Defiance Season 1 Crossover Rewind Event

Get caught up on all the in-game television episode crossover missions to recap the first season of Defiance.

Season 2 of Defiance kicks off in June, but before then you can get caught up on all the in-game crossover mission content that occurred with the show during the first season. Trion Worlds is currently holding another Crossover Rewind event in Defiance as part of a promotion with Syfy, who has posted all 12 of the episodes from the first season of the television show online. You can browse this handy episode crossover guide for a list of events and what episodes you should see before completing each episode missions to get the full experience. If you're behind in your episodes, now is your chance to get caught up.

Defiance will launch its third DLC in February with the 7th Legion.

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