Asmodean Vitality Extraction Guide 200-299

What keeps you going?  What is it that makes you keep right clicking furiously on anything that sprouts out of the ground?  You've tackled the titanium and mined the minerals of the
What keeps you going?  What is it that makes you keep right clicking furiously on anything that sprouts out of the ground?  You've tackled the titanium and mined the minerals of the earth, and uprooted the ...

To hell with the alliteration.  You've done well to come this far in Vitality Extraction.  Hitting 200 is the halfway point.  And to some, it might as well be the halfway point to the halfway house.  This is serious business at this point and there are no easy ways to go about this anymore.  Brace yourself.

Things are going to get pretty serious at this point.  There are a few fairly safe regions to do these, but they're less than optimal.  Hell, if you wanted to do 200-250, you could do it all right outside the Beluslan Fortress walls.  But those nodes are sparse and highly botted due to the non-aggressive nature of the enemies in the area.  I wouldn't advise being below level 30 for the first half of this guide, and 35 for the second half.  You need to at least be able to handle 2 enemies at once and that's the safest blanket answer I can give you for the regions I'll be sending you to.  Can you handle it sooner?  Probably.  Should you?  Depends on how desperate you are to be ahead of the curve on your tradeskills.

Make damn sure your backpack is clear.  Each one of these nodes at this point will have at least one, sometimes two high quality/rare possibilities.  Pure-types sell oh so nicely....


Welcome to the Red Lava Cliffs, or the Salitnus Rise.  Either one works about the same for this tier, because all you'll likely be tapping is Adamantium.  Follow the outermost ridges on the rise as you approach the Ice Claw Village and you'll find plenty of Adamantium for the taking.  Jump off the cliff and check the area below for more spawns and as you make your way up mining more, you'll find the nodes have respawned.  If you prefer the more dangerous volcano route, do long paths along the road to Alsig Village.  Platinum and Adamantite spawns all alongside it, and you can go along the southern of the two roads going east for more opportunities.  If you reached a bridge with the Tree NPC, stop!  You've gone too far!  I've already scouted the area beyond it and there's nothing there :(  If all else fails in this tier you can return to the Sprigg Habitat and harvest up another stack of Kirka and Chikra that you did for the last part before.



...Now you have to go to the Red Lava Cliffs and run the exact same pattern if you did it already, and target Platinum.  If you are level 30-33, I would find an ideal spot, between two or three good nodes, and just get in a grinding rhythm, extracting whenever the nodes are up.  It can grate on you but you can level both extraction and your character at the same time at a respectable rate.   Take all of the adamantite and platinum you can get, and be on the lookout for rarer crystal nodes as you trek to the east.  While they aren't the best to skill up, at this point you know how much those silly handicrafters and alchemists will pay for these fancy stones.  Unless you are one yourself, that is.  In that case my apologies and I wish you luck on being self-sufficient on your endeavors... but take adamantium to 240 before you start passing it over at least, and go for platinum from there.  Most people care less about platinum so you're more likely to find those nodes untouched than the smithing ores.


If you're a tailor, you'll love me.  Xilix is all over the damn place in the Alsig Crossroad.   Look next to trees, in fields, behind you, you'll see it every few enemies.  Hell, you'll even see it around town if you're one of those crazy bastards leveling up the skill before you can even handle the enemies in the area.  Just look right outside the south gate and to the west after that, outside the southwest gate.  Two easy spawns and you shouldn't have to touch a single enemy to get them, and a 250 log or two along the way.  This can take you to 300 if you can stomach it.  Of course, if you're feeling brave, I have something else in mind.


You will likely hate me for this, but the fastest way to do it with no competition is to go to North Brusthonin.  Yes, a level 45+ area.  I am not sending you to die for no reason.  At this point in the game you know how to judge aggro ranges and thread the needle when running in-between two aggressive enemies.  You will make use of these skills and go to where no one really is at this point, at least to gather.  Zeller and Pressa are in abundance in the area immediately west and north of the NPC guards of the border between the 20 and 45 zones.  You should be able to access a Pressa node from within sight alone while standing at the guards, just northeast of them.  If you're too much of a sissy to go out further, just harvest this to 300.  If you want to get your feet wet and start scouting out the real nodes in the area and start spotting good stuff like Mithril and Subella, head west into Nabor Lake and follow the southern coast to start locating plenty of good node patterns.  You just might see me touch on this in our next section as our first run!

Vitality extraction is getting interesting, isn't it?  Or at least, as interesting as right clicking a gathering point can get.  With the game having such a low aggro range on 99% of the enemies in the game, this opens up a whole new world of low level gathering.  Thankfully it requires some intelligence and finesse, so you can make yourself stand out from the crowd if you're looking to craft the best of the best before you're even capable of wearing it, or want enough tries at that Noble Worthy Ultimate Silly Orange You'll Replace in 5 Levels Anyway for your craft.  The choice is yours, and the path is yours.  We have one final step left.  It'll be brutal.  It'll require a high level, or a death wish.  One of these is easier to deal with in this game than the other, but only you can answer that for yourself!  Decide and we'll see you in our final segment of Asmodean Vitality Extraction!

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