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ForteXorcist is a do it all spell and cooldown timer made predominantly for Warlocks and Death Knights but usable by any class.  It has a lot of different little ele

ForteXorcist is a do it all spell and cooldown timer made predominantly for Warlocks and Death Knights but usable by any class.  It has a lot of different little elements that pop up when you first load it and it appears to really be able to do everything. While it is aimed primarily as a tool for raiding Warlocks it also has great utility for Death Knights, my primary purpose of trying it.

ForteXorcist bar and timers

What it aims to do is provide a highly configurable spell timer, cooldown timer, warning sounds, and messages. While it provides that for all characters it also has a ton of extra features for warlocks only, including soulstone tracking, shard management, summoning assistance, and more.

Mod Name: ForteXorcist

Category: Spell Timer, Cooldown Timer, Warlock Utility

Author: Xus

Version Reviewed: V1.959.4

Homepage: Click Here!

ForteXorcist Review

While one of the primary purposes of ForteXorcist is to make life simple for Warlocks, it is not something I am really going to look at in depth since I do not run a Warlock.  I will talk about the warlock only features but only briefly, later on.  What ForteXorcist is meant to do for most classes is provide an all in one spell and cooldown timer.  This is an important thing for most classes as most players like to have a central visual way to see what is almost off cooldown rather than watching icons to become available again.

The first thing that you will notice after installing ForteXorcist is the two main bars that are added to your screen.  The first one I am going to talk about is the cooldown bar.  This bar shows in a very easy to follow graphical way which spells or effects are coming off of cooldown next.  It can get a bit busy due to the number of things that are tracked though, so be prepared.

The simple layout passes on a lot of information in a limited space

As a Death Knight you will have runes showing when they are going to reset, spell cooldowns, and when diseases are wearing off your opponent.  As a Warlock you can additionally expect to see your DoTs, curses, and spell cooldowns there.  It gets to be a busy bar, and it even does a pretty good job of showing it all.  The only issue I have with it is that it is too busy at times. Spells and abilities overlap and make it unclear at times as to what is happening.  I suppose you get used to it, but it is hard to follow.

A very cool ability of the bar is that you can click on an ability and it will announce your cooldown remaining to your party or raid.  This means that when someone is asking how long until an ability is available, such as a Druid’s rebirth, you can simply click on it and announce it to the raid.

The second main bar that is added by ForteXorcist is the spell cooldown timer.  This is a listing of spells and abilities and when they will be available again.  The list makes it easy to see what you can cast and how soon.  Better yet you can set it up to see your current target, or all targets with abilities on them.  It would make watching DoTs and Curses on multiple bosses much simpler for a Warlock. Even as a Death Knight it makes it really easy to tell how many enemies your diseases have spread to, which is nice to know.

A nice feature with the spell cooldown timer is the ability to set colours to each type of timer.  For example you can make your cooldowns one colour, your DoTs on the targets another, and your debuffs a third.  It makes it very easy to tell at a quick glance what is happening at any given time. Also you can set the bars to go up or down from the starting point, so you can place it at the top or bottom of your screen depending on your UI layout.

Now onto a few of the Warlock only items.  These are your soulstone tracking, shard management, and summoning assistance. These little tools make life simpler reminding you visually of the important Warlock items.  It sucks when a raid wipes due to a soulstone expiring and a Warlock forgot about it, so this will save you the embarrassment.  Also summoning is apparently a bit easier to track which is a good thing. 

There are a ton of settings, the screen scrolls down for what seems like forever!

One thing that stands out to me as a huge benefit with ForteXorcist is the amount of configuration that you can do with it.  When you first call up the configuration screen, prepare to be overwhelmed, it is huge.  If you can imagine the change or setup, chances are it is there to be configured.  Unfortunately this is also a pretty big down side for the tool as there is just so much there it is very confusing at first.  I played with it for a week and am still not sure I know what everything is for. 

Worse yet configuration wise, it comes preconfigured for a Warlock.  If you are some other class it takes a while of digging to disable all the Warlock tools and configuring it to match your class. It would be a great feature if there was a quick select for class right near the top of the configuration screen, so that you can quickly enable the common settings for your class and disable the rest.

Overall I see the tool as doing what it sets out to do very well, having a huge amount of configurability, and being attractive visually.  That’s the upside.  Here’s the downside, it comes configured for Warlocks, only Warlocks and Death Knights are fully implemented, configuration can be complicated, and reading the cooldown bar can be complicated.  For all the ups and downs though it is a solid mod, if you are willing to put some time into learning how to set it up.

I would like to see a bit of the configuration cleaned up to be simpler to configure.  Maybe a simple and advanced mode so that you can get used to it before getting dropped into a setup screen with 100+ options.  Also it would be nice to have all the classes fully implemented, with some quick config settings for each.  Each class is in there, but it still feels like things are missing. I would still recommend it as a solid option though, especially for DK’s and Locks.

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