Zul'Gurub 4.1 Preview

Posted Tue, Mar 22, 2011 by Messiah

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With the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.1 we are going to be able to explore two classic raids once again. The two raids are Zul’Gurub and Zul’Amon and are being changed over to 5 man heroic instances. This is pretty exciting for many players as there were long time favourite raids for a huge number of players. They will also offer some additional near raid level gear out of heroic 5 player instances.

Today we are going to focus on the instance of Zul’Gurub and see what it has to offer in it’s re-release. Keep in mind though that this is all based off of the PTR servers and is essentially in beta mode, anything and everything could change before being released onto the official servers.

There are some big changes leading up to the instance itself with a completely new quest line that leads players to it. The quest starts in any of the major cities where you can accept the start of the chain that leads you to the zone and starts a series of quests that explains all of the new lore around the instance. You will be introduced to the various bosses and at least some hints as to their abilities and the gods they represent. The chain tells a great story and is what I wish more quest chains were like.


There will be 5 bosses in the revamped version of Zul’Gurub down from the original 8 when it was a raid instance. Some of the bosses are new while some are revamps of the original bosses found in the instance. Even the re-used bosses get some new mechanics though so don’t expect to walk in knowing the fights. The bosses and a little bit about the fights are as follows, keeping in mind that this is still PTR and the fights are subject to change.

The Layout of Zul'Gurub High Priest Venoxis – This is a two phase fight. In the first phase Venoxis uses poison that spreads around the room following players that you need to avoid. He also channels poison at a random player in a beam that does heavy damage and needs to be avoided. Lastly he can link two players with a poison beam, and they need to run apart to break it or suffer heavy damage. In the second phase he has a frontal cone effect that kills anyone caught in it and a beam effect which chases players. After the second phase he becomes exhausted for a short time suffering double damage, after which he reverts to phase one.

High Priestess Kilnara (New) – In this fight you need to deal with the boss as she throws shadow bolts at players who are at range and AoE damage at players in melee range. She also transforms into a cat form and summons swarms of panther adds that need to be picked up an AoE’ed down.

Zanzil (New) – This fight uses cauldrons that are in the area as a mechanic so that you can do various additional abilities. There are fire cauldrons that do AoE damage, ice cauldrons that freeze enemies, and green cauldrons that reduce poison damage. While dealing with the boss you use these abilities to deal with his abilities. Fire kills zombies, ice deals with the trolls, and green deals with poison. All this must be dealt with while killing the boss.

Bloodlord Mandokir – In the first phase of this fight the boss can switch targets quickly and kill players. Don’t worry too much though as you will rez by a nearby spirit healer. Every time he does kill someone though he “levels up” and hits harder. After a while you enter phase two and his raptor mount enters the fight. The raptor will target the spirit healers which, if killed, can not rez you any more. Your job is to protect the healers and kill the raptor as fast as possible, then switch back to the boss.

Jin’do the Godbreaker – This is an interesting two phase fight that occurs in both the real realm and in the spirit realm. In the real realm players need to get into a summoned shield to protect themselves from big incoming damage. In the spirit phase players need to drag the ghosts of dead trolls over chains that are trapping Hakkar’s Spirit so that they take more damage and free the dead god.

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