New Leaked Screenshots of Project Copernicus Emerge

New screenshots from the embattled 38 Studios MMORPG codenamed Copernicus have reportedly leaked to the web.
38 Studios is still struggling financially with no relief in sight, but last week the studio released the first fly-through video for its upcoming MMORPG codenamed Copernicus. This week a new member to fansite 38 Watch named AlynShir, who may or may not be associated with 38 Studios, has posted what is reportedly a batch of leaked Copernicus screenshots revealing a look at three of the game's races - the Almain, Dverga and Jottun.

The fate of Copernicus is still in the air as 38 Studios struggles to continue development and find new funding to complete the project. For now, you can check out the three new allegedly leaked images over at 38 Watch.

Source: 38 Watch Leaked Copernicus Screenshots

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