Funcom Discusses Updates to AoC's Crafting, Armor and the New Conan Movie

Funcom serves up a new update for the future of Age of Conan with a possible tie-in to the next movie.

Halloween brings good tidings for Age of Conan fans. Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison has posted his latest missive to update the community on whatÂ’s in store for AoC over the next few months. Some of the things in the works are new armors, an update on the crafting revamp, PvP crafting recipes and the first part of the Dragonspine update slated for release later this year.

Of more interest is the recent announcement that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning to the role of Conan for a new movie. The movie will follow up on SchwarzeneggerÂ’s last appearance as the barbarian in 1982 and will feature an older Conan on the throne and skip both SchwarzeneggerÂ’s Conan the Destroyer sequel and last yearÂ’s Conan the Barbarian reboot starring Jason Mamoa.

With the movieÂ’s announcement, AoC Game Director Craig Morrison has not ruled out a possible tie-in to the MMORPG.

"Yes, exciting times ahead for the great Barbarian. We have a great relationship with Paradox so we will definitely be able to see what we can do in conjunction with the movie, Morrison wrote."

"It's a little too early to tell what form that will take, but we will have some great opportunities with this as it all comes together. Fredrik and the team at Paradox are very excited for this one, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing what we will be able to do alongside it. With a 2014 release we will have plenty of time to be working on how to best take advantage of another movie."

Sources: AoC Monthly Update, AoC Forums

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