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One of my loving wife’s all time past-times is creating her character. It takes her the better part of an hour to finely craft a toon that is to her liking. Each individual face, hairstyle, and coloring must be explored until she has crafted a character that is “perfect”, at least in her eyes. I, on the other hand, slap a character together in less than 5 minutes (naming included) and get to playing.

The newest World of Warcraft expansion; Mists of Pandaria, will introduce the Pandaren, and much to the delight of players like my wife, a whole new character to design. Wondering what you will have to choose from when designing your new Pandaren? We here at Ten Ton Hammer are going to unviel a little of the mystery for those of you without beta keys, starting with the Pandaren hairstyles. Below you will find screenshots of both male and female styles both front and back. This means that those of you who love character design can get an early start on deciding which look your Pandaren will sport. Enjoy!

Female Pandaren Hairstyles in Mists of Pandaria

Female Pandaren hairstyles have a distinct Asian influence. Most of these hairstyles would fit right into any manga or Japanese cartoon world. Please note that the red streaks seen in the hairstyles shown below can be changed to a variety of colors. 

The first Pandaren female 'do presents a spiky side swept look in the front however in the back you will find a long sleek pony tail kept in place with more than few bands.

Hairstyle number two allows the female Pandaren to sport a “bump” in the front and, much like the first hairstyle, a long ponytail in the back, minus the restraining bands.

Female Pandaren hairstyle number three is a look with choppy bangs in the front that lead into a braid in the back held into place by gold bands.

Pandaren females who choose hairstyle number four will find the hair pulled back into a large colored bump decorated with flowers. The back of the hair is sleek and straight.

Hairstyle number five offers choppy bangs down on one side. Half of the longer portion of the hair is pulled into a bun that is held in place with chopsticks while the rest hangs down the back.

Messy short bangs in the front with one long colored piece pulled to the front and swept to one side, hairstyle number six sports half of the hair in a braid in the back while the rest lays down the back.

Hairstyle seven is all over the place in the front with bright colored pieces and black intertwining giving the hair a the look of a weaved basket, while a small braid hangs on the right side. In the back this hairstyle gives the Pandaren uber cute pigtails holding the top of the hair, while the rest lies straight on the back.

Hairstyle eight once again mixes colored pieces and black to create and interesting affect with the bangs. Moving to the back, some the hair is held into two buns that are covered with white bun covers decorated with a ribbon while the rest of the hair hangs straight down.

In Pandaren female hairstyle nine the middle of the bangs are pulled back, while the sides hang loose. In the back all of the hair is pulled into two high pigtails held by a green and gold holder.

The tenth and final hairstyle appears tame in the front, with full bangs, however, the back is a riot of color and design. Two small ponytails form small bumps at the top of the head, while two others form together to form a single ponytail that falls down the back. Leftover hair is left to hang loosely.

Can’t get enough Pandaren hairstyles? Head over to page two to check out the male Pandaren hairstyles!

@kamysale If you played mage dunrig BC, and were raiding, you'd swallow your hat. If you played warrior prior to them fixing the number of button smashing for tanking prior to WOTLK, you have no right to say anything.There was a time when priests were so required in raids because of vamp touch, i.e. DURING BC, that no raid had any lack of it, and thats what I played at that time. Srsly, it was stupid.10 mans, cutting out class only important raid cooldowns etc. they did a great job there.

Good article! But it would be better to spell it "unveil." Also, the sentence: "One of my loving wife’s all time past-times is creating her character" needs the word 'favorite' in it, methinks.

As much as I like making fun of wow and Blizzard now-days, I have to admit that the Pandaren girls look pretty cute.

Also it took them about 8 years to finally get it through their thick skulls that an appearance option has been wanted for a very very long time.

Too late though? Or better late than never?

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