Arkbreaker DLC Hits Defiance Today

The second DLC to Defiance deploys today to bring a permanent change to arkfalls on PC Xbox 360, and partially on the PS3.

Defiance will begin rolling out its second DLC later today with Arkbreaker. The Arkbreaker DLC will add a new feature that allows players to call down arkfalls using ark spikes. Along with that shiny new ability, the DLC also includes new fallen ark instances, new missions, the Volge Warmaster boss battle, new weapons, and more.

Patch notes for the update are now available and itÂ’s expected to begin deployment today for the PC and Xbox 360 starting at 10AM P. PlayStation 3 players will have a bit of a delay with the exception of season pass holders, which Trion will be activating by hand.

While you wait to patch up, be sure to check out our Arkbreaker overview.

Update: Now with more trailer.

Sources: Arkbreaker DLC, Patch Notes

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