Become an Overachiever with Overachiever - A WoW U.I. Mod Review

Earning achievements is hard work. Of course there is the occasional achievement that is exceptionally easy, or that you happen to get by mistake.
Earning achievements is hard work. Of course there is the occasional achievement that is exceptionally easy, or that you happen to get by mistake. For instance imagine my surprise to find after accidentally falling off a particularly high cliff that I had somehow managed to earn the “Going Down” achievement. For the most part though, achievements take time, patience, and sometimes large amounts of money. There are those players that, as with all things, claim that achievements are a waste of time and they of course have the right to hold that opinion, but for many others achievements make the game more interesting and enjoyable despite the hardships sometimes involved in obtaining them.

One of the things that I find most difficult in seeking out achievements to complete is digging through Blizzard’s Achievement frame. When using it I always think to myself how great it would be to search through the achievements based on a specific word, or to be able to see those achievements that are only available after others are completed. Imagine my surprise last month while reviewing the Underachiever addon to stumble across another addon that promised to do everything I had dreamed of and so much more.

Mod Name: Overachiever
Category: Achievements
Author: Tuhljin
Version Reviewed: v0.53
Homepage: Curse Forge

As mentioned above I came across Overachiever quite by accident. While looking at my writing schedule for the month I mistakenly downloaded Overachiever instead of Underachiever. I spent literally hours trying to figure out why the mod I had just downloaded would fake achievements like it was suppose to. Finally just before my head imploded I realized that I had downloaded the wrong mod. After I got over my annoyance with myself and downloaded and reviewed the correct mod, I decided instead of uninstalling Overachiever I would check it out. It should also be said that Overachiever and Underachiever work great together. While I don’t condone the use of Underachiever, Overachiever certainly makes the faking of mods much easier since you can easily search out any mod you want.

Once installed Overachiever adds three new tabs seamlessly to your achievements menu.
At this point I had of course figured out the basics of the mod, and was pretty well versed in all of its frames and the options menu. However, when I first installed it I had a little trouble tracking the mod down. This is because Overachiever blends almost flawlessly into the Blizzard achievement frames. Instead of opening its own window Overachiever instead adds extra tabs (that look exactly like the preexisting tabs) to your current achievement menu that allow the player to use its various functions. Overachiever fits in so well that I honestly thought that these “new” tabs had always been there and I had simply never noticed them.

Once installed Overachiever adds three new tabs to your standard achievement menu titled; Search, Suggestions, and Watch. The mod in general is very straight forward and easy to understand and as such the new tabs do exactly what their names imply. The Search tab gives players the ability to search for any achievement in the game, even if it is one of those pesky achievements that only shows up after another is completed. Users don’t even need to know the name of the achievement, as they can search for achievements based on any of the following criteria: Name, Description, Criteria, Rewards, or all of these at once.

The Suggestions and Watch tabs are just as straightforward while at the same time providing useful features that the Blizzard achievement frame is lacking. The Suggestions tab suggests achievements based on the player’s current zone that can be completed. You can also choose to override your current zone and type in one of your choosing. The final tab, labeled Watch, allows players to form a comprehensive list of achievements that they wish to complete.

Overachiever's search feature in action.
These three extra tabs made my achievement finding woes almost obsolete and I would have been satisfied with just the added tabs, but Overachiever goes even further. To make achievement seeking even easier, Overachiever also adds information from progress bars and normally hidden progress information, allows players to compare their progress using chat links, and provides extra tooltip reminders to help players complete achievements such as “To All The Squirrels I’ve Loved Before”, “It’s Happy Hour Somewhere”, and “Well Read”. See the complete list of mod features for yourself by downloading it from, or visiting the mod’s homepage listed above.

The Overachiever menu (which can be opened by typing /oa) is probably one of the simplest options menus I have ever seen. Sporting just two menu tabs Overachiever once again proves to be a very uncomplicated mod. I don’t see this as a bad thing though, overly complicated options menus are no fun at all. Overachiever has just enough options to let players customize the mod to their personal needs, without going overboard.

This mod is indeed an achievement lover’s dream come true. It adds everything the standard Blizzard achievement menu was missing, and does so in a way that every player can make use of it without spending hours trying to figure out how to work it. Would I recommend this mod to a friend? Without a doubt.

Overachiever's suggestion tab suggests achievements to the user based on the zone they are currently in.
In fact since the day I downloaded it I have been using Overachiever and plan to continue to do so into the future. My one and only wish to improve the mod would be to add the option to have separate Watch menus for each of my toons. Currently the mod saves the Watch menu for your entire account, so if you use it for more than one character it can become rather lengthy and difficult to navigate. Hopefully we will see this feature added in future updates. Even without it, this mod is worth downloading for those who want a little more from their achievement menu, I can almost guarantee it will live up to and exceed your standards. If you use, or have used Overachiever feel free to join us on our forums and share your experiences.

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