Join the Defiance Manhunt for Nolan

By Stacy Jones -

If you managed to complete the Episode missions with Nolan and Irisa in Defiance, you already know that there is a bit of a conflict with Varus Soleptor, a local businessman in the Bay Area of questionable repute. Echelon mercenaries are hot on the trail of Nolan and in all likelihood itÂ’s Varus that hired them.

“Echelon mercenaries are combing the bay and putting up posters. They are on a manhunt for an ark hunter named “Nolan”. Lawkeeper Jon Cooper and his new ally, Rynn, don’t take too kindly to this intrusion, and they want to know more. Find out what trouble Nolan’s gotten himself into, and see if these mercenaries are in over their heads.”

The newly added content for the Manhunt event includes 3 new data recorders and the new “True Friend” title for completing all of the Manhunt activities.

Source: Defiance Manhunt

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