that you mention there will be a "new level 90 instance". So this confirms that there won't simply be a new max level dungeon a la Deadmines, but the old ones will change too.

I like the changes being made to Scholo - the only reason I go there is for the books, now the paladin quests have gone.

I guess that with the "one dungeon = one level" XP speed, the fine distinction between the four SM instances from level 28 through to 34 has become increasingly irrelevant. The last time I levelled an alt through there I was often the lowest in a very wide range of levels.

It's also a chance to get rid of some of the less useful items (strength on leather, for instance, is now irrelevant now that bears use agility too). I just hope they keep the same number of lock-boxes...

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