E3 2012: New Core Blaze Screenshots and Videos

By Stacy Jones -

Gamania Digital Entertainment showcased its upcoming MMOG Core Blaze at E3 2012 this week. Today the publisher has released several new videos and a batch of screenshots that shows off the environment and creatures that were part of the E3 VIP Core Blaze press demo. Check them all out below.

Anima-Village Anima-Village-Night Dolar Fiend
Dolar Fiend 2 Dolar Fiend Fake Mountain God 6
Fake Mountain God 1 Fake Mountain God 2 Fake Mountain God 4
Fake Mountain God 5 Forest of Meditation - Rain Forest of Meditation 2
Forest of Meditation Hunter's Cave Core-Blaze-Item-Purchasing
Core-Blaze-Liang-Qu Core-Blaze-Item-UI Liang-Qu


Core-Blaze-NPC Core-Blaze-Open-World
Core-Blaze-Character Skill Training Interface Core-Blaze-Skills-UI
Core-Blaze-Team-Battle Weather Effect - Rain Core-Blaze-World-Event
Dolar Fiend Fake Mountain God

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