Feeling Mighty: Statistics In Champions Online

In most of our online games, statistics are usually cut and dry. We know what strength and agility do simply through rote repetition from game to game. But that’s only where swords and boards are concerned.

In most of our online games, statistics are usually cut and dry. We know what strength and agility do simply through rote repetition from game to game. But thatÂ’s only where swords and boards are concerned. The whole idea of statistics gets flipped on its head when weÂ’re talking about Superheroes. In Champions Online, your hero will have the usual culprits of strength and dexterity, but he or she or it will even have a numerical value attached to their ego and heroic presence. But what do these numbers do for you? LetÂ’s run down the list and see if we canÂ’t give you a little guidance before rushing off to clobber criminals, shall we?

STRENGTH: Governs ability to knockback enemies, knockback resistance, lifting objects, throwing objects.

DEXTERITY: This stat governs your heroÂ’s chance to critically strike an enemy, as well as the amount of damage avoided when you successfully dodge and incoming attack.

CONSTITUTION: Like in most RPGs youÂ’ve played constitution determines the amount of hit points you have and also your hit point recovery rate.

INTELLECT: IntellectÂ’s a little different than in other games. Instead of just giving you more mana to cast spells with it reduces the cost of all powers, increases your ability to detect stealthed enemies, and can significantly boost your pet DPS if you have such powers.

EGO: HereÂ’s a stat you donÂ’t often see in your online games. Ego is just how much swagger your hero has. It governs the severity of your critical hits, how well your snares work, and your own ability to free yourself from enemiesÂ’ snares.

PRESENCE: Threat or agro is big deal in just about any MMOG, and itÂ’s no different in Champions. Presence determines how well you can tank in a defensive role, and conversely how well you can keep away from acquiring aggro in an offensive role. Also, it can increase the effectiveness of buffs and your petsÂ’ HP.

RECOVERY: This stat will help your hero withstand knockdowns, help them get back up when they are knocked down, and the amount of energy your hero generates with attacks that are intended to do so.

ENDURANCE: This stat increases the amount of energy your hero has in total, and increases/determines the amount of energy generated by your fighting attacks.

SUPER STATS: You might be saying, “That’s fantastic! Now I know what I’m looking at on my character sheet, and instead of just staring blankly at the screen with drool dribbling from my lip, I can pretend I know what all these numbers mean!” Okay, maybe that’s what I’m saying after writing it. But there’s more to stats than just their basic definitions. None of the above will actually directly increase your character’s damage output. That’s the purpose of what Cryptic is calling Super Stats.

Over the course of your career as a hero in Champions Online you’ll pick two of the above stats as “Super Stats”. They’ll grow as you level, and they’ll directly affect your damage output. This way, you don’t ever need “Strength” to do damage, if you want your hero to be a super smart nerd who builds lots of insane weaponry. Instead you’d set your Super Stats as Intellect and maybe Ego if those stats coincide with his power-set to make his attacks far more powerful. And yet, he could still be a scrawny little brainiac while doing so.

So those are the basics of Stats as they apply to your fledgling heroes in Champions Online. The choice in how you wield them, and which ones will dictate what kind of hero you are, is up to you. DonÂ’t be afraid to experiment, because you can always try again by rolling a new hero, or spending some credits to re-apply your stats and talents.

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