The Plague Returns to Infect Defiance Sieges

Even Defiance isn’t safe from the zombie apocalypse. The plague returns just in time for Halloween to infect sieges.

What better way to celebrate Halloween in Defiance than with what equates to a zombie outbreak? The plague has returned to the Bay Area and infected a number of activities in Defiance. Players patrolling Defiance will find Plague Sieges and Plague Emergencies to eradicate.

So why have they returned now? Aside from a fitting theme for Halloween fun, Creative Lead Trick Dempsey has some reasons.

"Some of you might be asking “why haven’t the ‘Plaguers’ been back to wreak havoc sooner?” Here’s the deal: when we first launched the plague sieges, they were a pretty good first run! Then, as we watched them play out on the live servers, we spotted a bunch of ways to make them really awesome. We wanted to improve their pacing, for their scoring to be better, and give them the ability to expand over time."

Source: Defiance Plague Sieges Are Live

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