Music and Mayhem: Aion Video Previews the Bard

In this case bad music really does kill. NCsoft reveals a look at Aion’s new instrument of destruction – the Bard.

Have you ever wanted to waylay an enemy with a giant musical note? If so, Aion’s Bard may be right up your alley. I’ve heard music so bad at times that it felt like it might kill me, but Aion’s new class really does. In a  single stroke of the chord, the bard can pivot from flashy destructive musical mayhem to a healing savior while displaying a Pied Piper-like charm, complete with dancing enemies.

Give the video a look below and tell us what you think. AionÂ’s Bard is one of three new classes slated for release with the upcoming 4.0 update.

Source: Aion Bard Preview

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