Sickness Spreads Across the Bay Area in Defiance

Trion calls on players to help find a cure for a mysterious illness spreading across the Defiance Bay area.

Defiance gets new story and Pursuits this week for players to enjoy this week. A mysterious illness is spreading across the Bay area and players can head over to Top Notch and Shandu’s Consulate in-game to help Eren find a cure. Included in the new event are three new data recorders along with three new Pursuits.

One of the “possible” scenarios that the Defiance team teased a while back as a potential crossover event between the game and the show involved a sickness spreading across a village in the show and players in the game would be tasked with finding supplies for a cure. Succeeding would save the village in the show while failing would result in it being lost to the plague. While that scenario was only a possible given, it is curious to see a mysterious illness turn up now. Could we be getting ready for another crossover event?

Source: Defiance – Sickness Hits the Bay Area

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