WoW Cataclysm: Thunder Bluff Preview

Walking up to the great elevators leading to Thunder Bluff, the very same elevators that many WoW players have found themselves dead at the base of due to some PvP or clumsiness on their own part, p
Walking up to the great elevators leading to Thunder Bluff, the very same elevators that many WoW players have found themselves dead at the base of due to some PvP or clumsiness on their own part, players will find that happily these familiar beacons stand just the same as they did pre-Cataclysm.

Reaching the first level of Thunder Bluff players will once again be greeted with a familiar sight. It seems that the first tier of Thunder Bluff has escaped change. The only noticeable difference is the female level 75 Bluff Watcher guarding the elevators has been replaced with a much buffer looking level 85 male.

If it’s change you’re looking for, Hunter Rise will be another huge disappointment. The domed tent, Hunter’s Hall,  still remains, containing the Hunter and Warrior trainers. The other buildings and NPCs at a glance also appear to remain unchanged.

Upon closer inspection of Hunter Rise, however, players will notice that it has gained at least a few new residents. In the a small tent on the eastern side of the rise near Hunter’s Hall that once contained Saern Priderunner, three Paladin trainers are now available for the fresh new Tauren Paladins making their way up in levels.

Moving up the giant totem pole to the second level of Thunder Bluff players again will be faced with a landscape that they know very well. Kuna Thunderhorn is still the first Tauren NPC greeting players as they enter this level, and  even the sign post directing visitors and clay fire pit in the middle are still standing firmly in place.

Heading across the bridge to Spirit Rise I can’t help but wonder if here at last I will finally see some change. But alas change could not be found here, as Spirit Rise like the rest of Thunder Bluff appears to remain in a time warp, making one question whether they even have Cataclysm installed. The windmill still spins tranquilly and the teepee like tent that dominates the scenery here still stands as it did in days of old.

Inside the earth of Spirit Rise, otherwise known as the Pools of Reflection, subtle changes have taken place. Undead Warlock trainers have finally taken up residence here, alongside the Priest and Mage trainers that were already available. One can only wonder how the Tauren feel about Warlocks taking up residence in their fair city, even if it is in the Undead dominated section underground. Other than this new addition, this section of Thunder Bluff remains the same.

Elder Rise, preferred location of the Druids of Thunder Bluff, appears to have escaped the ravages of Cataclysm as well. The rather old Bashana Runetotem has not yet kicked the proverbial bucket, and the huge tent dominating this rise containing Druid trainers galore still proudly stands.

Inside though, like the Pools of Reflection, some subtle changes have taken place. Tahu Sagewind, and his companion Aponi Brightmane have vanished from next to the fireside, but to where no one can really say. Upon closer inspection players will also notice that Elder Rise is no longer only home to Druid trainers, as several Priest trainers have also taken up residence in the great tent celebrating the Tauren’s induction into this class.

Finally it’s time to take the last journey up the totem pole to the highest level of Thunder Bluff. Will it too have escaped untouched by the ravages of Deathwing? Upon first inspection it appears that nothing has changed. The tents with their orange roofs still stand with NPCs inside selling their wares. In the background the huge tent dedicated to Thunder Bluff’s fearless leader remains and while the fire in the center of the level is no longer burning (perhaps a glitch) all appears normal here.

Normal though is sometimes just an illusion. Walking closer to the main tent players will find Cairne Bloodhoof, proud leader of the Tauren is no longer standing proudly in the doorway. After losing battle against Garrosh Hellscream, Cairne was greatly weakened and the Grimtotems took the opportunity to wipe out the honorable Tauren leader. Upon Cairne’s death his son, Baine, has taken over leadership of the Tauren. Hopefully he will be able to fill his father’s shoes, or hooves if you will.

While the changes to scenery to Thunder Bluff are far and few between, the loss of Cairne is a devastating blow to the Tauren, and one can only wonder what will become of the Tauren race and homeland even with Baine’s leadership. However things are definatly looking up. Especially concerning relations with Garrosh, as the Tauren have been allowed to increase their presence greatly in Orgrimmar and basically make the Valley of Wisdom their own. To view pictures of the Tauren’s remodeling of the Valley of Wisdom visit our WoW Cataclysm - Orgrimmar Preview.

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