Age of Conan Update Brings Class and Dungeon Changes

Age of Conan gets some changes to two of its classes and the Amphitheatre of Karutonia with update 3.4.

This week Funcom put Age of Conan's Bear Shaman and Conqueror under the knife for several changes to provide better feat options for different situations and clarifying the purpose of higher tiered feats. The Bear Shaman will find new options to increase DPS at the expense of survivability. Conquerors, on the other hand, received tweaks to the Brute tree to improve tanking abilities and address Alternate Advancement ability concerns.

The Amphitheatre of Karutonia has also received a few changes with the removal of The Abyssal Keeper and his minions (now found in Ymir’s Pass). In their place is someone “bigger and meaner” along with a few other changes to the instance. Additionally, this instance is now available in a new Unchained version.

Source: Age of Conan Update 3.4

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