Defiance Update Brings New Content and Zombie-Like Plague Crossover Event

Trion reveals a new video and batch of infestation screenshots from the latest crossover event for Defiance.

Call me gullible, but I love a good zombie apocalypse theme in games and that’s exactly what Defiance is delivering with its latest crossover event. You may recall that I mentioned in last week’s report about the new sickness event in Defiance that the devs had at one point hinted that players might be tasked with saving a town at some point. As it turns out, not only are they tasked with saving a town, but it’s the television show’s town of Defiance, and it’s to save them from a zombie-like plague that is sweeping across the Bay Area.

The new crossover event starts today and Defiance players will be challenged with eradicating the infection in the game and discovering a cure before it infests the television show town of Defiance. A television show tie-in episode is scheduled to air on June 17th as the infection and paranoia begins to spread amongst the town, prompting Doc Yewll to call for aid from the game. Exactly what impact players may be able to have if any at all on the eventual outcome of the infestation storyline relating to the show wasn’t exactly made clear, so for now players are simply tasked with searching for a cure and completing the newly added content.

In addition to the new crossover event, today’s update also brings lots of new content to Defiance such as the new Plague Siege mode, 8 new emergencies, 2 new Pursuits, new data recorders, and new story missions that will unlock on June 10th through June 17th.

Check out the official patch notes along with a new trailer and screenshots below.

Defiance-Plague-Siege-303 Defiance-Plague-Siege-304 Defiance-Plague-Siege-305
Defiance-Plague-Siege-307 Defiance-Plaguers-Pose-hires-01 Defiance-Plague-Siege-306
Defiance-Plaguers-Pose-hires-02 Defiance-Plaguers-Pose-hires-03


Latest free update brings a shtakoload of new content including a new game mode, new emergencies, more pursuits, and, of course, missions to find a cure!

June 3, 2013 – Players of Defiance™ will notice that a mysterious illness has arrived in San Francisco, and it is up to players to defeat the infected ‘enemies’ and find a cure before it reaches the town of Defiance in the show.  In the latest crossover event from Trion Worlds and Syfy, beginning on June 3rd, players will be challenged to eradicate the infection that is afflicting San Francisco’s residents and work through all new content to discover a cure in order to send it to the town of Defiance before the outbreak there gets any worse.

In the Defiance episode airing June 17th, word of the infectious plague has reached the town and fear and paranoia are rampant among the residents.  Town doctor Doc Yewll sends a distress call to a former colleague in the Bay Area who might be able to provide a cure, having spent weeks working on an anti-virus following the outbreak affecting residents in San Francisco.

Today’s free TV tie-in game update is packed with new content  including The Plague Sieges – an all new game mode, 8 new emergencies, 2 new pursuits, a new data recorder, and an all new mission series that runs from June 10th to 17th.

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