Aion: Asmodean Aether Gathering Guide - 100-199

If you've come this far, you're hardcore.  There's no doubt about it.  Mining Aether is a chore, a labor of love.  Taking it beyond 100 is going to test your patience all over again
If you've come this far, you're hardcore.  There's no doubt about it.  Mining Aether is a chore, a labor of love.  Taking it beyond 100 is going to test your patience all over again.  No longer do you have the ability to switch channels to make nodes respawn instantly.  No longer do you have the complete safety of the Fortress.  It's entirely possible for Elyos to come ruin your day when you're casually sucking the life out of the skies.

The same basics apply here, but starting with the next segment, things will be getting a little more threatening.  At this point you might want to consider at least waiting until level 25 to get your flight speed bonus.  Nodes other than these will be in some really annoying areas, but doing nothing with full wing power is even worse.  You could even wait until level 30 and get your new wings, but you'd have to suffer through that level range being forced to buy Aether Crystals if you wanted to craft solid gear for yourself.  After all, this guide is about harvesting Aether, not buying it!

Welcome to 100-199 aether gathering.  Got your lesser/normal/major wind serum stacks?  Good.  Let us begin.


Simple spots, close to the ground.  First is above the apothecary, the building west of the brokers.  The next one you'll hit is directly behind the brokers to the south.  You can rest on the Aether gate structure right next to it for quick resting.  From there, head due west and you'll find a node above the banner structure with a lone guard.  Loot it and rest next to the fortress flag.  By now, you should be able to restart your circuit but if you need some more time to kill there is a level 75 node right behind you over the banner structure.  You can still skill up on this into the 100s slightly, and you can never have enough aether of any type.


A little bit higher.  Start from atop the south middle gate, and look directly up.  That will be Node #1 for you.  Head northeast, land on the warehouse keeper's tent, and turn towards the middle of town facing directly up.  Node #2 is right there.  Now head to the northwest atop Aegir's command structure (the main campaign giver for Morheim) and look directly up.  You'll see another 125 node, #3, and a 100 node.  Loot the 100 if you need to kill some time, and repeat.


Now you'll start using the Abyss Gate structure in the middle as your resting point since these nodes are going to be awfully high.  To the northwest is your first point, above the stairs leading out of town.   Rest on the blue outcropping  and look directly south of where the first node was -- you'll see a 125 and a 150 in close proximity to each other.  Grab both, and then way above the very same fortress flag you used before is the final 150 point.  You can rest atop the gate there for easy access.  Nothing to it, right?  Try logging on non peak hours if competition is getting to you.


Oddly enough, the easiest part.  Just rest atop the abyss gate area once more, and grab the pictured note while facing northeast.   From there, just like the picture, a quick trip northwest and that's another easily reached point.  Circle around to the southeast and you'll see a node near where the blue outcropping joins up with the abyss gate.  Easy node #3.  Damn, why can't they all be this easy?  If you're having trouble competing for those, you'll have to suck it up and fly to the far south and far north regions to get Aether nodes with no competition.  Don't settle for that unless things are really overcrowded.  Then you can try going to the Sky Temple and pick up the nodes barely off the ground, which are 175 skill.  Put up a tent here if you do this, I sense you'll be here for a while in our next segment...

With this all said and done, you now have to pay about ten times what you did to take Aether Extraction to the Greater level.  Suck it up.  You just harvested a couple hundred aether crystals and probably about 65 high grade.  I think you can handle that, right?  With that purchased, we'll see you in our next installment of Aether Gathering, where we dance around a volcano and things get really unsafe!  May not be suitable for those under level 30!  Get to grinding those levels out and I'll see you there!

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