World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - Instance Revamp Overview

Take a first look at the changes Blizzard has brought to Ragefire Chasm, Scholomance, and the Scarlet Monastery in the new Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Legions of World of Warcraft players have conquered and recomputed the various low level dungeons available in game. Found memories of battles won, friends made, and even those not so shining moments as your group wiped over and over again. In Mists of Pandaria players will get to see some of their favorite instances revamped and refreshed giving them a brand new lease on life. On this list of revamps are Ragefire Chasm, Scholomance, and Scarlet Monastery. Join us as we give you a preview of these instances and their fresh new faces!

Please note that the information found in this article was pulled from the beta which is ultimately just a glimpse of what may come in the expansion. As such all information may become invalid once Mists of Pandaria is actually released.

Mists of Pandaria - Ragefire Chasm

The Kobolds are no more, their tiny bodies littering the floor of the chasm, instead a new enemy lurks within the walls of Ragefire Chasm; the Dark Shaman. Based on the quest text found at the beginning of the instance the Dark Shaman are former members of the Horde who now work towards a dark purpose. Summing fearsome beasts and completing an unknown amount of dark rituals that are sure to serve no purpose of good. These Dark Shaman are referred to as the next “Twilight’s Hammer” of WoW.

Below is a brief overview of what is new in Ragefire Chasm:

  • New Trash Mobs
  • New Bosses
  • New Quests
  • More Streamlined Instance
  • Less Trash
Ragefire Chasm Bosses

Bosses Abilities
Dark Shaman Koranthal 
Lava Guard Gordoth
Flame Breath
Twisted Elements/Summon Shadow Storm
Lava Spit/Burrow
Seismic Slam/Ground Rupture

Ragefire Chasm Trash Mobs
  • Mature Flame Hounds
  • Adolescent Flame Hounds
  • Corrupted Houndmaster
  • Corrupted Reaver
  • Dark Shaman Acolyte
  • Corrupted Flamecaller
Ragefire Chasm Quests

The Dark Shaman

Quest Giver: Invoker Xorenth

    The Dark Shaman have taken over Ragefire Chasm and are performing dark rituals and raising beats. These shaman are no friends of the Horde and you are instructed to fight your way through the Chasm and kill two of their leaders; Dark Shaman Korantal and Lava Guard Gordoth.

    Animal Control

    Quest Giver: Commander Bagran

      The Chasm is overrun with flame hounds and lava worms who are feasting and thriving off the corpses of the Kobalds. You are charged with clearing a path through these beasts and take out the largest threats; Adjules and Magnaw.

      No Orc Left Behind

      Quest Giver: Commander Bagran

        During a routine sweep of Ragefire Chasm, Commander Bagran discovered things are far from routine. A new menace has taken over Ragefire Chasm and a group of scouts has gone missing. You are to seek out five Kor’kron scouts currently missing inside the chasm and rescue them.

        A New Enemy

        Quest Giver: Invoker Xorenth

          The power of the Dark Shaman has attracted many allies and are more than a small threat to the Horde. You must make an example of these cultists and kill any you come across and collect 5 of their Corrupted Insignias as proof of your kills.

          Ragefire Chasm Screenshots

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          Mists of Pandaria - Scholomance

          Scholomance is one of my, and the rest of the WoW populations, favorite instances of all time. From the bosses to the general feel of the instance, Scholomance is just one of those dungeons that sticks with you. So when I heard that Scholomance was getting a bit of a face lift in Mists of Pandaria I was more than a little bit curious at how this already great instance could be improved upon.

          Check out the overview of changes coming to Scholomance:

          • Updated NPC Models
          • Shorter Instance
          • Fewer Bosses
          • Creepier Artwork
          • New Storyline Featuring Lillian Voss

          Scholomance has been outfitted with new NPC models outfitted with the new Forsaken skin introduced in Wraith. Also updated is the artwork, players will find ghostly faces on the walls, candelabras outfitted with green fel flames, and updated spell effects that are sure to give you goosebumps of pleasure. Truly Scholomance has become a creepier place in Mists of Pandaria.

          In addition to a creepier feel, Scholomance has been streamlined with many of the the extra wings and areas that are a bit off the beaten path such as the special basement areas that once contained bosses like Rattlegore. Instead players who enter Scholomance will find it easy to navigate with one boss falling after another giving the instance a far more streamlined feeling. All mini-bosses also seem to have been removed, so if you are out to get the matching gear sets that these mobs used to drop you may want to do so sooner rather than later.

          The best part of the new improved Scholomance, however, is the addition of Lillian Voss, the kick ass Undead that we were introduced to in Tirisfal Glades. This fresh new storyline is interactive and gives the dungeon a fresh new feel that will delight new and old players alike. To keep the freshening process rolling Blizzard has also reworked the bosses making this feel almost like a brand new instance. Continue reading on for an overview of the boss fights:

          Scholomance Bosses

          Instructor Chillheart

          Found in the first room of the instance Instructor Chillheart is a two part fight. When first engaged the lich will cast Frostbolts and summon an Ice Wave that will slowly make its way across the room. It my speculation that it is a good idea to push Instructor Chillheart into her second phase before your group gets hit with this wave. In the second phase of the fight Instructor Chillheart retreats into the phylactery in the center of the room. While you take ou the phylactery Instructor Chillheart will summon hostile books and cause explosions until she is defeated.

