DUST 514 1.6 Update Brings Dropsuit Improvements

Update 1.6 is brings new dropsuit improvements and weapon upgrades to DUST 514 next week.

CCP today outlined planned changes for DUST 514Â’s 1.6 update expected to deploy on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The changes are set to pave the way for the 1.7 update, bringing a number of improvements to dropsuits by increasing the scanning radius of Scout and Basic light frames from 10 to 16 meters. Basic, Sentinel and Commando suits will also receive a boost to armor and shielding while repair tools also received some tweaks.

“With that, we’ve also increased various repair tools’ rates of repair - Standard and Militia 40HP/s, Advanced 60HP/s and Prototype 70HP/s. Those changes should work very well together, and we are looking forward to seeing more heavy/logistics combos!”

Other changes include some adjustments to Forge Guns to make it more challenging to snipe with the weapon and a number of bug fixes and balance tweaks. You can read the 1.6 patch notes for the full rundown.

Source: Uprising 1.6 and Beyond

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