Champions Online: Vibora Bay Overview

A hero’s journey can take them anywhere; from across the oceans to distant worlds to lost cities, a hero needs to be ready to confront evil wherever it raises its foul head.
A hero’s journey can take them anywhere; from across the oceans to distant worlds to lost cities, a hero needs to be ready to confront evil wherever it raises its foul head. Filled with righteous fury, the heroes of Champions Online venture forth to bring justice to the wicked. There is a new zone where evil has taken hold, that zone being Vibora Bay. Fear not, mighty heroes, your pals at Ten Ton Hammer are here to help you navigate through the mysterious, fog-filled streets of Vibora Bay.

Vibora Bay is a city brimming to the rim with mystical energies. This city, located on Florida’s panhandle, is home to many magical entities and heroes. From voodoo practitioners to werewolves to vampires, you’ll find them all here in the cobblestone streets of Vibora Bay. The best way to describe Vibora Bay is to think of New Orleans at its creepiest and transplanted to Florida.

Your hero will be able to enter Vibora Bay after completing the Vibora Bay Apocalypse. Now that your hero has the terrible knowledge of what is coming, hopefully, you will be able to stem the tide of evil and keep the world from sliding into the Apocalypse. No pressure then!

Within Vibora Bay, there are a number of areas (called “neighborhoods” in CO) and we’ll examine each one. For each neighborhood, we’ll examine the foes that can be found there, any landmarks, any open missions, and if there are any respawn points. Let’s head out into the fog-laden night and begin to explore, my friends!

Easton Tangle

Respawn Point: Yes
Level: 37-40
This is your starting area within Vibora Bay. Here you can find the jet back to Millennium City, the Powerhouse to train up, and the crafting tables and vendors. This section of the city is the older, more picturesque part of the city. Cobblestone streets ply their way between elegant mansions and trendy nightclubs. Some local landmarks in this area are: the Dog Pound (a bar frequented by the Dogz), Redsnake’s Dojo, Windsong Mall, the S.S. Bayou Queen riverboat, and Dr. Ka’s Brownstone.

The main gangs in this area are the Dogz and the New Shadows. The Dogz are werewolves and include Lycans, Curs, Ulfhednars, Mongrels, Vargulfs, and Loup-Garous. The vampiric Night Shadows are comprised of Feeders, Sanguinarians, Blooddrinkers, and Vampire Bats.

Inner Easton
Respawn Point: No
Level: 37-40
This section of the city is the innermost part of the Easton Tangle. As such, it is the older part of the city, lined with graceful buildings and cobblestone streets. Local landmarks that can be found here are Sweetland’s Restaurant (the best gumbo in town!) and the entrance to the Vibora Bay Crypt Network (located at the amphitheater).

Enemies that can be found here are the New Shadows, which include Vampire Bats, Nightwalkers, Blooddrinkers, Feeders, Immortals, and Sanguinarians. In addition, there are the demonic Nephilim which are comprised of Banes, Unforgiven, Fallen, Spawns, Twisted Archons, and Anaktals. Finally, the Dogz roam this area as well. Their members include Loup-Garous, Lycans, Curs, Vargulfs, and Ulfhednars.

High Apostolic Church
Respawn Point: No
Level: 37-40
This area is, not surprisingly, the High Apostolic Church, which is the spiritual center of Vibora Bay. This grand church rises into the sky, but there is a darkness festering here. The grounds are swarming with the demonic Nephilim, which include Banes, Fallen, Twisted Archons, Spawns, and Unforgiven. This area is also the lair of the half-demon, half-angel Therakiel.

Weston Tangle

Respawn Point: Yes
Level: 37-40
This section of Vibora Bay is more of a working class neighborhood. While it is still picturesque, there are industrial buildings to be found here as well. Some local landmarks are Juryrig’s Garage and the Maze. One word of warning about the maze. It is surrounded by a field that knocks out any travel power that you have. If you’re flying above it, you will fall into it and have to find your way out. I would steer clear of it while flying around. There are two open missions to be found in this neighborhood, King’s Throng and Preternatural Potpourri.

You’ll come across the Dogz in this area. Their flea-bitten members include Vargulfs, Fledgling Curs, Mongrels, Loup-Garous, Ulfhednars, and Lycans. The other major gang in this area is the Sovereign Sons. This voodoo-practicing group includes Botonos, Bokors, Loas, Serviteurs, Mambos, and Houngans.

Respawn Point: Yes
Level: 37-40
Midtown is the business section of Vibora Bay. Therefore, it is the most modern in appearance. Still, there are plenty of spooky places to be found here. The spookiest place is the Cypress Grove Cemetery, where the dead don’t sleep easy! Another local landmark is the Weston Shore Fish Market. There are two open missions to be found here, I, Zombie and Crocodile Rock.

Enemies that your hero will face here include the Trey Kings, magic-dabbling street thugs. Their gang is comprised of Devourers, Flayers, Possessed, Heathens, Sadists, and Ascendant Manipulators. You’ll also come across the Sovereign Sons, including Loas, Bokors, Botonos, Serviteurs, and Mambos. Finally, there are some New Shadows flitting around like the bats they are. With them, you’ll face Feeders, Blooddrinkers, and Sanguinarians.

There you have it, my friends. You now know what to expect as your hero treads forth into the thick fog of Vibora Bay. There is plenty of danger and evil lurking out there in the fog. If you hear something that sounds like it is following you, it’s a good bet that something foul is hunting you. But, without danger there’s no excitement, so get out there and do some justice!

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