          Jandice Barov

          Jandice has been moved out of her rather obscure location in the crypts and relocated to the second large room found inside Scholomance. When engaged Jandice will attack your raid with Wondrous Rapidity, an AOE magic missile of sorts. She will also periodically vanish and summon shadowy images of herself placed around the room using the Whirl of Illusion spell.


          Rattlegore has come out of the basement and is now located in the room that holds the bone pits. Rattlegore only spawns after a dialog occurs between Darkmaster Gandling and Lillian Voss after which she implores you to kill the summoners located around the room. Once all the summoners are defeated Rattlegore will appear in the center of the room. When engaged Rattlegore will cast Bone Spike, a high damage ability. Players can protect themselves from this attack by clicking on the various glowing bone piles lying about the room.

          Lillian Voss

          The next boss you will encounter is Darkmaster Gandling…or so it seems. Instead you get a brand new boss in the form of the formidable Lillian Voss. Gandling attempts to bend her will, and you are forced to take her on. As you DPS Lillian down quickly enough she will regain strength and end the encounter by regaining her will and pouncing upon Gandling. However, it is likely that this may not happen in which case her dark side will emerge and health will be drained from her. While fighting Lillian she will use the Shadow Shiv ability at which time Lillian will jump on a players shoulders and attack them, as well as the Dark Blaze ability. The Dark Blaze ability is an AOE that shoots white flames from Lillian as well as leaves a flame path on the floor. After the fight Lillian asks to be left to die alone, if this is the last time we will see Lillian is unknown.

          Professor Slate

          Professor Slate can be found in the new classroom (complete with bored students). During the first portion of this fight the Professor will Rend players as well as toss Toxic Potions which leave a poison cloud on the floor. After doing some damage to Professor Slate, he will turn into a Flesh Horror and do increased damage until he is defeated.

          Darkmaster Gandling

          Darkmaster Gandling is still the final boss of this instance, and with the imposing swirling ring of fire that now surrounds him I was more than a bit excited to take on this fight. Sadly, I believe that the Darkmaster Gandling fight is very unfinished. Gandling cast Incinerate and Immolate throughout the fight, but did little else. The mini-boss rooms still surround him and it is likely that in the finished fight players will be teleported to these rooms to face off against monsters unknown to rejoin the fight.

          Scholomance Screenshots

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          Mists of Pandaria - Scarlet Monastery

          Inside the Scarlet Monastery players will find the area greatly changed. Only two instances of the four are now available, one of which has been renamed while both have been revamped and fitted with a brand new storyline. Players will be able to enter what was once the “Graveyard” side of Scarlet Monastery as well as the Library side. A level 90 Heroic version of the instance has also been added. Ultimately the Scarlet Monastery is still quite unfinished, however, from what I experienced holds more than a little potential.

          Read onward to see an overview of the changes found in each of these instances:

          Scarlet Cathedral

          The Scarlet Cathedral starts in what players know as the Graveyard. Here players will see a grisly scene. Hordes of mindless undead rise to attack the Scarlet Crusade members with piles of burning bodies littering the ground. At the end of the instance, standing in front of the mausoleum, you will find the first boss; Bloodmage Thalnos. From there players will take a doorway that leads directly into what is considered to be the Cathedral portion of the instance.

          To make this portion of the instance more interactive, players can collect bombs from Scarlet Crusade members which can be detonated to do damage to undead as well as other members of the Scarlet Crusade. While traveling through this portion of the instance players will notice that Interrogator Vishas has been removed. Instead the next boss encountered is Brother Korloff found outside the cathedral doors. Inside players will find that Scarlet Commander Mograine has been replaced by General Durand, however, High Inquisitor Whitemane is alive and ready to cast her rather annoying resurrection as always.

          Bosses Abilities
          Thalnos the Soulrender
          Brother Korloff
          Commander Durand
          High Inquistor Whitemane
          Spirit Gate/Raise the Fallen Crusade/Evict Soul/Empowering Spirits
          Blazing Fists/Firestorm Kick/Scortched Earth
          Dashing Strike
          Holy Smite/Mass Resurrection/Scarlet Resurrection/Power Word: Shield

          Scarlet Halls

          A combination of the Library and the Armory players are in for an interactive treat in this instance. Starting out in the Library players make their way down a hallway filled with Scarlet Hounds (equipped with leashes and brand new models!) which leads into a courtyard filled with targets. Archers here will fire at you and push you backwards until you pick up one of the targets and use it to provide cover until you reach the line.

          From here players will head down another hallway to the Huntsman’s Cloister where they will find Houndmaster Braun who has taken the place of Houndmaster Loksey. After defeating the Houndmaster players will venture through the Scarlet Halls until they reach a door that leads to what used to be Herod’s room. Herod, however, has sadly been replaced by Armsmaster Harlan.

          The instance does not end here, instead players will continue onward to what was the Library area of the instance. Along the way players will encounter new special trash mobs that drop sizeable portions of gold. Here the final boss is Flameweaver Koegler who has replaced Arcanist Dean. I was not able to presonally experience this fight for myself as the instance bugged out time and time again after defeating Harlan. Checking out the Scarlet Halls once it is finished should be something on every WoW player's list.

          Bosses Abilities
          Houndmaster Braun
          Flameweaver Koegler
          Piercing Throw/Death Blossom/Summon Dogs
          Dragon's Reach/Berserker Rage/Blades of Light

          What do you think to the changes that have been made to these three instances? Were these changes needed or should Blizzard have left these WoW dungeons alone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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