Aion Asmodean Vitality Extraction Guide 100-199

Are you tired of the people sitting next to quest givers with the items they need for 50,000 kinah when the reward is 5,000?  Asmodeans know what I'm talking abo
Are you tired of the people sitting next to quest givers with the items they need for 50,000 kinah when the reward is 5,000?  Asmodeans know what I'm talking about, and I'm here to make your life significantly easier in part deux of our Vitality series for the emo angels in us all.  This tier is daunting at first in Morheim, but after a quick glance here you'll realize that you just might be hunting in the wrong place for your vitality needs.

By the way, I'd advise you be at least 25 before attempting this guide.  Some of the enemies in these areas don't play nice if you're below that.  I take no responsibility for banshees trashing you before you can act if you don't listen to me.  There are safer places, but they are nowhere near as good as these.


I hope you like Titanium.  You'll be right clicking all along mountains to the west of the Havenjark Cemetary of Brusthonin.  Do very long sweeps so they have time to respawn behind you.  You'll have to pass over the gold for now.  Most people are here for that anyway, so you should have the titanium all to yourself.  Finish 130-140 with the plant life in Eastern Morheim along the pass.  There are plenty of good spawns here for your skill level.


It's time for a Rabano Rampage.  The farmlands to the south of our titanium ridge  will provide all of the Rabano you could ever ask for, in massive amounts and clustered deposits.  You'll have to fight for some of them, there's no way around it.  It's worth it.  You'll see and agree.


Yes, you've seen this picture before.  Time to depress the Gold market some more.  Run the exact same circuit you did for titanium, and grab everything in your path.  The titanium will sell well no matter what grade you pull.  The gold is just plentiful, in my experience it doesn't sell very much due to a low demand of gold-quality handicrafts and tomes/orbs.  You'll need a break after running the same route twice.  We're almost there!


You can't beat the Sprigg Habitat.  Look directly west of the main road going south to Mt. Musphel -- you'll see an enclosure loaded and surrounded by Kirka and Chikra.  Run in a circle looting everything as it comes and remember that only the Wardens and Hunters will actually pick a fight with you.  The gatherers are just like you, minding their own business!

Monotony is the game for this tier, unfortunately.  We've got massive clusters of the same thing over and over again.  There are some benefits to this though, namely bank space.  800 titanium takes up the same space as 8 titanium, rather than having a rainbow of different vitality goods.  Since most of this takes place in Brusthonin, you're safe from the occasional rifting party.  Just be sure to change it up and do this in moderation.  There's nothing to feel ashamed of if you quit the game because the experience grind was too much.  There is a lot of shame in losing your will to play from a gathering overdose though!  Remember, everything in moderation, and sell off what you can't use here!  There's a big market for some of these, so check your server's economy and see if you can make some money with your efforts!  After all, it's another 100,000 down the drain to hit Greater Extract Vitality... and I won't spoil how much the next one costs, you'll just have to see our next guide to find out (and cry!)

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