Dark Age of Camelot Bonus XP Event Starts Friday

Join Dark Age of Camelot on Friday to put an end to peace and start a war with a weekend bonus event.

Dark Age of Camelot has put out a Call to Arms for this weekend. Starting this Friday and continuing through Monday, June 25th, players can indulge in a bonus XP and RP event that will help put an end to the uneasy forced peace between the three realms that resulted from downtime earlier this week.

200% XP in all Classic Zones and Dungeons
125% RP and 200% BP in New Frontiers and RvR Dungeons

200% XP in all Classic Zones and Dungeons
200% XP, 125% RP, and 200% BP in the Capital Cities

125% RP and 200% BP in all Classic Zones, Dungeons, New Frontiers, and RvR Dungeons

Source: Return to Battle – Bonus Weekend

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