E3 2012: New Core Blaze Screenshots and Videos

Gamania reveals a new batch of screenshots and videos of the Core Blaze E3 2012 demo.
Gamania Digital Entertainment showcased its upcoming MMOG Core Blaze at E3 2012 this week. Today the publisher has released several new videos and a batch of screenshots that shows off the environment and creatures that were part of the E3 VIP Core Blaze press demo. Check them all out below.

Anima-Village Anima-Village-Night Dolar Fiend
Dolar Fiend 2 Dolar Fiend Fake Mountain God 6
Fake Mountain God 1 Fake Mountain God 2 Fake Mountain God 4
Fake Mountain God 5 Forest of Meditation - Rain Forest of Meditation 2
Forest of Meditation Hunter's Cave Core-Blaze-Item-Purchasing
Core-Blaze-Liang-Qu Core-Blaze-Item-UI Liang-Qu


Core-Blaze-NPC Core-Blaze-Open-World
Core-Blaze-Character Skill Training Interface Core-Blaze-Skills-UI
Core-Blaze-Team-Battle Weather Effect - Rain Core-Blaze-World-Event
Dolar Fiend Fake Mountain God

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