New Defiance Crossover Episode Missions Arrive Today

Defiance gets a new Episode mission today as the Irathian known as Rynn makes a crossover appearance from the show.

If youÂ’ve been watching the Defiance television show, you probably know who Rynn is, the Irathian Spirit Rider that first appeared in the debut episode and was featured prominently in the third episode. Rynn will be arriving in the Bay area of Defiance this week as part of a crossover event with the show and bringing a bit of new game content with her.

Starting later today, players can meet up with Lawkeeper Jon Cooper within the game to trigger a new Episode Mission, The Vagabond. Once acquired, players will be tasked with finding out RynnÂ’s objectives and earn some new loot.

Source: Defiance Crossover Episode Mission


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