Dragon Soul Raid Finder: Top 5 Mistakes

Posted Tue, Jan 10, 2012 by Messiah

Top 5 Raid Finder Mistakes (and how to avoid making them)

The new Looking for Raid tool, commonly called the Raid Finder, is an awesome new tool that allows more players into raids than ever before. However with this huge influx of new raiders, you will find an equally large number of players that don’t really know what they are doing or what is expected. Everyone is just so excited to raid the Dragon Soul Raid that they rush right in.

That’s where this little guide steps in to help out. If you are new to the Raid Finder, or even just haven’t raided in a while, you should check out this list of 5 common mistakes that players are making. Knowing them up front, allows you to go in properly prepared and not make them yourself.

5) Players not knowing their class

This is the first thing that you should do, and it really is hard to believe but there are still players out there even at level 85 that simply do not know how to play their class. If you are a hunter that believes in melee for example, please do not ever sign up for raid finder. This is an extreme example, but I have seen some… sigh.

Dragon Soul Raid group
All these people count on you knowing what to do.

More subtle examples are characters that do not know which stat is best for them and are reforged to their worst possible stat, or players that are using abilities that are horrible that any other player of that class knows to avoid. This is always easy to see on DPS players when they come in and are unable to even do 10,000 DPS on a boss. Really? If you can not do 10,000 sustained unbuffed against a target dummy, you probably shouldn’t sign up to looking for raid, as that is a super simple number to hit in 353 gear never mind at the 372 level. Once raid buffed and geared to at least 372, the minimum any DPS player should be putting out is 15,000 and even then many groups will be looking to kick you. Another example are players that don’t know they have battle rez’s. I have run into Warlocks that didn’t know they could use their soul stones on dead players, and even a feral druid who didn’t know to battle rez a healer in a fight. Really people? If you can not even play your class, how do you expect to play your class with others.

4) Players cheating the item level system to get in

While we all know the item level system is flawed and that better gear does not necessarily mean a better player, it is there for a reason. Breaking it on purpose just because you want to, is not a good reason.

This means don’t use PVP gear, don’t queue as healer for healing gear if it is your tank set that qualifies you and your healing gear is only 333. Don’t let other pieces in your bag count towards your set that you are queuing as. In general be honest and make sure you are really ready.

Also, make sure you are enchanted, gemmed and reforged. Having the item level is one thing, having the items really being ready is a completely different thing.

If you are not sure on how to validly get geared up, check out our Gearing for Raid Finder for help. You can also check out Playerscore to find out how you rank and where you should go for new gear.

3) Players that do not have flasks and food

This is huge, especially when you are not sure of how your other party members are going to be equipped. Flasks and food offer huge buffs to your character for a relatively low price and are well worth it.

Dragon Soul Raid flask buff
It is a huge buff for very little cost.

For example a common tanking flask provides 450 stamina! Would any sane tank ever give up 450 stamina that is essentially free? I think not. Every class has a flask out there for them that significantly improves their character (most provide 300 of their key stat) and does not cost that much. After all what is a few hundred gold at level 85 for a run, nothing.

The same with food, most buff food offers 90 stamina and 90 of a key stat, there is no way that it is excusable to miss this buff, when you can get stacks of 20 food for so little on the auction house.

Between these two simple things, by not having them you give up at least 390 of your main stat. That is as much as 3-4 normal item upgrades that you are just throwing away by not having it. That is simply not acceptable in any situation involving a group of players relying on you.

2) Players that do not follow instructions

This on is hit or miss, as sometimes you do run into a raid leader in the LFR tool that really is clueless and you shouldn’t follow what they say. However…

Even if you think you know better, follow what the group decides to do. Going off on your own only causes problems and splits the group.

If you can as a group convince the raid leader to appoint someone else, that is awesome, do so. If not, follow along with the group until they decide to or the incompetent raid leader is kicked.

If you go out and do your own thing you will just be the one to be blamed for the wipe and kicked, instead of others realizing that there is another real issue and listening.

Also, please remember there are real people behind the other characters, calling people idiots, morons, and other names (while it may be true), is not the best way to get anyone to listen. Be respectful, talk intelligently, and you will have way more luck in getting anything done.

1) Players that do not know the fights!

The number one mistake players make however is really one of the easiest to avoid.

There really is no reason to go into the raid finder not knowing a fight and wiping the group. Doing so will get you kicked very fast. This ties into the above, following instructions error, but is subtly different. Really no one should need to follow instructions if everyone knew the fights and knew what was expected of them. In general there are very few things that you would need to follow instructions for, other than kill orders on some fights, healing assignments, and tank swaps.

Where do you go to learn the fights though if not actually doing them? Luckily there are several places. Blizzard has the Dungeon Journal in the game for a reason, use it. Look up the fight mechanics and learn them before you go in.

