Age of Conan Server Merger Commences September 10th

US and EU Age of Conan players can expect about 24 hours of downtime starting tomorrow while Funcom merges a several servers.

Age of Conan sever mergers will commence on September 10th at 8am EDT. US and EU players can expect to experience around 24 hours of downtime during the merges. Following the conclusion of the merger, the following changes will occur:

  • Mitra, Set, and Crom are merged into one PvE server. The server will be named Crom.
  • Tyranny and Fury are merged into one PvP server. The server will be named Fury.
  • Deathwish and Rage are merged into one Blood & Glory server. The server will be named Rage.

Once the merger is complete, a free character transfer will be available to players. Every character will be eligible to transfer to other servers with the only exception being the Blood & Glory server, which doesn’t allow transfers. You can read the AoC Server Merge FAQ for more details.

Source: AoC Server Merge Announcement

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