Better yet, we have a guild that covers the basics and what you need to do for each one right here: Dragon Soul Raid Guide.

Failing that you can always look up the videos for each of the boss fights on youtube and watch them there.

I got kicked, and reviled, for not knowing the fight BECAUSE I FOLLOWED YOUR GUIDE! We were on the spine of Deathwing, and I attacked the big tendrils around the edge. According to your guide, three of these have to be brought down to cause blood and smaller tendrils to spawn. But when I did this, the rest of the raid went ballistic.

The thing is that there are different requirements for the full raids from what is required in the raid finder version. For example, you only have to kill one of those tendrils in raid finder, and some groups don't even do that. Your guides seem to be based on the full version, probably from the PTR.

What you need to do is publish an article, or update your guides, detailing the differences between the raid finder raids and the regular and heroic ones.

Well those tendril's don't have 1 HP so they took time to kill, therefore it can only be assumed you weren't paying attention to people when you were being told not to attack them. THAT'S probably why you got kicked.

Remember just because you read a guide and it is your first time in a specific zone, there is probably someone who knows it better than you and to pay attention (aka marks.)

The guides are perfectly fine as is to familliarize yourself with the encounters. Differentiating a slight difference from what you saw is, really just a matter of paying attention to your surroundings.

Just to point something out, you stated, or asked rather, would any sane tank give up 450 stam? well, the real answer is they should. There is no, and I repeat, NO reason a pally/war/dk tank that should use a Flask of Steelskin. All 3 of those tanks should be using Elixir of the Master and Prismatic Elixir, NOT a stam flask...Stam in cata is not like stam in WotLK, so please be careful in saying this as some people will take what you say and do it and then be screwing themselves out of stats that are WAY more helpful to them.

Yes and no .. depends of the stats that you're tank has.
My tank has il 387 and i have mastery dodge and parry together at 102.5. All the above isn't used so no use on extra mastery. So untill one of my gear get's less mastery i only take flask of steelskin because if you're block is at max a bit extra health is never bad...

Most tanks though aim to be hit capped through gear, not through flasks. I am at 102.5% without flasks and therefore take the stamina. Many tanks do the same thing.

I agree stamina is not the be all and end all like it was before. But only a tank would pick that up, most players see the big huge number and stam and think TANK, so it was there for effect. The average player that is not a tank does not understand that stamina is not the best stat until you are hit capped (and even then avoidance can still be better), they see big stamina numbers and understand tanks need health. 450 stam or 0 stam by not taking a flask is an easy example for the average player to follow. While I could have used 300 mastery, it would not have the same meaning to the masses....

There's no way I'm going to chalk up gold for flasks and/or food for 378-384 gear (5-man gear). Maybe if Blizz realized they should make LFR the 'normal mode' and Heroic the 'challenge mode', they would only need 2 types of raids, and then people would actually want to seriously do DS instead of treating it like what it is, a way to get valor points.

LFR is supposed to be easy, so is normal mode raiding. LFR should drop 397 items with the same gear it has now - and then if people really want a challenge, they can do Heroic Mode. If Blizz had adopted THIS model years ago no one would be complaining, because Heroic Mode will always be hard, and Normal Mode should be easy. The end. Plus, dropping 397 iLvl items would make LFR itself intrinsically easier to complete (which makes up for the idiots showing up).

LFR is meant to be every man for himself. Trying to listen to someone? That's the problem itself... These people won't listen to anyone and neither should you. What you should do is quietly manage to avoid dying until the end and then hopefully you can carry and salvage what is essentially a run full of idiots, especially due to the fact that Mexico and Oceanic realms are in the queue for LFR - They don't speak English, hate the USA and are massively undergeared in comparison to the US realms. They should have their own versions of the game (Like the EU realms do) instead of mixing them in with us. No MX/AUS/NZ players = No wipes. US players will pass it every time. US players will win every BG. US servers for US players, AUS servers for AUS players, MX servers for MX players, NZ servers for NZ players - and don't mix and match them, we don't want them on our servers.

Summary: 397 ilvl loot for LFR difficulty. 416 loot for Heroic Raiding. If you want a challenge you can look for a Heroic raid once you use LFR to gear up. That's how progression SHOULD work. LFR is only meant to be a loot pinata to progress to Heroic tier. That would also even the game out and put pressure on the hardcore 'omg we're sponsored' guilds, who are really a bunch of jerks and most of them deserve to get beat down and have their teeth knocked out.

What the fuck?
Aus/NZ not speaking english?

Stop being a dipshit.

Some of the very worst gamers i've ever had the displeasure of being in the presence of have been Americans. I can't speak for NZ or Mexico, but Australia has plenty of hardcore, serious, highly skilled raiders.

That said, i'd be happy to have our own servers, I just won't state my reason why as being a stupid generalisation like "all amerifags r shit raidrs".

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